Chapter 18

Nanami 1

The reason why I knew there weren’t going to be any BL antics was simply because we all have our own separate rooms to sleep in.

“Tonight girls will be sleeping with girls”

“Boys sleep with boys”

There was nothing like that at all.

So, it looks like I am going to be with Yukari tonight.

「It’ll be embarrassing if they hear us, so go sleep somewhere else tonight」(Yukari)

So, it looks like we’re having one night sleeping separately under the same roof in this nice house with many rooms.

Well, Yukari is a shy person, and I can also endure it since I’m an adult.

It seems like Nanami and the ikemen may have a habit of sleeping in separate rooms, so they are staying in separate rooms tonight as well.

By the way, I wanted to have sex with Yukari while there are guests here.

「Go on, leave」(Yukari)

She insisted.

「I’ll get eaten by the wyverns… 」(Takuma)

「What are you talking about? are you saying you’re going to die…? 」(Yukari)

And I was shot away.

Well, Turna also refused to go home with that excuse before. And, If I didn’t have 『Super hearing』, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to survive either.

Due to that excuse not working, I’m going to sleep all alone.



*slurp*, *slurp*. My consciousness awakes from such lewd sounds.

*Juru*, *Jupo*.

Pleasure is being transmitted from my crotch.

The blanket I have on my body started going up and down.

For a moment, I thought it was Yukari, but I know from the way I’m being sucked that it isn’t her.

So then… is this Nanami or the nanny? The worst situation would be if it’s the ikemen….

However, I can tell that it is a woman’s hand that is playing with my lower abs right now.


Feeling relieved knowing that, I flip the blanket over.

The one who’s there turns out to be Nanami.

She stopped moving her hands and gave me a cheerful smile. Then, she seemed to be jumbling for words.

「It’s fine, keep sucking」(Takuma)

Nanami was surprised for a second from my words, but then she continued to give me a blow job.

My penis is already fully erect.

I’ll be in trouble even if she stopped just now.



Nanami sucked for a long time.

Then, she stopped just when I was about to cum.

What a cruel girl.

She lets me know the meaning of that:

「There would be no meaning if you let it out in my mouth」(Nanami)


Nanami shows me a cheerful smile again.

And, she continued:

「I want some skills~」(Nanami)

「How do you know about that? Was it from Yukari? 」(Takuma)

Information in that area should only be known by the rich customers with connections to the royal families, the slaves with skills, and those who are close to me.

「It wasn’t from Yuka. I learned it from the wives of the nobles who I had connections with from my job」(Nanami)

「They sure are people who can’t put a lid on their mouth」(Takuma)

「Yup. So, I asked Yuka for a favor, and got a “husband loan”」(Nanami)

Well, I am not a husband yet, only a boyfriend.

I did make a request to Chris to grant me a marriage with Yukari, and she said whether or not she will grant it would depend on how hard I work from now on.

That means I have to work my hips harder.

「So.. because of that, now I’m being “raped” by Nanami 」(Takuma)

「Yes. That’s why I came to rape you」(Nanami)

This is quite a friendly “rape”, isn’t it?

「Just so you know, you already got one skill so it won’t increase unless you get pregnant 」(Takuma)

「Un. I understand. Then, pour it in me」(Nanami)

Nanami puts my penis into her vagina.

Moist love juices envelop my penis.

「You haven’t been doing it much? It feels quite new」(Takuma)

「NnーThat’s how it is. I don’t have much attractiveness cause I’m just skin and bones, right..? 」(Nanami)

Nanami was one of the chubby types of girls back in Japan.

Compared to how she was when I first met her in the prison, she seems to be doing better right now. However, the difference is too small for me to judge clearly.

「You have to eat more」(Takuma)

「U~n. I know that, but my mouth isn’t working with me」(Nanami)

「Your hips stopped moving」(Takuma)

「Yeah. Sorry」(Nanami)


Nanami is moving again after being reminded by me.

Her use of her hips is not very good.

It may be because she’s not used to being the one doing the moving when she has sex.


「Nn…..Ah……Nn…. 」(Nanami)

When I look at her with appraisal, I am not shown as one of the people she likes.

Then, that means I have nothing to worry about.

It’s completely safe.

I won’t need to hold back.


「Use your hips more when you move, go up and down! At this rate, I won’t even cum when morning comes! 」(Takuma)

「S, Sorry…like this? 」(Nanami)

I feel that Nanami is trying her best while being on top of me, but I really ain’t feeling much, so I start counting the stains on the ceiling.

「Nnn, Nn, Nnn, Nnn」(Nanami)

「Nanami , do you have a skill that increases pleasure? 」(Takuma)

「No.. but It’s because I want your sperm…. Nn」(Nanami)

With that said, Nanami began wiggling her hips.

Hm, this feels kind of nice.


「Somehow, I think I’m going to cum. But…like this…. I’M CUMMING!!!! *Nn*」(Nanami)

Her body arched like a bow, and then she was finished.

「Your hips stopped」(Takuma)

「Y..yeah, Hyann….  I just came, I can’t move, Ahhn」(Nanami)

「You can do better than this-」(Takuma)

「Uuuu, you move from the bottom…. 」(Nanami)

「No way. We’re in a setting where you’re raping me during my sleep. Don’t worry and work hard at it」(Takuma)


Nanami starts working her hips as hard as she could.

Although she’s gradually improving, no matter how I look at her, she seems to be a lecherous girl who’s about to cum again soon. So, whenever she got to a good point she stopped moving.

Then, in the fifth round of her climax, she started drooling and overflowing with tears.

「Ahhhh…sorry….please…. give me…a hand……please… *Huu*」(Nanami)

Nanami gave up.

So, first, I will fully activate the pleasure increasing skills.

Then, I start thrusting her from the bottom.


「Hyaa, What?? HANnnnnnnnnnN-」(Nanami)

Surprised by the sudden pleasure, she fell onto my chest and clung on to me.

A move that attempts to hold me in place to stop me from moving for a moment. It’s something that Turna does as well.

I already know the correct approach to counter this move.

Pierce her little by little.


Nanami’s screams echo in the mansion.


「Ah- it’s started…. close your ears…. 」(Yukari)

Yukari made an announcement with a loud voice for me to hear.

「Wait, hyan, this…hyan, is going to drive me crazy!! OOOOOOooooo」(Nanami)

With her hips still trembling, and her love juices dripping out, she starts squirting out naturally.

I ignore this fountain and keep on thrusting bit by bit to fulfill the purpose of this.


「Come, get pregnant」(Takuma)

「Hiiiiiiiiiiii, it’s coming in my womb, directly coming INNNNNNNNNNN…..Ahhhh, AHHHHHHHHHHHH…..Uuuuuuuuuu」(Nanami)


I use recovery magic on Nanami, who has passed out.

I’ll be in trouble if you sleep right here.


「Ah, thank you. It was very….warm. Somehow… I remembered…. 」(Nanami)

「I see, well then, go on back now」(Takuma)

「…….Un…..  I have a promise to be embraced by Gat-chan now」(Nanami)

…What is this person saying.

「Gat-chan..I got the skills I wanted so I’ll come over there right away for you to fill me up with yours」(Nanami)

「Ah… Then, from this point on it’s going to be intimate sex? Do your best」(Takuma)

「Un. I wonder if Gat-chan will be gentle with me… 」(Nanami)

After Nanami said that, she stood up while looking dizzy.

She made sure that there’s no white liquid dripping down from her crotch, and she left the room.

After a while, their love talk began.

I fell asleep to those talks of love, which could be heard coming from far away.



Morning. I was woken up by Yukari.

「Good morning」(Yukari)


She goes to hug Umi, then tied up her hair, and put on an apron.

「What happen to those guys? 」(Takuma)

「They left for work first thing in the morning」(Yukari)

「I see… 」(Takuma)


I casually sneak peeks at Yukari to check her expressions. Hm, she doesn’t look like she’s mad.

「Kiss me~」(Umi)

「Hai hai, who’s daddy’s cute little baby~」(Takuma)

Like that, Umi gave me company in this tense atmosphere.

Then, Yukari spoke:

「Read what’s in my mind」(Yukari)

Something you hate to say? Or something you don’t want to say?

Is it something like that?

I take a seat, and attempt to read Yukari’s mind while she’s patting Umi’s head.


*( I also gave my permission to the girls of the class, okay? )*


Depending on whether or not you have a skill, the difficulty of living in this world changes in the blink of an eye.

Yukari seemed to have run into conflicts with herself before she decided that she should allow me to give skills to the girls of the class.

This would definitely not be counted as cheating.

After that, I acted as I normally would.

「Maybe I should go level too…. But my status isn’t going up at all」(Takuma)

「The growth rate of one’s status varies per person. I was told that it’s considered rare for statuses to rise in general. My magical power rose up to the level of elves, and my other statuses are steadily rising. That makes me a 『Special rising type 』」(Yukari)

「Hehhーso it can be categorized like that. Then, I am the late blooming type, right? 」(Takuma)

「It’s nice if that’s the case…but I haven’t heard of a type like that though」(Yukari)

If by level 20 I will get that much increase in status, then by the time when my statuses max out, I should be stronger than anyone else.

However, if I have to thrust my hips all day, I wouldn’t have any energy left to go defeat the monsters.

「That reminds me, do you know about the country that the ikemen was talking about yesterday that was destroyed recently? 」(Takuma)

「Un, the country of Milled. I was called to go there because there’s a plan to recapture the country. They are also paying a lot, so I planned on attending」(Yukari)

「That somehow sounds kind of dangerous. Don’t do it」(Takuma)

「The undead are weak to fire, if I don’t go this time to earn those experience points and make that money, then when will I do it? I can make enough to live and play for another year with that money. I have been by your side this whole time whenever you were free」(Yukari)

Hm, that doesn’t sound so bad.

「Be careful, alright? 」(Takuma)

「Un. I’ll tell them right away today about my intention to participate in it」(Yukari)


Then, the time for work came and I headed to the workplace.

Today, it’s raining for the first time in a long while.

The rain cooled the heat from yesterday down. It feels just about right.


Even though it’s raining, a soldier still comes to open the gate while being soaked.

All the soldiers, knights, and maids that guard this villa of Chris’s are made up of women.

I don’t understand the reasoning behind that.

Most of these women have no skills or magic, and they are low level as well.

The one with the highest level is a girl with the same level as Turna’s age, 14.

Then, it drops all the way to the soldier guarding the gate at level 6.

That is such an unreliable figure.

If the orcs heard about this, they would be pointing their fingers and laughing at them.

However, judging by the people I have seen, the average level of the people in this world are only around level 1.

80 percent to 90 percent of the people I’ve seen are in this range.

Just now, even this woman with pink hair who just smiled at me, is considered to be top ranked, a hard worker who belongs within the top 10 to 20 percent.

Most people don’t even consider becoming strong until their lives are in danger.

I really understand how they feel.


Deciding to jog every day.

Fitness methods that I learned on T.V.

Black vinegar.


I haven’t done any of those things.

Well, that’s how it is.


When I entered the mansion after getting wet from the rain, I saw several women waiting there.

One of them is Artesia; I can see her ears twitching with a happy expression on her face.

A female soldier standing next to her is leaning on the wall yawning.

This is a somewhat relaxing and chilling atmosphere.

If Turna were to show up here, that girl would be instantly straightening her back.

And, if the owner of this house was the one to show up, we would have to get on one knee and remain still without the slightest movements.

In other words, since none of those people are here right now, I also correspond by leaning my back on the wall.

Even I don’t like those stiff formalities.

So, this would be a win-win situation for us, as I get to make a good impression with them also.


Now then, as building my day to day positive relationships is important stuff too, I talk to this slutty elf.

「Artesia, you were lovely yesterday」(Takuma)

「Thank you, fufufu. Rejoice as I am pregnant with Takuma’s child now」(Artesia)

That is a matter for congratulations.

Is it a thing that can be done in one day? Ideas such as celebration sex came into mind, but as our conversation got longer, I didn’t want to keep this girl, who’s pulling my sleeves waiting. So, I took Artesia by the lips.

Then, the girl said,


When Artesia noticed the girl, who was waiting for me, she pushed my chest and created some distance between us.

「Please do your best at work today as well」(Artesia)


It’s regrettable that she cannot see anymore, but even so, she still has such a beautiful appearance.

Since I want to be able to use regeneration magic on her, I want to increase my mana no matter what.

… I’m going to use appraisal on myself to confirm something.









Hm. So that’s how it is…

Well, the ranking doesn’t mean much.


A certain somebody is sleeping on this gorgeous, luxurious bed idling her time away.

Turna = Milanjou

A girl with common light-brown colored hair.

If you suddenly touch her at this spot on her cheeks, she will quickly get up.

「Good morning」(Turna)

「Morning, want to get into it right away? 」(Takuma)

I asked the question, but there was no answer.

I cuddle up next to her, and try to get a taste of her small lips.

But, Turna blocked her mouth with her two hands.


「I’m sorry, but there’s important work to be done today, so I will thankfully refuse」(Turna)

「Do you have a fever? Or is Chris here today? 」(Takuma)

「Both of them are wrong」(Turna)

Hm, then I have no idea what it could be.

「Do you know why me, the possessor of this skill, 『Genius 』, is left in charge of the management of Takuma? 」(Turna)

「Because, for ecchi things」(Takuma)

「*cough* There’s that too, of course」(Turna)

She admitted it.

「However, it was mainly because of the special mission given by Hime-sama to find out the condition of awakening the second skill. For that reason, I was monitoring your affairs on daily basis」(Turna)

「That’s right, wasn’t it」(Takuma)

「This Turna, was convinced that for sure it was the condition of pregnancy」(Turna)

「And the skills didn’t increase even when someone got pregnant, huh? 」(Takuma)

Turna gave a big nod.

「So then, that’s why I predicted it could be from a big explosion of love. I thought once the feelings of love with you go past a certain level, a skill might awaken. But it seems that is wrong as well 」(Turna)

「Hoohh? The heart? 」(Takuma)

「Perhaps…the third skill was activated from Nanari-sama and Yukari-san’s side. Nevertheless, Hime-sama did not awaken to a third skill. And also, Hime-sama must be the one you love the most. So, we decided that there was no such condition for the second skill. Even I’m confident that the unworthy me is also loved by Takuma」

「I love Turna the most in this whole world」(Takuma)

「Yes, thank you. I know that’s what you say to all the women, but that still made me happy」(Turna)

Turna takes a deep breath and continues:

「—In other words, the condition for the second skill awakening became unclear」(Turna)

「So? 」(Takuma)

「Yes, this is when I made a request to Yukari-san for me to observe the affairs between you two」(Turna)


That’s impossible for Yukari.

She’s such a shy person.


「Was it futile? 」(Takuma)

「Yes. The civil officer that headed to the negotiations returned with burns」(Turna)

「To be burnt by Yukari, who is a reasonable person.. What happened? 」(Takuma)

Turna doesn’t seem to know the answer, and even when I used 『Mind’s eye』on her, there was nothing.

「So because of that, Nanari-sama was called. Please do it hot and steamy like back when you two were in the prison. Turna will observe every detail and record them, so just go at it with a bang please」(Turna)

I couldn’t respond, as I had just heard the name of a woman who I was once with so unexpectedly.

「It’s a waste to dump sperm into Nanari-sama, who already has three skills when it could be sorted to the slaves to test. But, I was told by Hime-sama that we can’t do it like that anymore yesterday」(Turna)

「Arara, Turna? I still don’t get it actually」(Takuma)

「It’s exactly as I just said. Therefore, do your best and show me the condition for the second skill awakening. Please work hard, okay? 」(Turna)



The sound of my heart is somehow really loud.

That is when I noticed.

「Oi, Turna」(Takuma)

「What is it? 」(Turna)

「From what you just said, does that mean that you were trying to prevent Nanari from coming? 」(Takuma)

「No, I couldn’t help it. Please don’t get any strange ideas about this」(Turna)

Turna got in a bad mood suddenly with a “Pui”. How cute.

Oh well, it’s all good.

Somehow, I’m cheered up.

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  1. welp i still don’t understand what the author want from this story, what purpose is he in this world?so somehow after all of his classmates got cruel treatments they decided to just let it go?and our mc still decide to shake his hips for this kingdom even with all his orcs friends?and then he failed miserably to the princess and spill all the info about his friends to her, even after knowing all that the princess doesn’t do anything?


  2. The part where Nanami says it was very warm, is it a flag? I hope not, poor ikemen.
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