Chapter 17

Turna 1, Artesia 1

I was woken up from the sound of sharp cries.

Oda Umi.

The child of Yukari and I, a child who cries lots.

「Hai  hai, mommy’s hereー」(Yukari)

Yukari picks Umi up and cradles her.

When her body moves like a cradle, you can’t really see her usual seductiveness.

The only good part is her tits that are slightly shaking.


「Sorry, we woke you up」(Yukari)

「It’s okay. Rather than that, let me see her」(Takuma)

We greet each other with the usual good mornings.

This has already become a habit; really, she’s a nice thing to touch.

Then, we confirm each other’s schedule for the day.


「What are your plans for the day? 」(Takuma)

「I, will probably take it easy for the day. We’re still good on money. What about you? 」(Yukari)


I think the lifestyle of only working when there’s no money left is a wonderful life style that should be spread in Japan as well.

「For me, I will be working as usual with Turna on the investigation on the abilities of skills until the evening」(Takuma)


I had also taught Yukari what I know about my own abilities in detail.

I no longer keep anything from Yukari. I’ve told her as much as possible. Other than the cheating stuff, that is.

「Investigations on the abilities of skills, you say… 」(Yukari)


Of course, Yukari.

The purpose of the investigation this time.. is a wonderful performance test to measure the ability of the skill 『Pleasure Enhancement』, measuring the range of the pleasure enhancement with Turna as the test subject.

The fun of testing different combinations of skills with the 14-year-old  nympho ‘s pussy. No, I mean.. it’s a project for testing purposes.

『Pleasure Enhancement』(small)

『Pleasure Enhancement』(medium)

『Pleasure Enhancement』(Large)

『Pleasure Enhancement』(small, medium)

『Pleasure Enhancement』(small, Large)

『Pleasure Enhancement』(medium, large)

『Pleasure Enhancement』(small, medium, large)

And normal-play on top of that, making up 8 different patterns to be tested.

Turna’s proposal was to assign a numeric value to each degree of pleasure. Then, by mastering the skill, I would be able to put out precise degrees of pleasure. They were some words of truth.


Well then, I should do some family “service” with a certain skill.

No, I actually wanted to do this.

The skill is 『Talent of cooking』

This is a somewhat powerful skill.

It’s a skill only useful in a home setting. However, with my tongue, I can say that it makes the food at least 1.2 times more delicious.

Yukari claims that it’s 1.3 times more delicious though. Well… I think she could also be right.

This way, I feel like I can somehow make use of the food ingredients of this world.

As someone who came from a world that knows the joy of delicious cuisine, I think there’s still much to improve in the quality of food in this world.

Now, with a cooking skill like that…

It’s not like I’m done after counting from 1 to 10, but I wouldn’t have to do the whole thing by myself.

Or perhaps I should say, I just have to activate it when I sprinkle salt onto the eggs for the finish.

So now, I first salt the bacon, and then the eggs that are one size bigger because they were produced by Yukari in the orcs’ village.

Then, by mixing orc-made miso-ish things with other kinds of wild vegetables, I make miso soup.

Finally, I mix the freshly cooked barley rice.

With this, my family service is over.

Food is served on plates, and I will arrange them before Yukari, who is breast-feeding in the living room, gets here.


「Thank you as always」(Yukari)

「Then, give me some of your titties too」(Takuma)

「That’s a no no, it’s embarrassing」(Yukari)

I don’t see what in particular is embarrassing about it. Anyway, I pat the head of my beloved daughter.

「Oh yeah, I was asked to deliver a message. Nana said she and Ogawa-kun want to have a meeting with us as four. We have to set a meeting time」(Yukari)

「I don’t mind. But, what are you talking about? 」(Takuma)

「I don’t really know, but it sounded serious. Do you remember anything that could be related? 」(Yukari)


Not at all.

「No idea. Rather, I haven’t even met with them for about a year」(Takuma)

「That would make him cry」(Yukari)

「….What do you mean? 」(Takuma)

Yukari giggled to my confused reaction.

What? I don’t get it at all.

I’ll use my 『mind’s eye』


** I knew you would use it. Hora, you can’t read my mind~ I knew you would use it. Hora~ you can’t read my mind~**

The same words kept repeating in Yukari’s voice inside her mind.

Since 『mind’s eye』could only read the thoughts on the surface of one’s mind, people who understand that can obstruct the skill like this.

「Well, I guess we’ll see when we meet up」(Takuma)

「Okay then, I’ll tell them to come over tonight? 」(Yukari)


「The two of them have a child too. *Ufufu*, Umi can make a friend」(Yukari)

「That better not be a boy」(Takuma)

「It is a boy, you have a problem with that? 」(Yukari)


So this is the complicated feelings fathers get…

Well… They are just babies, no reason to rule it out yet.

「Nope, no problem」(Takuma)


Yukari’s attention already went back to her favourite daughter while mumbling a reply.


My morning has been pretty relaxing with no problems.

Because I requested this of Chris, I am able to get a 9 to 5 schedule for work.

Of course, as watches and clocks are expensive in this world, we just estimate the time roughly.

That’s why I can spend my time chilling like this right now.

Well, there are no changes with the black things flying in the sky whether it’s break-time or holidays though.



The sounds of wheels from a wooden carriage rolling over stones on the road reached my ears as I’m relaxing.

I waited for the sounds of wheels to stop while listening to Yukari talk.

「Well, It’s almost time to get going」(Takuma)

「Un. Ganbattee~」(Yukari)

「Off I go」(Takuma)

「Have a safe trip」(Yukari)

Yukari sees me off while holding our beloved daughter’s frilly hands.

If I work properly, I’ll be able to come back here. That’s why I have no choice but to work hard.


My workplace is now in an area with a glorious stone-made building.

This was a villa owned by the royal family which Chris purchased then renovated.

But to me, this place is just a mansion that holds 23 natural skill users.

Those 23 girls were let out of prison and are living in peace here now.

Well, they have no freedom though.

My carriage stopped in front of the mansion.

「Thank you」(Takuma)

「See ya」(coachman)

The coachman accepts my words of gratitude and heads to his next job.

Then, the gate opened.

Inside, there are groups of pregnant women who are sunbathing, and next to them there seems to be a meido-san who’s managing them.

The fact that these women from the prison are being cherished to this extent, probably means that the products that came out of their stomachs were sold for quite a high price.

Well, it doesn’t feel that bad if they are at least treated with care.

At that moment, I heard my name coming from a blind spot.

「Is that you, Takuma? 」


Sharp ears with snow white skin.

Her golden, almost yellow-colored hair, which is peculiar to elves, is fluttering in the chilly wind of the morning.

「Good morning, Artesia」(Takuma)

「To be able to run into Takuma this morning, today is my lucky day」(Artesia)


Artesia is the most important person living in this mansion.

There are not only maids beside her, but soldiers guarding her as well.

Well, the soldiers are only level 1, as if they are just for show.

With eyes that couldn’t see, Artesia extends her hand and looks for me.

When I received her hand and pulled her towards me, she happily jumped onto my chest.

Ever since the words came out about the subjugation of the brave-orc in the western forest, she has been spoiling me like this.

As far as I’m concerned, I was a complete deserter.

Then, from a coincidence encounter with my friends, the orc was defeated by them. I feel kind of bad for taking this kind of gratitude from her.

Well, I won’t do something like “pouring cold water on someone who’s happy” though.


「Today, am I going to be embracing Artesia? 」(Takuma)

「That’s right. I’m sorry for not being able to produce a child for you even when I had all this time」(Artesia)

「Was the amount poured in not enough? 」(Takuma)

「You must be kidding」(Artesia)


Artesia laughs happily.

「I heard that our time starts from noon, so when the sun is directly overhead, I’ll see you then」(Artesia)

「Understood. It’s reasonably cold so don’t catch a cold」(Takuma)



When our conversation ended, my hand was pulled from behind.

It’s a child of a newcomer who came here recently.



A girl with thin green-colored hair.

She is being kept here currently, but her first menstruation hasn’t come yet, so she isn’t here for that type of purpose.

For girls who naturally possess skills, they absolutely have to be secured even if they aren’t at a stage where they could give birth yet; that is one of Turna’s policies.


「Yes, yes」(Takuma)

A girl with a habit of hugging. She holds me in a tight lock.

By the way, I have this good of a relationship with her from giving her a reasonable amount of candies.

Feeding is the basis of building relationships of trust.

I learned it from the ikemen.


I am now heading to the work area while patting the head of Milk.

There’s a woman who’s calling out to someone and another woman who’s waving her hands.

It’s peaceful here.


When I dropped Milk off in front of the work room, she went back the way we came from without saying anything.

I suppose she went to look for somebody else who’s warm to hug.

The female teams would also fit that criteria.


When I entered the room, I see a luxurious room designed in a white-colored theme.

It seems that this room is made not only for the wives and daughters of nobles, but also royalties and partners with the same social standings as well.

In some cases, we will even be serving important people from other countries.


And there was already someone boldly sleeping on this bed of the highest class, in this room of the highest class.



This 14-year-old nympho.

One who possesses the skill 『Genius+』, Chris’ escort knight and also her adviser.

Recently, her heart seems to hurt from receiving too much pleasure.

I was under the impression that she was in a lot of pain when she said that her heart has a swollen feeling, but the person herself said that it’s just a side effect of receiving too much pleasure, so I stayed silent cause it was interesting.

The knight’s dorm where Turna lives, they seem to all go to sleep from dawn. But, for her, it seems to be a standard routine to move over here and sleep a second time.

I sat down next to her and shook her stomach, then she woke up with a jump.

I think I want to wake her up like this every time.


「Good morning」(Turna)



「Then, let’s start working. Please start with Turna first. I want to get pregnant soon, please」(Turna)

「Leave it to me」(Takuma)


Turna is well practiced in the routine, as she strips only her lower half.

By not wearing shorts underneath, it saves the time needed to get ready.

I give Turna, who just woke up, a sticky kiss.

I understand that alone will make her drool honey from her mouth.


*kucha* *kucha*, the sounds of our saliva exchanging echo in the room.

The maid standing on watch seems to be captivated as she leaks out her breath.


Although it was a cute thing she did, the maid seemed to have realized it was something that she shouldn’t have done, as she instantly closed her mouth after.

Turna knitted her eyebrows towards her.

As a maid, it might be prohibited to get excited from their masters’ love affairs.

This changed into a scene showcasing Turna’s scary master side.


Then, Turna stopped the kiss and dropped her shoulders.

Did she have a bad dream before she woke up?

Turna today seems like a scary master of the house.

The maid has none of the erotic expression she had from earlier.

It felt like Turna was about to scold her at any minute.

However, my penis is already at its limit. I can’t be waiting any longer for Turna to discipline her.

I grab Turna by her ankles and spread her open, exposing her ripe, lewd pussy.

It’s sopping wet.

「Please hold on a sec, doing it like this, I haven’t made myself clear yet. *Nnn*」(Turna)

「Do that later. I’m going to use the skills now」(Takuma)

「Hiii, Hiiiiiiiiii」(Turna)

「I haven’t used them yet」(Takuma)


Turna’s face turns red.

I activated my skills as I saw that. All of them.

However, this pleasure-increase skill has no meaning if I don’t move, as it only increases the pleasure and doesn’t create them from nothing. But, it’s different in Turna’s case.

She is someone who actively uses her imagination; as she gets more into it, she convulses and reaches her climax of her own will.

「Ah, I know that you have just activated them now」(Turna)


Turna trembles lightly and I receive the pleasure from her vibrations.

Then, her tremors gradually get bigger and bigger.


「HIII, HIIII, you didn’t even do anything and I almost came…poking me right there… Nnnn… Nooo… when I still wanted to have some fun…I’M CUMMINGGGG」(Turna)

Then, I keep on thrusting into Turna’s hole as she covers her mouth to try to hide her voice.

This is where I’ll stimulate her clitoris, but it’s something I should not do because she won’t wake up until the evening.


「Hyauuu…. Hyaauu…..Turna, CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! My mind is going blank….. *Nnn*」(Turna)


Cum leaks out as a matter of course, and the bed sheets are stained with big spots.

Every time I thrust my hips, I play the music of our love juices splashing.

And then, I unleashed my sperm in her deepest part.

It was a reasonable amount.


「That felt good」(Takuma)

「*Hi, Higuuu*….Turna too. That was the best.* Uuuuu*, deactivate your skills and pull it out, AHHHHHH, IT’s COMING OUTTT uuuuu」(Turna)

I pull my penis out of Turna, who has been beaten by the shock and started squirting.

Her squirt with great force smears my body.

This criminal who dirties my body in the morning already lost half of her consciousness.

There’s no light left in her eyes.


「I’ll rely on you to clean this up, meido-san」(Takuma)

「Yes, thank you very much」(maid)

「I owe you one」(Takuma)

「Yes…  『Clean』」(maid)


Turna is twitching around.

I go to call the next customer as I usually would.

Lately, Turna has been sleeping a lot.

Now then, I will do my best for this next job.


Customers are like gods. (hardworking Japanese attitude motto)

The first customer today is a viscount’s wife from some time ago.

Where did her flabby body go? She has a slutty body right now that brings out her womanly charms.

But, just in case… is that excess skin from losing weight rapidly?

She’s concealing it shyly, but the fatty-stomach is still there.

Well, she’s still totally do-able.

「You remember who I am」(Viscount’s wife)

「Yeah, your voice hasn’t changed」(Takuma)


I’m sorry but don’t let that voice out, it’ll wither.

「My child with you was really outstanding. She’s a girl who inherited 『Talent of cooking』and『Charm enhancement』. She’s going to grow into a big shot, don’t you think? 」(Viscount’s wife)

The skills keep on amplifying to no end… If that’s the case would my next generation descendents have to thrust their hips like me? I would hate that for sure.

By using appraisal on the viscount’s wife, I can see that she certainly has the skills 『Talent of cooking』and 『Charm enhancement』.

It can be said that her child passed the 50% chance twice to have inherited both of her parent’s skills.

The viscount’s wife’s clothes are taken off by the maids, and then held in place by appliances.

「*Ha~ha, gyu fufufu*」(Viscount’s wife)

「I know this is rude to say, but be quiet, it’ll wither」(Takuma)

「S, sorry」(Viscount’s wife)

「Give her a gag」(Takuma)


A maid brings over a tool that works as a gag.

The viscount’s wife accepted it with a smile.

She has a good personality, and she looks fairly decent now. It’s just her voice reminds me of our first encounter and I can’t work being reminded of that image.


Customers are first placed on a pommel-horse-like apparatus. (pommel-horse is like those gymnastic benches, look it up if you dunno the term)

Exceptions are extremely few. It’s simply set up that way out of consideration for the customers.

When they are trembling in pleasure, the posture they’ll have on it will let them keep their consciousness easier, and even if they lose it I could finish up like that with no problem.


One of the maids starts rubbing lotion in the customer’s vagina.

Then, we start the work without the need for foreplay.

*Mmmmm, Mmmmmmmm..UuumMmmm*」(Viscount’s wife)

Her hips are struggling.

Moving left and right, her vagina starts convulsing as I start working my hips.

Her hole is squeezing me tightly as I thrust in and out.

*BuOhhhh, Ohhhh.. OHhhhh, Ohhh*」(Viscount’s wife)

A moan that closely resembles the orcs’ war cry…

Although, the tightness is good. I’m almost there.

As a special “service”, I slap her ass gently.

Thrust, slap, thrust, slap.

*Mmmmm,MMmmmm,Hmmmm-*」(Viscount’s wife)


The maid uses 『Clean』on the viscount’s wife who is leaking out everywhere. How competent.

I raise her ass up again to go for the finish.

At that moment a maid put a finger in my ass.

It’s the same move as the one Turna did before to stimulate the prostate gland.

Then, white liquid flies out as if there weren’t already enough.

The viscount’s wife is going “Mmmm,Mmmmm” while shaking in satisfaction.

「Meido-san? 」(Takuma)

「Yes? 」(maid)

「Why’d you put your finger in my ass? 」(Takuma)

「I thought you were going to thank me for helping out just now…. 」(maid)

I was going to, but I felt like you made me spend quite the excess sperm on this person.


「Don’t do that anymore. I hate to let it out like that」(Takuma)

「Ah, I didn’t know. I’m sorry」(maid)

The maid deeply lowers her head.

Jeez, my ass is still in good order, you know?



The last customer is Artesia.

I rolled up Artesia’s white dress while she stayed still.

Turna, who has recovered at that moment, spoke to me in a serious work tone.

「There’s still plenty of time, do three rounds with her please. She’s one of the candidates who you should impregnate the most」(Turna)

「How lovely」(Artesia)


It was Artesia who answered.


「If you’re ready to stay conscious, it’s time for round one」(Takuma)

「To the girls who love you, they are happy even when you embrace them when they fainted」(Artesia)

「Turna thinks so too. Even when I was passed out, I still felt it somehow」(Turna)

「I know, right? 」(Artesia)


These two became good friends before I noticed..

Or, did you two just become good friends now?

Ero friends.


The maid confirms the genital area of Artesia and then left without applying any lotion.

It seems to be dripping wet.

When I think about what that means, blood gathers at my “son”.

It grew into a splendid size and I use it to invade Artesia’s vagina.


That’s a really cute moan; reflect a little when you do something cute like that.

For Artesia, I had to use physical enhancement as well. Elf-san here is quite lewd.

「AHH, it’s getting bigger inside, *Nnnn*」(Artesia)

The third princess of the Elven Empire is finally satisfied with all my sex skills activated. She is a lewd elf. No, more like a super lewd elf.

Clinging onto the pommel-horse-like apparatus, she is showing the body language of someone who is greedily asking for more pleasure.

「Takuma, please do whatever you want…..Nnn…….Ahnn, *fuuannn*.. *Nnn*」(Artesia)


Artesia pants with a melting voice.

Then, she started shaking her head before long.

I am thrusting my hips, as she accepts my rigid cock strokes and starts to climax.

「You’re already cumming? There’s still a long way to go」(Takuma)

「Nhaa… that’s because… it feels too good…I’m sensitive right now …poke me more」(Artesia)


Oops, my hips stopped.

I move my hips again as required.

「Goood… SO GOOD…… MORE…..MORE…….NNn… sugoiii… A~haa」(Artesia)

Love juice leaking out from the place we’re joined at is proof that Artesia wants my sperm.


Artesia cums a second time when I’m thrusting at a high speed.

「Wa……..Nn! N~aa…..AAHhHH! 」(Artesia)


Her vagina tightens up and squeezes me.

Then, her hips that have been sticking out until now drop from the position.

Her vagina tightens, and then relaxes. As it kept on going like that, my first ejaculation arrived.

I feel the numb feeling from my head to my hips as my intense ejaculation starts.

「It’s coming, take it in your deepest place」(Takuma)


Sex with this ero elf-san feels very good, but she has weaknesses as well.

That’s her physical strength.

I don’t know if it’s because of the small portions in her meals, she looks satisfying cumming the second time, but it feels like she’s going to pass out if she cums again.

Her breasts are shaking with disrupted breathing. Perhaps she has lost consciousness already?

I push my hips to see her reaction.

「Ahh…. 」(Artesia)

And a cute voice comes out.


Where did the lewd person from a moment ago go?

Even so, her beautiful butt and dripping wet vagina are still there.

The feel of being unconditionally loved I get from her is quite distinguishing from the other customers.


「Turna also wanted some… 」(Turna)

「Well, should I switch over with what I have left and shoot it inside your vagina? 」(Takuma)

「Give me two rounds after you finish the second round with Artesia-san, please」(Turna)



Then I ejaculated a total of three times in Artesia, who has become just a hole.

Turna skipped the skill investigation after that.



I get on my way back home.

Surprisingly, Turna remained at the workplace. The sun could not be seen at all anymore right now.

I will be surrounded in darkness after a few minutes.


「I’m home 」(Takuma)

「What took you so long? Those two are already here」(Yukari)

「Ah. My bad」(Takuma)


I did see two people in the guest room when I was arriving from the entrance.

The ikemen waved at me with a refreshing smile when our eyes met .

I didn’t know what that was about, but I imitated him.

My eyes also met with Nanami. Her cheeks were dyed red? Hmm?


We were happy for our reunion with the four of us together.

「Long time no see. We came to visit because we didn’t have much chance to meet」(Nanami)

「Nana has become so beautiful, hasn’t she? 」(Yukari)

「Yuka also has a look of an adult. You give me the feel of a “danchi tsuma”」(like ero housewives in Japanese avs) (Nanami)

「What is that?」(Yukari)

A “danchi tsuma” huh. That’s an accurate description. She definitely gives off those vibes.

「It’s been a long time as well, Takuma. Since we were in the slave market 」(ikemen)

「Long time no see」(Takuma)

「How’s work going? 」(ikemen)

「Ah. It’s going alright. I’m pretty fed up from thrusting my hips though. What about you? 」(Takuma)

「I went with Ki-kun on a trip to power level, and I got to level 10 in three days.  Thanks to that, I discovered 『Talent of Bow』. I think I can make Nanami’s life a little bit more comfortable now」(ikemen)

「It seems I’ve been passed on levels」(Takuma)

「You have been 9 forever. I am up to 20 now」(Yukari)


I ignore Yukari’s bragging about her level.

A bow skill huh, it is the most pleasing skill to have out of all the weapons.

Your survival rate would be much higher in a knight’s unit as an archer.

「About that.. Listen to this. I think Ga-chan wants to go to the front line with that skill.. Isn’t that dangerous? 」(Nanami)

「So, you came to ask for my advice on that, right? 」(Yukari)

「That’s right.  How is it, Yuka? Is he going to be safe? Or is it going to be dangerous for him? 」(Nanami)

Yukari is still a magician right now, so she should know the details.

I don’t really know too much.


「Archers..hmm..  they are very subtle…. If they are skilled, they do have the image that portrays a long lifespan」(Yukari)

「I’m not quite skilled yet, I have yet to buy a bow」(ikemen)

Ikemen… you sometimes rush forward without thinking huh..

Nanami is fuming with anger now after hearing that.


「Where are the kids that like to interfere in adults’ conversations? 」(Takuma)

Come to think of it.. I haven’t finished saying hi to everyone since I’ve come home.

「She’s being taken care of by a nanny in the room over there」(Yukari)

「Well then, excuse me for a moment」(Takuma)

It doesn’t look like I’m going to be very useful in their topic of discussion anyways.

I walk to the room next to ours, and I see Umi and a boy dozing off in the nanny’s chest.

Without knowing, it seems Nanami and the ikemen make enough to hire a nanny.

I am still a pimp who has zero income…. Next time let’s ask Chris for a favor.

Like.. “Please give me some money”


「Are you Umi-sama’s father? 」(nanny)


「Hai, here you go」(nanny)


A nanny who is gentle-mannered.

If it’s that person, she seems like someone I could entrust Umi to.

She’s stroking the head of ikemen’s child as she sits on the chair.

The ikemen’s child looks like he has Russian blood in him. Thank god.


「You like your child, huh? 」(nanny)

「I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t like her 」(Takuma)

When I replied to her words, she showed a bitter smile.

Apparently, my reply was somewhat bad. Our conversation ended like that, and the nanny focused on her baby-sitting.

I’ll also focus my attention on Umi. She’s such an angel after all.

Well, focusing on her while listening to the conversation next door.

「Then, I want to become strong」(ikemen)

「The country of Milled has been destroyed recently. It seems they were a country like Almeria, but bigger. Even if it’s just a little, I want to be useful to everyone. I got my hands on a skill, so I think I want to try and see」(ikemen)

「Gat-chan, If the country gets destroyed, we’ll just go to the next country. You don’t need to be a patriot with a country like this」(Nanami)

「I agree with Nana also. One strong archer would not change anything… 」(Yukari)


Yukari with the harsh cold truth.

The ikemen hits the table with his head from those words.

Yeah… I can see why he would react like that when the skill you got from having worked so hard for is denied.

「For the time being, why don’t you just go level up more with Ki-kun? There’s no down-side to that and it’s absolutely safe」(Yukari)

「…Is experience, divided by the amount of people? 」(ikemen)

「Un. That’s right」(Yukari)

「Somehow, that makes me feel sorry if I just leech off him…」(ikemen)

「If someone who says something like that goes to the front line, they’ll die. You have to be shameless if you want to survive」(Yukari)


Nanami is on the offensive with the support from Yukari.

From the ikemen’s attitude, Yukari also judged that he isn’t someone who should go to the front lines. Therefore, she’s showing no mercy with her words.

It seems they are reaching a conclusion in their conversation, so I’ll head back in while holding Umi.

「I see…Am I not cut out for this…? 」(ikemen)

「That’s how it is, so you shouldn’t do it」(Nanami)

「But right now my salary for my job is so little….  only one third of Nanami’s… 」(ikemen)

「I will feed you and take care of you so don’t you worry!!! 」(Nanami)

「I’m also the one supporting Takuma as well, I don’t mind at all either」(Yukari)


An unexpected attack came flying over.

Alright, I will ask Chris for that favor.


「So, what kind of work are you doing ? 」(Takuma)

「A job as a guard.  Right now, I’m a gatekeeper. But, I was working as an escort for carriages the other day」(ikemen)


Oh, those kinds of jobs; they do pay very little.

After that, it became a girls’ rally of conversations. The ikemen and I stayed silent and did not talk much.

Then, they stayed the night.

There were no seperate B.L developments.

16 thoughts on “Chapter 17

  1. wow, it seem in the end of this WN there would be an empire with Takuma Clan as noble. Lol

    even his job so pleasuring but the Man pride inside him not allowing him got feed by her wife lol….

    i wonder where the first takuma’s impreginated slave ? her child has 3 skill once

    thx for the chpt,


  2. 〇◇
    ◇ _______
    ||/ The Flag Has/
    ||\Been Raised!! \
    ||   ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
    || ∧_∧
    ||( ・∀・)Thanks!
    ||(  ∪ ∪ Nepu!!


  3. Yet people still want MC to escape. I don’t understand you guys. A larger, more powerful country just got destroyed by monsters.

    You think orcs and goblins are the only thing to worry about. There’s probably Dragons, Undead, Demons, and Devils as well.

    How can you escape in world where the author states that humans are losing and MC’s own Japanese God said the world was in danger of fading away.

    MC should quit complaining and pump out children with hero potential.


  4. I’m wondering why he didn’t go to Mage Guild (or whatever it is called) and steal all diffirent kinds of magic and why he didn’t start rising his level. I think with higher level you will have higher status. This novel went by three turns and now it is meh. I don’t understand MC who is almost sociopath with how he almost doesn’t feel anything (no reaction to his classmates death; no reaction to girls slavery; no reaction when girls who were leeching of Yukari after she saved them and worked so they could live comfortable and not working, badmouthed her; no reaction when mother of his first child left him and completely lost interes in him; no reaction when he saw other women raped) and he doesn’t have any plans or goals just living in the moment. And where is Mira?

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  5. ‘And normal-play on top of that, making up 8 different patterns to be tested.

    Turna’s proposal was to assign a numeric value to each degree of pleasure. Then, by mastering the skill, I would be able to put out precise degrees of pleasure. They were some words of truth.”

    Long live the scientific method!


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