Chapter 16


The girls from class seemed to like getting it on with the orcs, but they also worked together when there was work to be done. From what Yukari told me, the orcs have a good reputation.

Then, orc babies were born from two couples.

The first couple is the brave-orc, Ki-kun, and the former delinquent, Aya.

Aya saved an abandoned dog back when they were in elementary school.

Then, Ki-kun took that dog in, and anyone could see that love was in the air ever since.

This story seems to be quite well known amongst the girls.

The former delinquent, Aya, could not convey her love to him properly and just kept a kind of connection with him. Well, the connection she managed to keep with him was from bullying him, I guess? To me, it looked like she was totally in love when she was picking on him though.

Now that the misunderstanding is resolved, Ki-kun and her got together successfully.


The other pair was the sensei and our class-president.

Those two seemed to have that type of relationship from before we arrived in this world, and they just reverted to the way they were.


However, it looked like it was harder for the other guys who were reincarnated as orcs.

Since they’ve become orcs, I hope they won’t force it when they get rejected.

Some of them confessed with the mindset of “we don’t know when we’re going to die so let’s just go for it”, but they ended up crying out sad words like 「It’s because I’m a pig..」. They were dumped after sex, what a pity.


That’s why the house where the girls used to live is now empty.

Yukari and I started to live there like a married couple.

With that being said, she was giving me permission to do her everyday, so we’ve been having fun.


I’ve been making good use of my skills to spice up the sex.

Plunging it directly into Yukari’s vagina, and activating 『Pleasure Enhancement』 (Large, medium, small)  all together and make her unable to stop cumming.

I can feel good just by fucking her hole while she’s feeling that good.

There’s no problem when both of us feel good.


For Turna, I have been doing her as well.

「Turna also can’t think about anything else anymore」(Turna)

That has become her recent catch-phrase.

She’s been nothing but a nympho who’s always panting and climaxing.


As for Chris:

It’s been a long time since we’ve done it, my name appeared to be gone from the column of “people she likes” when I looked with appraisal.

「Do your best and make me think of you」(Christina)

I unleash my skills on this woman who’s saying things like that in a cheeky manner.

「No!! Using skills is… Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii」(Christina)

Love juice spilled from the crotch of this woman of legendary beauty.

The term “woman of legendary beauty” wasn’t really matching her image right after she was stirred up in her vagina as she gasped for air though.

She was just a horny sow.

Then, she gained a second skill as I creampied her without hesitation.

『Mind’s eye』

It was a rare skill yet again. It’s a wonderful skill that could read the mind of others.

** This is a perverted pedo bastard who likes “scat”. I’m being forced into doing this, so it’s not like I like it or anythinggg..OOooo…hiii…but, this feels too good**

That really is a wonderful ability.

By the way, I don’t have either a pedo fetish or a scat fetish.

And that’s how I ended up back in the column of people she likes.

I don’t really care though.

The relationship I have with Chris is only skin-deep.

Apart from the time she spent sleeping, she was just simply moaning.

I enjoyed her body well.


After noticing the convenience of using these skills in bed, I’ve regrettably started to rely on them.

The skills are truly tools of convenience. Once I grew accustomed to using them, I started relying on them, it can’t be helped.

Like after getting your hands on a bicycle, then going out of your way to physically walk to the places you want to go. I don’t want to do such a thing.

I am proud of this for work though, fast and comfortable. Thrust it in fast, and get it out fast.

No matter how ugly my partners are, I could get motivated when I hear the nice sounds they make from it.

I also gave Turna some when she couldn’t stand it from just watching at times.

I really got my hands on some handy skills.

Just like that, my second year of this world gone by.


As for Yukari, who didn’t refuse having sex during pregnancy, our first child was born.

Name is Umi.

Oda Umi. It’s a girl.

Born with one skill of fire, she has a promising future as a magician.

Her name was decided by Yukari.

If it was a boy, his name would have been Sora. If it was a girl, her name then would be Umi.

She seemed to want the child to have a broad mind as broad as the sky or sea, so she would name them either the sky (Sora), or the sea (Umi).

Those are some nice names.


Next up, the child of Mira was born.

It was a girl as well. Her name is Merumi=Shusted. She was named by Mira’s dad, the baron, Garcia.

She also possessed one sword skill.

Garcia was hyped to give her the education and training for the gifted, so maybe she’ll become a knight in the future.


Finally, a child of Chris was born.

Naturally, this baby girl possessed the skill 『Mind’s eye』 as well.

Her name is Laffina; she looks just like her absolutely gorgeous mother.

The only thing she has resembling me is the color of her eyes.


Based on Turna’s studies of the other slaves, there’s a 50% chance that the kids can inherit their parents’ skills randomly.

By the way, Turna never got pregnant.

…Even though she was the one who I’ve done it with the most.


Now then, the ones I talked about until now were all children that were loved by their mothers, but there were many other children born who weren’t so lucky.

Well, I’ll give you a rough idea about it.


Firstly, the princess of the Elven kingdom, Artesia, gave birth to a half-elf.

Perhaps he/she was the best thing that was produced this year, but this child was shunned as a “demi” and was sold to somewhere at a high price.

In addition, the children born from the other sex slaves who had quite high levels, were all sold to somewhere as well.


From what Turna said:

「Our great country, Almeria, is considered a small country in this world. It won’t be weird for us to be destroyed at any moment. Because of that, we are preparing our fighting forces now for the 10 years to come by selling the children with potential and spending money to nurture the warriors we have」

So it seems.

「From Turna’s calculations, our countries’ survival rate for the next 10 years has risen by about 70%. It has increased by over half since Takuma came. It’s a big success」


I was praised and such.

To thrust my hips is “justice”.


「So this year we will also import women slaves from other countries. Hit em with a bang and plant your seeds 」

With that being said, it looks like I will be thrusting my hips a lot this year as well.


Now then, I will get serious starting tomorrow.



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  1. Takuma thrust is “justice” that will pierce the body to heaven.

    Should we felt envy or pity to takuma, his occupation are male stud prostitute.

    Anyway with the chpt…


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    I thought that Artesia would have more development based on her description from when she was first introduced. I guess she’s not much of a supporting/side character now?


  3. The story turned super weird after the author revived all of MC’s male classmates.

    The story just changed drastically.

    I don’t even understand how they allow MC to live somewhere else when he is so valuable to the country.

    I also don’t understand how any of the female classmates would want orc children when orcs naturally view humans as a food source and for rape, so how will they get their orc children to understand that killing and eating humans is no good much less raping them.

    I highly doubt you can get a normal orc to turn vegetarian. The orcs in this world are extremely violent and like chopping off the hands and legs of female captives as well.

    Seriously, what used to be a somewhat sexy story now has all those distractions and the author now spends less time describing sex and more time telling us what happened to the other classmates that nobody cares about.


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