Chapter 15

Yukari 3

I am thinking while pacing back and forth.

I decided to ask her a number of questions and observe her reactions when she answers.. so I started to think up some questions.

However, I decided to ask those questions in a way as indirect as possible.

I thought about it over and over, refining each question in my head until I finally came up with one.


At that moment, I noticed Yukari and saw them.


Yukari’s serious looking eyes.

Looks like I have to be careful of what I say next.

Her expression is actually very serious.

The light-hearted atmosphere from just a moment ago has disappeared.


Oh, I see.

As I’m trying to get an answer from her reaction, she is also trying to learn something from my reaction.

Well then, what is it that you want to know?

I thought of the words that Yukari said, and started to digest them.


“Hehe, but I’m pregnant right now, so be nice to me”



Oda Yukari.

A girl with big tits and neatly-styled black hair.

She’s been right next to me since I was born, and I been in love with her for as long as I can remember.

That’s why I know her best. That much I can say for sure.

Can she really be someone who cheats…?


「I’m the only one?」(Takuma)

It seems she can understand what I’m talking about even without a topic in my words.

「Because you’re the only one I’ve accepted」(Yukari)


That’s what I thought… when it comes to that…


「Then, how did you get pregnant? 」(Takuma)

「Perhaps it was from the first time you let it out inside…I haven’t been feeling that well after that time, remember?  」(Yukari)

Now that she mentions it, I do remember those days where she had slight fevers and I was just massaging her tits instead of having sex.

We are definitely meant for each other then.

There are people who do it over dozens of times and still nothing happens.

If that’s the case, then there’s something I must say.


「I’m sorry that I suspected you」(Takuma)

「Don’t worry about it. I’ve also been suspecting you without any basis…women with venereal diseases treated by magic are full of energy, right? 」(Yukari)

With upturned eyes, she reads my facial expression.

Stopppp it, it’s just work.

So, I change the topic.


「But hey, you can’t be drinking alcohol if you’re pregnant」(Takuma)

「ugg, But… it’s so good. Everyone else is drinking them like crazy too…」(Yukari)

Mmm. Those guys… I’ll make sure to look into that at another time.

Since she was little, Yukari was always a girl who drank until she got drunk.

It was super cute whenever her cheeks became red from it.

I also made her drink a lot back then.


Yukari seems to be guilty of drinking and kept making excuses.

「It was also because I had a lot of stress accumulated…」(Yukari)

It wasn’t a topic I want to touch on since I know all about it.

I was part of her stress.


「But hey, the thing that gave me the most stress was the fact that we couldn’t be together….I really noticed it these last few days…」(Yukari)

「I really know how that feels. I spent those nights sleeping with a wet pillow」(Takuma)

「I bet you were sleeping together with a woman」(Yukari)

「It’s a pity, but I was alone」(Takuma)

Because they all went home after spending a hot night.

「A pity? 」(Yukari)

「It’s a pity because it wasn’t how you thought it was. I didn’t mean because I had no woman next to me like that」(Takuma)

「Sorry, I misunderstood as I took those words literally」(Yukari)

It feels like the mood has lightened up.

Then, Yukari continues:

「Well then, wanna do it a lot when we get home? Ah, but I want to tell everyone else about the reincarnation of everyone first, so they will have a peace of mind」(Yukari)


「”Yeah”, is that it? 」(Yukari)

Was there a better way to answer?

With a look of triumph, Yukari gently pinched my cheeks. ( It’s a face like this 7242-face-with-look-of-triumph333 in english it’s called a look of triumph apparently~)

Oh, that’s right. Tomorrow is when I have to repeat the two day journey back to that unpleasant place.

It’s unpleasant because it’s so dark there.

「It’s going to be busy there」(Takuma)

「So, after we’re finished, come to my room. It’s a small room but I think it’s better than a prison room」(Yukari)

「That will be my pleasure」(Takuma)

Ohh whoops, we’re almost at the city gate.

I wanted to hear about her encounters with everyone in the orc village still, but I’ll wait for the next time.

It would be bad manners to talk in a street this quiet, after all.

Yukari seemed to be thinking the same thing as well, so we just kept walking silently holding hands.

Her hand was very warm.



We dropped by the guild of magic first on our way back.

I entrusted the female monk, who I carried on my back to the people here.

The slow-paced onee-san and Yukari chatted it up with full smiles on their faces.

「Yukari, listen to this. That man’s face was literally blue when he was asking me how to get in contact with you. The knight who was with him was also troubled and it was a big scene」(reception onee-san)


This onee-san is the type to exaggerate her stories.

On top of that she’s letting me hear her on purpose; she’s a sadist.

Yukari too.


「Tell me the details of that story next time」(Yukari)

Anddd I am now full of embarrassment.

But, it’s what I chose to do so I’ll accept the consequences, I guess.


Then, Yukari turned towards her home and we moved towards there.

The left hand of Yukari which I am holding with my right is small and unreliable.

She’s putting quite a lot of strength to hold my hand tightly with it.

Then finally, our feet came to a stop.

We’re two blocks away from our home.

I hold on to her weak hand and waited.

Just right before the home of Shusteds.

I can hear the voices of the four knights who are talking loudly about ero stuff.

Ohh I see.. the last woman that I fucked at work was you. I see…

Now then, I will give a hand to Yukari who isn’t taking any steps forward.


「If you dislike it that much, do you want me to do the explaining? 」(Takuma)

Yukari looks at me with a face of astonishment.

「…You’re scaring me spoiling me like that」(Yukari)

「Well.. I guess we shouldn’t just ditch and not say a word to them」(Takuma)

「Ok.. but I’ll be right next to you」(Yukari)


Yukari came with me as I led her in while holding hands.

We arrive at the entrance, and we rang the bell without hesitation.




I haven’t spoken a single word since we’ve come back to Yukari’s house.

Rather, I’m treated as if I am not really here.

「Well, looks like everyone is still doing well despite becoming orcs」(girl)

「Yeah, you’re right. The stages of brewing alcohol are still being perfected, and with tons of food, every day is a feast. Today, we were roasting the meat of boars」(Yukari)

「That sounds so good… I haven’t really had meat since I’ve come to this world」(girl)

The girls were welcoming Yukari’s return.

There’s no one here who seems to be dissatisfied towards her anymore.

They looked like twenty house dogs that were shaking their tails.

After that, they continued chatting up a storm.

「So then, if everyone wants to migrate there, I can guide us there」(Yukari)

From Yukari’s suggestions, everyone started discussing it with each other. I can tell from their voices that they were feeling pretty uneasy about it.

Even so, she hasn’t told them about the real important things yet.


「There are even baths there」(Takuma)

At that moment, everyone looked this way.


「There is rice there too」(Yukari)

This time, their eyes all turned looking at Yukari.

Yukari nods many times.

「Orcs also have a skill called pleasure enhancement」(Takuma)

The girls started to talk to each other seriously.

Then one woman came up to speak as the other women’s representative.


「Are they still the same inside? 」(Aya)

「Un. Aya’s beloved Ki-kun is also that way」(Yukari)

At that moment, the girl (aya) who’s a former delinquent showed an octopus expression. (:S)

Then, she was teased and made fun of mercilessly.

What a good relationship they have.

I can understand from my appraisal that everybody who had their special someone become orcs are still thinking about them.

Nothing can be done now; they became a group of maidens in love.


After that, the details of the situation were thoroughly explained from beginning to end.

It’s been decided that everyone will head to the orc village tomorrow.

I won’t be able to go with them because I’ll have to work still.


「Well, I’m going to bed. I’m really glad that Yukari was alright」

「Thanks Naomi. I’m also going to bed then. Nobody come to my room okay? 」(Yukari)

「I know, you’re looking forward to tonight, right? 」

The women are giggling, making fun of her.

My dick is almost at its limit.

Yukari also showed a smile to the girls to evade them, and then she invited me into her room.

The only light source in this room is the light coming from a lamp.


「There’s nothing in here, huh?」(Takuma)

A narrow room at the end of the second floor about the size of two tatami-mats (around 3.300 square meters)

The bed is built of wood, with a thin piece of cloth placed on it.

There are some other clothes in here, it’s all just things that I’ve seen before.


「I’ve spent all the money I had to buy everyone out. There’s still two more, but I’ve already got the money to pay for them so no worries」(Yukari)


「Izuha-chan also contributed a lot towards the funds. I owe her so much that I feel embarrassed in her presence」(Yukari)

It’s not strange to have come to like that girl; she seems to be a person who’s kind enough to give water to others in a desert.



When I sat on the bed, Yukari took a seat on my lap.

Her beautiful face is looking straight at me.

Then, she gradually closes her distance with me.

Since her face came close enough, she closed her eyes.

She shaped her lips ready for a kiss, and tried to take me for a kiss.

Of course I accepted it, as she isn’t drunk with smell of alcohol today.

A kiss full of Yukari’s scent.

My head starts feeling tingly during this due to this rich scent of Yukari.

It seems Yukari is also enjoying this; she opened her eyes for a second and laughed for a moment when our eyes met. Then, she let my tongue invade her mouth again.

It gets sticky as our tongues entwine. But even so, we kept going.

She’s pressing onto my chest; my penis is about to burst out.

But we’re still just kissing.

Don’t get anxious.. not yet.. I have to endure.


「*ufufu*, why are you wiggling your hips? 」(Yukari)

I noticed from Yukari’s words that I am acting like a girl from the way I was moving.

Areee? Up until now, I was always the one that’s been teasing the other girls when they acted like this.

Just when I am feeling at a loss as to what to do, Yukari gives my swollen penis a hand.

「Want me to relieve you right away? 」(Yukari)

Of course, please.

Yukari then starts stroking my penis that she has in her hands.


She gives the tip of my dick a kiss right away.

My whole body shook.

「Hehe, it’s my first time so don’t expect too much. I heard about the tricks to this once」(Yukari)

「It’s fine, hurry, keep going」(Takuma)

「*hummu*」(sound of putting dick back in her mouth)

She holds the tip of my penis in her mouth, then started to vacuum it as she strokes my shaft.

It looks like I’m going to let it out in her mouth.

Unable to endure the gentle hand job that Yukari’s giving me. I enjoy it as I start releasing in Yukari’s mouth as a hole.

My pre-cum is going down Yukari’s throat as she swallows it.

She’s showing watery eyes, but she’s sure working hard for her first fellatio.


Then, the time for “that” arrived.

My penis got even bigger and let out a pleasure explosion from my hips.


Cum is dripping like a river stream down her mouth.

Yukari is moving her throat like it’s a challenge for her to swallow it all.

I am in heaven.

It feels so good.

Yukari moved her head back and forth as my ejaculation finished.


「What’s wrong? 」(Takuma)

Yukari takes her mouth off my penis and tells me.

「I thought it looked like you felt really good, so I thought about giving you another round.. should I? 」(Yukari)


Yukari shows a smile.

「Ah, but it might be even better if you do it being naked 」(Takuma)

「Sure, hold on a second 」(Yukari)

She goes to the corner of the room and opens a closet-like thing, inside there was a blue robe.

Today, she’s been wearing a white one-piece which I often saw her in.

She tried to take it off, but she paused.

Then, she took her shorts off first, and put it in a small pocket of the blue robe.

Oh, it’s because she got the shorts wet huh?

And then, she took off her one-piece dress, and her naked figure which can be called a master piece is exposed.

Her naturally thin pubic hair is also one of her charming points.

「You’re beautiful」(Takuma)

「Thanks, I’ve been working hard on my body for you」(Yukari)

What are you saying with your ears bright red?




Yukari came back to the bed, and is aiming for my dick again.

However, I decide to worry about her vagina since it got so wet that it managed to dirty her shorts.

I pull Yukari by her hand and hold her in my chest.

That alone made Yukari understand what’s happening, as she moves the hair that’s in her way and robs my lips again.

While Yukari immersed herself in my mouth, I start touching her lower half.

「ufuu, I was found out」(Yukari)

Yukari is laughing.

「It’s all hot and slimy wet down there, isn’t it? 」(Takuma)

「Un…. I couldn’t take it anymore. Actually, I was thinking of using my tits for you this second round」(Yukari)

Was her plan to fake a blow job then give me a paizuri? (titty-fuck)

That was definitely planned.

Also, I know she’ll be angry if I don’t have intimate body contact with her during sex, so I hug her from the front normally.

With my hard cock that fully revived, I slowly put it in.

「*Nnnn*~ha, I almost passed out lightly just from you putting it in, you know? *Nnnnn*」(Yukari)

「That’s an amazing expression you have there」(Takuma)

「There’s nothing I can do about it-……Ah…Ah…..Ann」(Yukari)

I start sucking on her tits as I move my hips.


「There’s no more stopping from here on」(Takuma)

「….Un…. 」(Yukari)

As I move my hips, the sound of her cute moans along with our lewd watery noises echo in the room.

There’s no need for the use of sex skills as we are really feeling it from each other.

No complaints at all from how tight her vagina feels.

The insides of her vagina seem to be twitching and moving, reminds me of a certain someone’s “famous instrument”.

And then, somehow my face became hot.

I wonder if my face is bright-red like Yukaris.

「Nnn~ Today, you are gentle, Hounnn」(Yukari)

「It feels so good that I just can’t be going fast so soon」(Takuma)

「*Nnnn-*, that makes me happy. Do you want to feel even better? You can use my body as you like… 」(Yukari)


If you say that then I will thrust as I like, Yukari who doesn’t mind if only I get to cum.

Her saliva is drooling down her mouth, and she’s shaking little by little.

I thought there was something a little strange about this so I take a look with my skills…  I didn’t activate anything at all…Have you become an ecchi girl? You’re the best.

「Ahh, It feels too goood ~Ohh OOoooO」(Yukari)

「How are you feeling good exactly? 」(Takuma)

While she’s trying to tell me, I poke her with my thrusts at that timing.

「AHnnn, because….Ann, *Nnn*, Ha..Haha…it’s…a…secret」(Yukari)

She’s not telling me how exactly she’s feeling good, so next time I’ll ask her while activating some sex skills.

Yukari seems to feel that I’m near my limit.

She has an expression of ecstasy looking right at me.


「Cum together? Together… *Nnn*- It’s cumming again. AAAHHnn」(Yukari)

「I’m going to get a little rough here」(Takuma)

Yukari kept on nodding many times while trembling.

The combination of sounds of love juice splashing and our meat slapping can be heard.

「Hyannn, Hyan, *Nnnn*, HURRY AND CUM- I’m losing my consciousness, A~AH~Ahnnn- I’M FLYINGGGGGGUUUUU」(Yukari)

「Where should I let it out? 」(Takuma)


At the moment of the next penetration with my penis, I filled her up with my sperm.

「AAhh,AAAAAA, Huuuuuaa, H..Hot~OooooOhhh… 」(Yukari)


I casted recover on Yukari, whose lights were gone from her eyes.

「Ha~Hahh~ I was just about to fly… 」(Yukari)

「It felt really good. The night is still young so you can’t sleep yet. Weren’t you going to do it with your tits? 」(Takuma)

「Mouu, I can’t do that anymore- please, let’s do that tomorrow. I’ll let you use this for now」(Yukari)

The place Yukari is referring to is her pussy, where white cloudy liquids are dripping down right now.

「Tomorrow it is, for sure」Takuma)


I insert it in Yukari, who has no power left in her body, from the missionary position.

The rest of the night was long and fun.


「Ann, An…. How many rounds did we do? Ahhn」(Yukari)

「No idea, fuuu-」(Takuma)

「*Nnn*- I’m cumming again too」(Yukari)

We kept on going until it was bright outside.

Morning. I left the room with a refreshed feeling but at the same time tired as well.

Yukari is in a sound dream.

I haven’t slept at all, but since I got work, I drag my heavy feet to the direction of the door.

There, a few girls came to see me off with leering eyes.

「Yesterday you had an amazing night, huh? 」(random girl)

「I was shocked. You guys kept going until the morning? 」(random girl 2)

I can feel their awful gaze from their line of sight staring at my crotch.

I see, so that’s how Yukari feels when her chest gets stared at by people.


「You guys were going until the morning too」(Takuma)

I heard you guys.

「Ehehe, we can’t help it」(Random girl)

「I know, right? We haven’t had any in so long」(random girl 2)

「And our bodies have been tortured and trained」(random girl 3)

The person who just said that seemed to have realized she shouldn’t have slipped out those last words, as she covered her mouth with her hands.

However, the surrounding girls had no idea how they were suppose to respond to that, so they just all agreed with her.

「Well then, time to go to work」(Takuma)

「Have a safe trip-」(random girls)

And the “Kyaakyaa fuufuu” friendly chatters between the girls began again.

These girls are somehow a pitiful bunch.

Well, I don’t really hate them, probably.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
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