Chapter 14

Greydia 2, Brave-orc (end)

Middle of the day.

I was letting my imagination run wild in order to finish the last of my work.

After I finish, I’ll get to worry about whether to fuck Chris or get all hot and steamy with Yukari.

The fantasy I was having was an evil one; to fuck Chris before she can realize that it’s me.

Chris is no doubt the best target for that kind of sex, but her specs are simply too high for this fantasy to come true.


「Etto… the next person wishes to stay anonymous, so please put on this blindfold and these earplugs」

At first I thought it was an idea for more excitement, but it’s usually the method to hide the fact that they are either fat or old.

Oops, thinking about that just withered me by 20%.


Turna’s loli loli pussy.

There we go, it’s revived.


I am now blindfolded with ear plugs on.

Then, a woman came in. There’s a nice smell.

These earplugs are magic tools, so even with my super hearing I’m unable to hear anything.

She gets a hold of my penis, then she pulled it. I can imagine Turna smirking as if she was the one that did it.

Then a grip on my balls that I experienced recently.

Because I am a man, moving now is out of the question.

Then, she puts them in her mouth.

Hmm? This isn’t Turna.

She’s quite skilled in this.

Then she starts sucking on my penis.

It’s such a shame to not be able to hear the sounds of fellatio.

She licks the head of my penis and strokes the shaft.

She stops when she senses that my pleasure is rising. Good, there’s no rush, I also like that.


She stopped a few times right before I climax.

My hips are frozen at a position trying to ejaculate deep inside her mouth

The feeling of ecstasy disappears and I feel sweet nibbling.

Ah, I’m being teased.

My hips shook, and she seems to understand the sign of my complaint.


The woman throws me onto the bed and gets on top of me.

This is a good woman.

Her waistlines are slim; the feel of her skin is also young and fresh.

Then, her sticky wet vagina devours my rigid cock.

If I don’t do something I’ll continue to be played with, so I use all the sex skills in annoyance. At that moment, the woman started trembling.

I hold her hips down and thrust her from below.

I can feel her struggling left and right from the pleasure, trying to escape.

But, you had your fun toying with me, so I’m not letting you escape.


In the struggle, that’s when one of my earplugs fell off.



The woman’s squeal is a familiar high-pitched voice.

Then, her vagina trembled.

Turna speaks to me:

「Please don’t use the skills here. The customer spent a lot of money for this precious time, so do it gently at first please」



Although it wasn’t me who started all that, it’s cute hearing Turna telling me that.

Silence visits once again as the earplugs are put back on.

When my waist stopped moving, the woman on top of me collapsed.

I can feel that she has short hair.

Her tits are nothing amazing, but full of elasticity.

Her thighs touching me are tight and firm, the meatiness is just about right.


I stroke her back.

That alone seems to have made her dance on my chest.

When I have fun thrusting her from below, she still clings on to try to lock me down.

She has quite the brute strength, as it’s quite hard to move.

I wait for this woman to calm down, then I put out my tongue.

Surely she will show me her wonderful tongue skills.

And then, it was better than I imagined.


She sucks up my tongue all around as if she’s working on a penis.

It was fellatio for a tongue.

That was a first time for me, how good it felt. I also work her tongue to the fullest.

As it becomes all wet around her mouth, the woman stops her tongue as our role of offense and defense interchange.

Of course, I imitated the same moves she was using.

Saliva starts flowing in and out.

I don’t have this particular hobby, but it would be courtesy for her to swallow my saliva here.

I hear her gulp as she swallows it, then she licks my face.

She’s marking me.

It’s an act of someone who has a strong desire to monopolize.

Then, the waist movements continued with the original purpose to squeeze out some sperm.

This is the best hip movement among the girls I’ve been with so far.

It’s a shame that it’s going to be a bit tight, but I use physical reinforcement to adjust the size here.

Then, her reaction was a rather interesting one.

The inside of her vagina started trembling, as I began reaching my limit.

Even so, I keep moving my hips to fuck her from below to pay the girl respect.

This woman, who’s really feeling it stopped moving her waist as she kept on trembling.

Her breathing was so loud, that it feels as if the air is shaking.

I grab her by her hips, and use her hole to let my desires out.

Ignoring the agonizing woman, I bang her as hard as I could.


「It’s coming out. Accept it all and get pregnant」

I feel the girl is nodding above her chest.

The ejaculation I let out was very violent and intense, as I couldn’t hold on anymore.

The extensive amount of semen I let out does not look like that this was the last job of the day…  I couldn’t stop cumming at all at that moment, but it was satisfying.

When my breathing settled down, the ear plugs were taken out.

My penis is still inside the woman, how rare.

「It seems our customer wants some “after-service” anal sex, is that possible? 」

「Very well, I’ll fuck her so much till she says she doesn’t want any more. From all the female customers that visited here, this one’s no doubt the highest level 」

「If you say so then that makes Turna happy as well. Hold on a second dear customer, I have something to discuss with him, so I’m putting the earplugs on you」


Turna puts earplugs on her without hearing her reply, then she spoke out.

「Just like before, you’ll be doing it blindfolded with earplugs on. Our dear customer is already melting, so please continue to fuck her forcefully」


「Also, after you anal her, it’s best if you put it back in her vagina and let it out there」

「So, she’s someone with that type of fetish huh… I don’t have a reason to refuse, I guess」

「Thank you very much. Turna’s overwhelmed with gratitude」

「It’s fine already, let’s hurry and do this」


Turna puts the earplugs back on me.

Now then, I will give this woman what she wishes for.


Today was very satisfying, but even so, I still have an emotional need of wanting to see Yukari.

I was told that I could go see her if I report it, so I asked Turna to report this for me and it was approved pretty easily.


「Hime-sama said that Takuma should have a spear skill, so she prepared a good spear to entrust to you.  Get it from the soldiers guarding the gate. It’s an expensive weapon, so please look after it well  」



I have a spear skill, but it’s among the mountain of skills that I don’t use, so I don’t really have a good understanding of it.

「Then, Turna will go back as well」

「So early?」

「Yah, today I will be going to Mira’s home with all the other female knights to hangout, it’s a celebration  」

「That sounds like fun」


But what about Chris’ bodyguards?

Well, there should be somebody assigned anyway.

I saw Turna off, and then got the spear from the soldier.


By holding the spear, my attack power increased ten fold… and if I let it go, it goes back to 13.

Ah, how sad.

But it looks like I got my hands on something nice, so I won’t hold back and I’ll gratefully make use of it.


It’s a spear with a yellow dragon symbol on it.

It seems weapons are in a class of their own. I’ll need a weapon appraisal skill since my 『Improved Appraisal』 does not work on it. I can’t tell whether it has a name or what its abilities are.

Maybe it’s a legendary nameless spear?


…I just had an episode of chunnibyou..


I wore the spear on my shoulder and headed for the red gate.

This is the stone-built area where our female classmates lived. I have to tell them about the orc village, but I’ll do that next time, as going to Yukari takes priority first.

It’s been two days.

I hope I can do it tomorrow.

I exit the gate and aim for the outside.

The scenery of poverty that gets worse as I head out did not change at all.

Some bums came begging for money, but I can’t do anything as I only have a spear.

I quickly get away from them and head out.

This time, the gate keepers spoke to me:


「I wonder if I’ll ever get approved by the first princess Christina-sama as well….」

Remarks from a seemingly disciplined person, I feel sorry for him somehow.


Then, I saw it on the way.

I take cover to be careful not to be seen by my opponent.


A brave orc.

I was hearing sounds of battle from a distance so I approached. When I got closer, I saw that humans were getting crushed at that moment.

The orc is heavily equipped, so I had no choice but to hide.

Judging from his equipment and expression, it was clear that it wasn’t Satou.

Its face was dirty to the point that no one would believe, it was that dirty.

「Ku…. someone help me…uggg」


The person that was caught was the blonde-haired monk with twin tails who I saw the other day.

The brave-orc seems to be getting to business right away.

It already had its dick out, took aim at the monk’s pussy and shoved it in.

The monk was being strangled by her neck while getting poked in her pussy; no signs of pleasure can be seen on her face.

She’s just simply struggling for air.

Then, as she starts foaming from her mouth, the orc loosened his grip, and the struggling and suffering repeated.

The brave-orc is just using the monk for a thrusting exercise at this point.

Then he trembled during one of the humping movements.

The monk being strangled in his hands dropped, and the orc threw her to a bush in the back.

I wonder if that cutie pie is still alive.


My hands are super sweaty.

Heart is beating like crazy.

I’ll be killed the moment I am found.

That is for certain.



>The king of the western-forest<


『The brave』『pleasure increase (large) 』『Destructive Impulse』『Talent of Large swords』

『Auto regeneration』

I thought those skill names were pretty straight forward.

I have no statuses above him.

The closest stat I have to him is still 1.5 times lower than his.

The brave-orc’s status is like a heavy tank.


The orc sat down looking at a certain point.

It was in the direction of the gate of Almeria.

With my eyesight, I could only see it at a size close to a grain of rice, but maybe that orc can see it clearly.

I slipped out when he wasn’t looking, it was pure luck.

It was now or never. Since his attention is focused elsewhere, I snuck by him and aimed for the orc village Yukari lives at.


By the time I arrived there, the sun had completely set.

At the open yard of that place, they were having a barbeque that looks like fun.


「Look everyone and Oda-san, Takuma came to visit」

「Eeee, it’s true. I thought you’d be relieved to see us after 10 days.. but somehow you look kinda weird」

I am extremely happy that you noticed.

I now understand how girls feel when other people notice that they have changed hairstyles.


「What’s wrong? 」

「There was a brave-orc」


Then a certain someone tried to make a funny at that timing.

「You called? 」

「Not talking about you!」

「Ah, sorry. Wait, aren’t you somehow kinda cold to me?!? 」

「Anyway, I encountered a wild brave-orc… it was dangerous」


Then, the atmosphere got lively all of a sudden.

「Where did you see it?? Is it close by? 」

「It was near a big tree in the direction of the gateway, it was like looking at the gate around there」

「Alright fellas, it’s time to hunt. It’s been a while since we’ve encountered something big, we’ll make a big buck out of it」



A sudden war cry.

The one who started it was the high orc in command…Fumio sensei.

Yukari explains to me what’s going on, since I appear to be unable to keep up.


「They’re hyped because it’ll be good for leveling up. Like “come on, let’s hunt some strong monsters!”  」

「Oi, you should come too Takuma. We’ll share the EXP. What level are you now anyway? 」

「I’m level 5」


「「「Gyahahahahaha, Takuma is level  5」」」



「I’ve been a vibrator in a prison this whole time 」

「I’m level 15」

「Oda-san come as well. Everyone wants experience points, so let’s all go together 」


Somehow, the mood is very relaxed. Rather, they make it sound like they for sure hit the jack pot.

They’ve said nothing negative at all.


「Would I be getting in the way? 」(Takuma)

「It’s fine, I’ll protect you 」


Oh, I’ll fall in love with you.

The orcs from the village equip themselves with all kinds of weapons and armor.

Satou uses a large sword, and the others are using spears.

Meanwhile, the two high orcs struck up a conversation with me.


「Woah, Takuma’s spear looks so cool」

「That’s seriously so cool. What’d you do to get this? 」

「Almeria’s first princess gave it to me」

「Hya, what the hell, that’s so cool」

「Oh no, I’m going crazy with jealousy」


Ah, I was thinking about who these two could be. So it’s Yamamoto and Hashimoto huh.. You guys are always exaggerating things.

And these other guys are making it feeling like a picnic… they are fighting about how many pieces of meat jerky to bring.

Then, the orcs advanced after their preparations finished.

Yukari and I are following from behind at the very end.

「ufufu, I’ll also show you something good」


I could hear that monologue.

Our army moved while shaking the ground, as the enemy brave-orc has also realized the situation and readies for battle.


Under the starry sky.

A battle between a horde of orcs and a brave-orc.

Satou who’s leading at the front, easily closes the distance between himself and the wild brave-orc  and slashes.


A fight between two large-sword users began.

And it was not long before Fumio-sensei wound up a spear and threw it.

It headed straight toward the enemy brave-orc.

The enemy brave-orc dodged it by twisting its body, but the fight was decided at that moment.

Spears were being thrown one after another.

Then, the orc was hit by the spears.


A few seconds later, the enemy brave-orc spat out blood and fell over.

「Thank you for the EXP」

After Satou said that, he finished the brave-orc off.

He made quick work of it, as it went without suffering in its last moments.

Yukari, who was pumped up to use magic, gently lowers her staff.

Now then, there’s no doubt that the brave-orc has just been defeated, but no one explained how it was done so easily.

We dug a hole for the brave-orc’s corpse and paid our respects to him like it was an obvious thing to do.

「This time was the most successful run we had so far」

「Orcs are easy because they are slow」

「We are also orcs though」


Laughter rose after that was said.


「Hm. Was it done by magic? 」

Yukari goes into thought.

「Maybe a skill? 」

I pressed my omnipotent skills theory.

Unfortunately, both of us were wrong and the answer was poison.

It seems the spears were coated with a highly-poisonous venom.

There are no enemies who could put up a hard fight against this method.


Now then, I decide to leave as night time approaches.

「Well then, I’ll come to the village again」(Takuma)

「Oh you’re going. If a strong one appears, call us again. Because it will be rough if we don’t become stronger」


He’s right. Those words hurt my heart.

「Well, I’m going home too then. I already understand what everyone wanted to tell me, it’s fine now, right? 」(Yukari)

「I’m going to be lonely-」(Satou)

「Soon, we’ll bring everyone here. Because Ki-kun, you would rather meet Aya-chan than me, right? Waiting for Takuma and his work is taking years」

How rude, I was going to tell those girls about everyone tomorrow.

Everyone was either happy or confused, and there was a guy stretching out a tent.

Yukari wanted to bring that home at any cost.


「Well, I’m in a hurry so I’ll see you guys tomorrow」

「Ohh, see you later」


*Pyon*, *pyon*, sounds of orcs bouncing… quit starting earthquakes.

Ooops, that reminded me, the girl that was thrown away.


I pick up the girl who was thrown away into the bushes a little bit away.

The girl with blonde twin tails, who was foaming with rolled back white eyes.

Let’s heal her.


Her facial complexion looks better now.

Hmm, this should be good enough.

I want get home soon and make out with Yukari.


「Let’s go home」

「Who’s that girl? 」

I will explain what happened between this girl and the orc kindly and thoroughly.

「AhーI saw something similar like that before. She was fucked by an orc, right?」

Yukari seems to be thinking of something.

However, I want to go home with Yukari as soon as possible so I start moving.

Obviously, Yukari walks next to me.

Then I let out what I had planned for tonight.

「Prepare yourself tonight, I’m going to put you in all kinds of feels 」


It seems like she was thinking about that too.

「Hehe, I’m pregnant right now so be nice to me」


I froze when I heard that word. It was unavoidable.

Is she saying strange things cause she’s drunk? I was dominated by that thought.

Then, I remembered the orc’s unmatched libido, and strange thoughts crossed my head.

Somehow, it was putting me at my wits end, as I did not hear what happened with her in the last few days.

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