Chapter 13

Brave Orc 3

When I opened my eyes, Yukari was next to me.

「You’re finally awake」(Yukari)

I’m not a morning person, my head is all dizzy.

「Good morning! 」(Yukari)

「Oh. Good morning… 」(Takuma)

Yup, my neck also has a collar attached.

Now then, what should I say…

「Look, I」(Takuma)

「Hm? 」(Yukari)

「I don’t mind used goods」(Takuma)

「We’re through」(Yukari)

I haven’t heard this phrase in a long time. “We’re through”.

It was a phrase I often heard and used back in Japan.

“If you eat the pudding , we’re through.”

“If you overwrite my game data, we’re through”

When I quarrel with my sister, “We’re through”.

How nostalgic.


「You’ve been here the whole time, huh?」(Takuma)

「Well, yeah. But, just so you know, you’re the “used goods” 」(Yukari)


You’re right.

For some reason or other, she’s sitting with two knees in front of her and holding them while waiting for me to pursue her with words.

She’s facing away with a puffed cheek.

I am glad that she’s okay from the bottom of my heart, but she doesn’t seem to share this same feeling as me.


「The liquor made by Naka-kun… I drank it because I had nothing to do. Then, you saw the rest」(Yukari)

Hmm. I can’t keep up at all after I’ve just woken up.

I don’t know what is okay to assume here.


「Please give me some hints」(Takuma)

「It was because I was drunk yesterday」(Yukari)

「Oh, so whose name were you calling out yesterday? 」(Takuma)

「That right there. You’re misunderstanding it」(Yukari)

Oh, that’s why Yukari was silent.

To me, it was more important how we escaped from the orc.


「What are you going to do now? 」(Takuma)

「Well, it looks like I am brainwashed by the kingdom, so I’m fine with taking it easy here. It’s good enough for me if you stay next to me」(Yukari)

” It’s good enough for me if you stay next to me “..huh.

Is that good enough?

I softly connect hands with Yukari.


It’s a warm hand.

How long did we not see each other for? Three days? Four days?

Thinking like that will get in the way of enjoying this.


The golden orc came to disturb the fun time I am having with Yukari.


Brave orc.

Since it’s noon time, you can really see just how huge he is.

He’s almost twice the size of the other orcs.

This seemingly unenergetic fellow sits down cross-legged right in front of me.

He has a very intense presence.

Garcia’s presence can’t even compare to it.

How do I say it, it’s just not the same.


「*Sigh*, How do I say it.. I’m sorry for yesterday. I thought you were the enemy who came to take Oda-san away 」(brave-orc)


「Don’t worry about it. Everyone makes mistakes」(Takuma)

「Ah, you’re right. If you say so then I won’t sweat it」(brave-orc)

Now then, this guy is speaking in Japanese language so he must be Japanese.

The question is, who is he?

Well, it would be someone who died and reincarnated.


「Who? 」(Takuma)

I asked Yukari.

「That’s Ki-kun. Satou Kisaku-kun. Remember? The one that got killed after saying he was gonna build an isekai harem」(Yukari)

「Oh, the Ki-kun with chunnibyou. He said he wanted to be a hero, so how come he ended up as an orc? 」(Takuma) (chunnibyou= people that have wild fantasies, google for more in-depth explanation)

「Stop saying I have chunnibyou…. I don’t know what happened, but everyone became orcs」(Ki-kun)

「Everyone? 」(Takuma)

「Yup, all of us」(Ki-kun)



「Well, for now let’s take this off, this collar」(Yukari)

「Remove mine as well」(Takuma)

「Well then, here’s a question first. Do you guys think the country, Almeria, as the enemy? Or are you their ally? 」(Ki-kun)

「Eh? That again? 」(Yukari)

It’s a easy question to answer.

「Enemies 」(Takuma)

「How come? 」(Ki-kun)

「Forcefully brought us to this world, killed our males, and used our girls as onaholes? What else can they be if not enemies? Besides, even right now I am just a vibrator 」(Takuma)

Sato accepts my answer and nods.


「Okay, let’s remove Takuma’s collar 」(Ki-kun)


「Ehー but there are also good people in this country. My friends there, I can’t say they are that bad」(Yukari)

「Oda-san…. it’s still no good. At this rate, you’ll be used and killed」(Ki-kun)


Yukari starts drinking with displeasure.

「Well, I will head back now 」(Takuma)

「Ehh? I thought so… 」(Yukari)

「No, it’s because I still have that job. It won’t be a problem if you come visit me, right? 」(Takuma)


「I’ll tell you about the girls from the class as well」(Takuma)

「Ah, I’ll rely on you for that. It’s definitely better here though..」(Yukari)

Yeah, I know. All they talk about is money.

「But hey, what’s these elves doing here? I would expect that they are either a sex slaves or Japanese, but if there’s consent then I think it’s alright」(Takuma)

「Ah. They are the ones that came to try to kill us. We caught them and we are going to sell them to slave merchants」(Ki-kun)

Well, it’s alright if they are the ones that tried to kill them.


「Having some kind of money is essential. The feeling of making more and more money, heh」(Ki-kun)

Is that it?


「But still. The gangbanging I saw on the first floor was awful. They lost their consciousness」(Takuma)

「Ah, that. That’s a different type of job. I opposed it at first, but we started doing that as a means of survival ever since we became orcs. It’s a job to please those women. Lately, I was lamenting the fact that there was a big increase in customers who wanted to fucked in both the pussy and the anus at the same time; I don’t want to have sex anymore you know, but those people are perverted noble women who were paying lots of money to be fucked by an orc’s penis」(Ki-kun)

「…Stop talking about that topic in front of me」(Yukari)

「Don’t talk like that in front of Yukari. Are you trying to sexually harass her? 」(Takuma)

「Eek, I’ll be more careful」(Ki-kun)


Ma~ they are pretty much doing the same type of business as me.

I’ll worry about that later…


「Did you guys go to the western-forest? 」(Takuma)

「Where is that? 」(Ki-kun)

「All the way over there in that direction」(Takuma)

「I’m only active in this area」(Ki-kun)

「You aren’t lying, right? 」(Takuma)

「It, it’s true」(Ki-kun)


Even after he became a brave-orc, his weak personality still hasn’t changed.

「Then, I’ll be leaving after I say my goodbyes to everyone. Where is everyone? 」(Takuma)

「Plowing the fields」(Ki-kun)

「Ehh~ Takuma, you’re already leaving? 」(Yukari)

「Yup, do your best and remove yours as well」(Takuma)


「Muu~ But Izuha-chan is a good girl too… 」(Yukari)


To judge the entire forest by looking at some trees, Yukari still has a long way to go.

I too, If I just look at Nanari, Chris, Turna, and Mira, this country would be a really good country.

I can even say that I like it a lot.

It also felt really good.

However, my friends were being killed.

I can’t forget about that.

Hm? Wait, but they came back as orcs…


「Well, get your collar taken off, then, can’t you leave whenever you want as well? 」(Takuma)

「Un… maybe.. I might just leave… Takuma isn’t here after all…」(Yukari)


It was our lovers talk.

It felt like Sato disappeared and I can’t even see him.

Because in my vision there’s only the two of us now, I start licking Yukari’s lips.


「The smell of alcohol… 」(Takuma)

「S, sorry」(Yukari)

This is a turn off. I don’t like people with a strong alcohol smell.


「Get it removed soon then hurry and come back」(Takuma)

「Ehh, you should come here instead. Everyone getting together and chatting while eating makes meals good.  We also have things like rice and stuff」(Yukari)

「Hehh, that is something that I definitely want to eat」(Takuma)

「Everyone is making it more and more like Japan. The food, the toilets, and we even got the baths too」(Yukari)

「Whatttt, that’s enviable」(Takuma)

「Right? We’re also having tonkatsu made from orc, it’s certainly deserving of a tsukkomi」(Yukari)

That’s cannibalism.  Or is it?

I shake off Yukari, who is physically trying to stop me from going back, and go around to greet everyone.


I shook hands, hugged, and cried; they were all really busy people.

Their main source of food was potatoes, and occasionally wheat products. If there was a special occasion, they served rice.


Their evolutions wise, they have one brave-orc, eight high-orcs, and there are 11 orcs in total.

You realize how strong this tribe really is when a high-orc alone has status equal to two Garcias’.

Additionally, the digits are completely different when you become a brave-orc. Attack power of 3500?! Over here, I have 13. ..13.


I finish the greetings, collected their skills and got ready to head back.

It’s almost noon, I better hurry back.

Then, the brave-orc spoke to me.

「Hey, don’t get angry, but I want you to tell me about it」(Ki-kun)

「What? 」(Takuma)

「Takuma, did you really cheat? 」(Ki-kun)

「*Bufuu*, well.. why do you ask? 」(Takuma)

「Oda-san was grumbling when she was drunk」(Ki-kun)

「mmmm…It’s just work… 」(Takuma)

「Well, I see, but look, you can tell that Oda-san is popular among us, right? 」(Ki-kun)

「Yeah, you’re right. Everyone likes her a lot」(Takuma)

「So if you aren’t serious about her, won’t you break up with her? Nice people are waiting in turn for her. It’s not like you are thinking about marrying her, right? 」(Ki-kun)

「Don’t fuck with me. We will be married for the rest of our lives」(Takuma)

「…. Then that’s fine. Well, that was all」(Ki-kun)

Hm. It’s not fun to have that long of a convo with another man.

「..One thing. Tell me if any nobles or royalties in this country give you trouble, I’ll help as much as I can」(Takuma)



A cute reaction.

I thought all of them were dead, but seeing that they are still doing their best, it makes me happy.

It’s very different compared to these other girls that we know…


I ran towards the direction of my living place.


It seems to have transformed into a place where the streets are filled with soldiers that are heavily armed.

I was pushed down onto the ground quickly, thrown in a carriage quickly, and brought to where Chris is quickly.

「Ara Ara, where did you go? 」(Christina)

「I went on a search looking for Yukari」(Takuma)

「If you wanted to go on a search, couldn’t you say something first? 」(Christina)

「I’ll say something from now on, please forgive me」(Takuma)

「Nope. Turna, pull」(Christina)


Uuu, it’s not good to pull that place of a man that hard… I could wake up to a new pleasure…


「So, did you find her? 」(Christina)

「…Yeah… at the resting area」(Takuma)

「Pull them」(Christina)


「That’s a lie and I know it. You know that as well. Right, Onii-sama? 」(Christina)

「Ah, you mustn’t lie」(Christina’s brother)

「So? Where did you find her? 」(Christina)

「…She’s living in the forest」(Takuma)

「Ara, what a waste to release a quasi first classed magician into the wild. Will you promise me that she will help us when we’re in trouble? 」(Christina)

「I will ask her about it」(Takuma)

「I thank you in advance….Turna, Pull」(Christina)


Uuuu, even when I didn’t tell a lie.

「I’ll forgive you this time since you came back, but if there’s a next time… I’ll sleep with another guy」(Christina)

「There absolutely won’t be a next time!!! I swear to my parents and my sister!! 」(Takuma)

「Fine. Thank you onii-sama」(Christina)

「Is it alright now? 」(Christina’s brother)

「Yes, I can’t thank you enough」(Christina)

Then, this brother and sister started a sticky kiss.

Turna and I are both fascinated by this.

The two involved are not changing their expressions at all.


「Well then, you can call me anytime」(Christina)

Chris is waving her hands as I send her off.

「Even so, pleasure enlargement skills increased by three.. are they always active? That would be a little scary though」(Turna)

「Somehow on and off is possible」(Takuma)

「Ara, is that so? I’ll be looking forward to it then」(Turna)

「You can leave it to me」(Takuma)

「Oh, Turna will be made a guinea pig today」(Turna)


Oh yeahh.

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