Chapter 12

Brave Orc 2

I am looking at the life gem while rubbing my sleepy eyes.

The gem is shining bright red just like yesterday.

So that means…

「That’s what I said. You’re too worried」

「Was I..? But I still don’t know where Yukari is」

I realized the importance of carrying a cell phone.

「You’re such a cowardly person, and to think you’re the same guy that thrusted vegetables into Balga’s vagina while laughing」

There’s nothing else I want to do right now other than to search for Yukari.

「Hold on a second, I’ll ask the onee-san at the reception desk」

Mira came along silently.

The receptionist onee-san is also a magician.

She looks to be in her late 20s, unmotivated and yawning.

「Good morning. I want to get in contact with an acquaintance of mine, is it possible? 」

「Yesー, what’s the person’s name? ー」

A slow dragged out tone, giving the feel of someone who has a rather slow pace.

「Oda Yukari, a female」


The onee-san smiles from my words.

「The Up-and-coming number one genius magician right? 」

「That’s the one」

「If you’re looking for Yukari, I think she should be on a quest from the adventurer’s guild right now to eliminate low level monstersーWait a moment please」

The onee-san got up from her seat and got some data materials and came back.

「I seeー She’s helping out as a solo magician in an area with an orc outbreak at the moment」

「Orcs? 」

The onee-san spread out the map, then her and Mira leaned forward.

「This is the area she’s in…probably, the resting area here」

「Hm, this matches with the information I know」

「By the way, how long of a walk on foot is it to get there? 」

「About two hours. We have received reports of groups of people returning from there every day」

「By the way, where’s the western forest? 」

「Etto…. I can’t find it on this map. Let me see… I wonder if that bulletin board over there has the location of it. Well, if you take the teleportation gate to the country of Milled, it would take a couple of hours from there 」

The bulletin board the onee-san is talking about is all the way back at the tower’s entrance. It’s quite far.

Going by the scale of this map, it’s actually ridiculously far after thinking about it.

Who knows how long it would take to get there if we don’t use the teleportation gate.


「Do you feel more relieved now? 」


「It rained, and there are days where people couldn’t head back because of the situation of the battlefield. Matching with the onee-san’s information, I think you are just worrying too much. Besides, Yukari has enough power to burn anything to dust unless a legendary monster shows up, so stop worrying 」


Hm. Everyone’s saying the same things.

Am I just an ignorant baby?

Well, if what they say is true then I’m fine with that.

I decided to think so.


The next day.

Mira seems to be on house arrest, and Turna came back.

「Now then, I will tell you the changes we’ve made so far. Meeting with Hime-sama will have priority over anyone else. Please do your best when it gets to the three days near her ovulation date」


「Since the requests for affairs are coming from the wives and daughters of the nobles, Hime-sama will be given priority first. As we’re constructing a relationship of trust, there will be plenty of rewards as well, so treat them with care」


「We have 18 women who naturally have skills on them. They are just sitting in empty cages so fuck them hard and make them pregnant. These women give birth to kids every year, so get along with them」


「We have about 1800 slaves for re-sale purposes, so please prepare them quickly. They are for creampie purposes, so no need to worry about them getting pregnant. Even if you make a fuss about it, it’ll only be a pain in the ass」

「There’s no way I can fuck that many people, are you stupid?! 」

「Hahaha, Takuma you are not good at calculations huh? 」

「What are you talking about? 」

「If you fuck ten people every day, in 180 days, everyone will have skills, and Hime-sama profits」

「If I do 10 people every day, I’ll start disliking sex」

「Don’t worry, you can fuck me if that happens」


Is that even a solution?

「Now then, you had three days off so now it’s time to work hard」



The first girl that showed up… looks very young…

「Turna, is this going to be okay?! Is this really okay?! 」

「It seems she had her first menstruation, are you happy? 」

「Well, wouldn’t this be super unpleasant for her ? 」

「She’s a virgin anyway, so it wouldn’t change anything」


What’s in front of me is a naked small female knight who’s fixated on the tool.

「Stop it, quit it, do you know whose concubine I am? 」


The other party she’s talking about isn’t there.

And the obviously unused goods is right before my eyes.

Really, this is just work.


Turna has an amazed look.

It’s not surprising because of working for the first time in three days; I got a lot more done than expected.

The new skill acquisitions were a great success.


「I thought the physical reinforcement skills were mediocre, but it’s godly in bed」

「Besides the effects not being permanent, I could switch them on and off, making it comfortable to use, don’t you think? 」

「The feeling of being inflated in the vagina isn’t bad, but I don’t want to be loose at the age of 13」

I wonder if what I do is perfectly acceptable for this world.

「On a different note, if you don’t head home now, you’ll be staying over night」

「*Mumu* I was thinking about staying over but my mind has changed from those words. I’m leaving. I hope you’ll regret it」


Turna went home while pouting for some reason.


The night is here, and I start to act.

Using my physical reinforcement skills, I remove the locked door completely and go out through the passageway that leads to the outside.

I can get to the exit in one go because I know where everything is just from the sounds.

There aren’t any sounds that would need me to be alert.

Far from it, the sounds of snores are telling me that this is the time to get away from here.


I get to the guarding knight who’s snoring while wearing the keys.

I snatch his keys and sword from his waist without a sound.

Then, I headed outside.


This place is also called the prison’s garden.

I listen carefully, and waited for “it” to come.



Just like Turna said.

A monster that hunts at night by picking up its prey under the cover of darkness.

The sword that I have in my hand is becoming familiar to me for the first time.

I have two sword-related skills.

『Talent of Sword』and『Swordsman』

My experience with a sword so far is only from the kendo lessons in school.

Feeling the wyvern approaching closer, I activate all my physical reinforcement skills and ready my timing.


A flash-

I caught its movements by the sounds, and swung my sword down at the wyvern’s neck.

It’s as if my hands and the sword became one; It felt like cutting tofu.

My skills are effective. I can survive like this.

If I couldn’t defeat it like this I would have had to return to the prison.


Alright, let’s search for Yukari now.

Yukari is a quiet girl; she isn’t someone who would go out for several days.

Something has to be up.

Let’s head to the resting zone the reception onee-san talked about, I should be able to learn something there.

I made a step forward.


Although I was worried about how to get past each gate, it turns out that the gates were designed only to keep intruders from getting in from the outside, so I easily escaped from the insides.

Or rather, it was like a free pass as I just walked out and the guard standing on the sides didn’t even say anything to me.. because there’s markings indicating where to exit from.

I kept on going until I exited the last gate.


「Be careful」

Such words of kindness were said to me.

Then, from this point on, it was an area of plains.

Under the star lights, the visibility isn’t too bad.

The sound of wind was indicating that it’s coming again from above, and then I dealt with it in one blow.

I thought I could defeat the enemy calmly, but I was actually nervous unconsciously.

My palms are sweaty, and my breathing is loud.

I think for a moment about how to handle this wyvern’s corpse, and decided to just leave it there.

I won’t know what I don’t know no matter how much I think about it.


Next, a goblin appeared.

Ugly face, physique like an elementary student, and thin arms; a creature of skin and bones. Its color looks dark, but that’s because it’s in the dark night.

They were asleep in the shade of the trees.

I was slightly troubled on how to go about this, and then I stabbed a sword straight in their neck.

There wasn’t even a scream.

My hands were somehow trembling, but this isn’t the time to worry about something like this.

I stab my sword into the neck of another goblin who seems to be happily sleeping.


The more I get attacked by wyverns and goblins, the more I think about how many monsters there are in this world.

My level rose to two, then to three shortly after.

I was daunted by the feeling of killing living creatures, and I thought of how Yukari was doing this as well, it’s a wonder how it’s no big deal at all to her.

I have a good grasp of the location of where the resting area is, but I have no idea what sort of building it is.

I listen carefully to my surroundings to see if I pick up any sounds of living creatures as I continue to advance.



Then, it came from deep within the forest.



A faint sound of moaning.

The voice was quiet enough that I thought I could just have been imagining it.


I enter the forest.

Sounds of trees blown by wind.

Sounds of insects.

And sounds of faint moans.


I have a hunch that Yukari is in there.

I proceed slowly.

I feel the strange sounds of dead branches echoing.

The closer I got, the more clear the moaning became.


This isn’t it.

I am sure of it as I got close enough to hear the voice clearly.

These cute charming moans don’t belong to Yukari, but I can hear a man’s voice.


「*Fu~hii*, *Fu~hii*」

Voices overflowing with taste of the wild.

There are six of them.


My body froze upon hearing that sound.

When I get closer, I hear a sound like playing water.

*Kucha*, *Kucha* (splash)

The source location of those sounds is a house built of wood.

The house resembles something like the Japanese homes from a long time ago?

I peep inside through a small window.

In the middle of darkness, with just a little light, it was blonde-colored hair that I saw.

And the plump tits shaking back and forth.

「Ah, ahh, ah」

It looks like a girl with almost no consciousness is leaking out those moans.

Her hair is tied behind.

And there was something wriggling near her hips.

My eyes gradually got used to the dark.

That is a lump of green muscle.

Pig-like faces, fangs grew out of it’s lower jaw.

Using my appraisal, I confirm that they are orcs.

They are thrusting with a good rhythm.

The girl with blonde hair was getting fucked from the front hole and the rear hole.

One in her vagina from below, and another one attacking her anus from behind.

By no means are they going very rough.

It seems they are being gentle with her, I wonder if you can say that they are skilled in bed.


Then I noticed.

There are two more women in the room. And also four more orcs.

One with brown hair, one with blue hair.

That’s not what I’m looking for… That isn’t Yukari.

I use appraisal.



A monk.



A knight.



An adventurer.


Margaret is barely keeping her consciousness. She is faintly moaning.

But, the other two are just onaholes. ( non moving silicone pussy)

Same piston movements over and over.

It was like a gangbang machine.


But to me, nothing matters other than Yukari.

So this is a sight that made me feel relieved.

Even though I was relieved for a second, my head is telling me that this search isn’t over yet.

I only know three girls are being fucked right now, but I have not proved that there are no other women yet.

Rather, I hear sounds of many other women, who are asleep.

The snores of orcs as well.


I look away from the three people getting gang-banged, and I climb up the house.

In this house there are three floors in total, it seems that more girls are boxed in those areas.

First, I will invade the second floor.

With collars attached to their necks, there are women everywhere in this room.

Humans, elves, dwarfs, dark elves are all there.

Among them there are also pregnant mothers.

I will check the ones with black hair.


Good. She isn’t here as I thought.

There are no responses even when I clean them with cleaning magic out of sympathy.

It’s as if they were a bunch of crackheads high on drugs.


Then I invaded the third floor.

There are shadows of three people here.

Star lights shone on two of them, so their faces can be clearly seen.


The last person was at a blind spot under the window, I couldn’t see the face.

I squint my eyes as I get closer.


「Awa, I’m seeing things againnn- Takuma~a- It’s Takuma~aa」

My body shook.

「What do you want to do today? Aannything is okayyy」


She’s speaking while stretching out her words, different from the usual Yukari that I know.

A voice that makes me wonder if she’s been drinking alcohol.


「Listen Takumaa, I got a child- you’re going to take responsibility, right? 」

Understanding what she’s talking about might bring tears to my eyes.


「I want to eat crepes with you againn-」

I like pudding better. Wait, who cares about that right now.

How can I remove the collar from her neck?

「*Hikku*, Takuma isn’t nice today. Hora~ you can make lots of love to me」

I change my way of thinking.

It’s good that she’s alive right now. At any rate, I should take her home.

If the collar doesn’t come off, I can just break the locked part off.

I used my physical reinforcement skills and pulled out the metal parts that were fixed into the wooden parts.


「Amazing~ Takuma is amazing today~」

「Whatever, we’re getting out of here」


The moment I tried to lift the metal parts up, my vision shook.

I felt a heavy impact on the back of my head.

I saw the face of the other party when my vision was blurring out.

Yellow body skin, almost the color of gold.

Countless numbers of fangs, and a huge body.


The race name I saw for a moment with appraisal.

It was written as the brave-orc.


「Stop it, Ki-kun, don’t bully my Takuma… 」

I felt like that’s what I heard.

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