Chapter 11

Brave Orc 1

I woke up to the sound of heavy rainfall.

It’s my first time seeing rain since I’ve arrived in this world.

The influence of rain in this world shrouds the sky with darkness, with neither moonlight or starlight remaining.

At the very least, I am able to use magic to make light, but I don’t think I want to wake up in the morning to the artificially created light from magic.

I am not afraid of the dark when Yukari is right next to me. I didn’t even look for a lamp and went to hug Yukari, who should have been on my left. But instead, there was nothing but air there.

I couldn’t find her even when I extend my reach further to the left.

Since it couldn’t be helped, I use light magic to illuminate the room.

The light created from the light magic that costs 3 mana is like the fire of a lighter.

Even with that dim light, it should be easy to find anyone in this single prison cell.


Yukari isn’t here.

Some unpleasant thoughts come to my mind, but I quickly erase them.

The only thing that I know right now is Yukari isn’t asleep on this bed.

I turned on the lamp of the room and looked once more before leaving.


The sound of water dripping can be heard in this pitch-dark passageway.

I slowly head for the exit.

Then, I remembered there’s a locked door that needs a key to be opened.

*gacha* *gacha* , the doorknob isn’t turning.

I knock on the door instead.

If a knight or soldier that I know comes, I might be able to ask something.

Sounds of dry wood repeatedly being hit could be heard as I knock.

Although those sounds aren’t being drowned out by the loud raining noises, there’s no sign of anyone reacting to it.

「Anyone… Is anyone there? 」

My voice echoes through the whole prison, but still no reply.

The feeling of powerlessness begins to envelop me.

In Japan you can confirm the other person’s safety with just a cell phone, but in this world there’s no such thing.

After continuing to knock for a while, I realized it’s futile and I returned to the room.


Yukari has visited me every day until now without missing a day.

She suddenly stopped coming without any sort of contact.

I didn’t think I would be full of anxiety from this matter.


I know… this kind of situation usually means nothing.

Surely, there’s a good reason why she didn’t come.. of course it should be like that.

It’s not good to be drenched in the rain for such a long time, maybe that’s the reason.

Simply said, she might have just stayed at her home.

I guess she’s having fun chatting with the other classmates.

Maybe…That’s probably it.

However… I still can’t get rid of this uneasy feeling about it, after all.


The long night finally passed and the morning’s here.

The rain has stopped and I hear the sounds of keys opening the door.

I can tell who the person is from these high-pitched shoe noises.



She came straight to my room.

This girl in an unusually good mood from who knows where, comes by my side and sits down next to me .

「Good morning」


「Just like you said, I came as soon as possible」



Oh yeah, I did say something like that.

Leaving that aside, I got to confirm this.


「Say.. Mira, Yukari didn’t come here yesterday, do you know anything about it? 」

「No, I don’t. I didn’t hear anything of it on my way here 」

「Oh, is that so? Never mind then」


Is Mira not involved…?

Then..  Maybe I can ask her for a favor?

「Mira, do you know where Yukari lives? 」

「Oh, I think I have an idea about that」

「Please take me there」


This feeling of learning about the address of the one I love from the one I cheat with.

「Ah, I see. You’re worried about the matter with the orc. I know that you’re worried about Yukari-dono, but the place she is hunting at isn’t at the frontlines. I think the place she should be at … 」

「The western forest? 」

「Yes, she’s in the western forest really far away. But, before Yukari-dono is harmed, reports of  considerable amounts of victims should have come out. Because such reports haven’t come out, those worries are useless. Ma~ if you are still worried, we can find out as soon as we head to the guild of magic. Supposedly, there is a magic tool that can tell the life and death of quasi-first class magicians」

「Is that so? That’s okay then… I can stop worrying」

Where did she go then? What’s she doing..? A different type of worry arises in my heart.

「Ha~a, you bastard, you’re someone who’s really easy to understand…So, what do you want to do for today’s schedule? We’re on break until tomorrow」

「If that’s the case, I would like to go to where she lives and meet the people who came to this world together. Maa~, to confirm each other’s safety, that sort of thing」

「Understood. Ogawa-dono and Tanaka-dono too were worried about their comrades at first, and wanted to meet them face to face. You guys really have a good relationship」

「Yeah, I guess. I’ve never seen any of us quarrel or anything」

「Huh? If you guys are close, then there should be quarrels. For us, we often have quarrels between each other」


Now that you’ve mentioned it, I did have quarrels before with someone I’m close with.

None other than Yukari.

I remember that time I was talking to her about whether to marry a blonde-haired childhood friend or a rich girl. It ended up as a fight with flesh and bones.

Our conversation ended there, and I board the horse carriage with Mira.

Level 1 and Level 2 from yesterday seem to be the ones escorting us today as well.


There weren’t any particular problems along the way.

If I really have to find something to say, the level 2 was boasting about the white liquid Mira spat out.

Mira clicked her tongue when she heard it.


Now then, we’ve arrived to an area built of stones where our classmates lived.

We were guided to a white-colored house that’s relatively small among them.

Even so, the houses seem to be about twice as big compared to the average Japanese homes.

It’s a two-story building constructed in a similar fashion to western-styled homes.

The yard is big, and it also looks to be well-maintained.

I walk forward towards the entrance.

Of course there is no intercom, think a little.

Because of that, Mira reached out and rang the bell on the top part of the doorway.


*Clang* *Clang* Clang*



「Are you following me inside? 」

「Of course. If something happens, I’ll need to explain to Hime-sama」


Well, I see.

Seems like the two small-fry soldiers are also coming along with us.

A black eye can be seen through the peep hole.

When my eyes met with the person on the other end, the other party raised a loud voice.

「Takuma-kun is hereー!」

「No way, he’s here right now? 」

「At the door」

From the direction of the voice, I can hear *thud *thud* noises.

「Kya- clean this place up」

「W, What do we do about the children? 」

「There’s nothing we can do about them!」

「Whose underwear is this? Get it out of here please」

It’s quite lively here.

Then, as the door opened a little, it was a face that I knew.

Sakaguchi Tomoe.

Our class president, and also the one with the highest academic level in our grade.

However, she doesn’t have the trademark glasses.


「Takuma-kun, you look like you’re doing good」

「Ah, you too」

「Un. I’m alright. So, who’s that scary person there? 」


There’s no need to watch our words because we’re talking in Japanese.

「The one who’s managing me right now. One of the first-princess’s close guards」

「Is she trustworthy? 」

「Oh, she’s someone that I trust」

「I see, well then, will you wait for a little bit? There’s thirty people living in this house, can’t help it when the place gets a bit dirty」

「Okay I…..Um .. Hey, is Yukari here? 」

Sakaguchi’s face clouded up from my words.


「Etto.. She hasn’t been here recently.. sorry. I’m not the reliable teacher figure that people say I’m perceived to be…」

Although this conversation isn’t really getting us anywhere, it looks like she did not return here yesterday. Now where did she go?

We waited for the girls to prepare themselves, and then we went inside.


「No way! That’s Takuma-kun? He’s like a completely different person 」

「I know, right. He got skinner and more muscular. Doesn’t his face look cooler as well? 」


It’s the benefits of having all these skills.

I didn’t know the difference myself, and Yukari also said that my appearance hasn’t really changed, but apparently I look different in other people’s eyes.

In my conversation with the class girls, we didn’t touch the subject of what happened during this last year, but we exchanged information on the recent situations.

Of course this is all being done in Japanese, but even so, Mira and the two soldiers stood at the corner of the room without changing their facial expressions.

It’s a big difference compared to Turna, who gets impatient right away.

However, my good ears hear things that I shouldn’t be able to hear.

This is coming from the next room:


「So, why didn’t Yukari come back here after all? 」

「Looks like she was getting it on with Takuma. Even though they do it every day」

「Ah-I worried for nothing. With just one word she can go outside and play. And now, on top of being the only one who could enjoy life in a different world, she even found a man to go all lovey-dovey with? Isn’t that too much?!」

「Maa~ calm down. We’re only able to live here because of the money Yukari earns」

「Eh- shouldn’t that be the obvious thing to do? Actually, if I had her skills I would be earning way more, I’ve thought that girl is a bit slow in the head since a long time ago」

「Calm down, Aya」

「But, I can’t stand it that only that girl gets to be with the person she loves」

「I understand where you’re coming from, but there’s nothing we can do. The person I love is no longer in this world either」


That conversation was a dark one. I’ll be sick if I stay in this house.

Ma, I hope they won’t say those kinds of things to Yukari in her face.

Then the class president came before me with a smile.

「So yeah. If you are making money easily I would like you to spare us some; the life we’re living is quite severe」


Living in a beautiful house, wearing beautiful clothes, no problem from the look of their physiques.

There is no doubt that they live better than I do. Don’t flock at me, I won’t be swooned.


「Mira, do I have any money? 」

「There’s no such thing! 」

「That’s what I thought~」

The class president seems to have understood the conversation I just had with Mira, and she shows a face of disappointment.

「I see. Sorry for requesting the impossible. If making money becomes easy for you, please help us then」

「OkーI understand. But say, are you guys doing something right now to make money? 」

「Ehh? 」

「I said, what are you guys trying to do to earn money? 」


Yukari said that our friends are trying to earn money using the knowledge from Japan.

It’s been on my mind.


「Etto… We haven’t done anything」

「I see. Well, do your best. I’ll bring you guys some money if it becomes easy」

「Un. That’ll really help. It’s nice to have a boy to count on when in trouble」


Maa~ My income is zero though.

The “long time no see” conversation ended with a sort of heavy feeling. But, it’s no wonder they’re this way since they are just high school girls who got put in this world.

They will only be able to live by depending on someone.

Then, if they have dissatisfactions about someone, they’ll bash them.

The target of that was Yukari, but if Yukari is fine with this, then there are no problems.

It’s part of Yukari’s personality, it’s nothing to get upset over, that’s why I don’t mind it either.

If you really won’t let it go, at that time you will have a problem with me as well. Well, not 100%.

Now then, since Yukari isn’t here, I’ll finish up the conversation and leave.


「It sucks. It’s been very busy」

「I see. What kind of work does Takuma-kun do? 」

「I’m a ” lover”」

「lover? 」

「Thrust my hips with the old and the fatties, that kind of work」

「Ah…. Sorry about that」

「Don’t worry about it. Then, I’m leaving」


When they found out about my work, they all suddenly became quiet. Even a dumbass can see that change in their reactions.

Well, that would be the normal reaction though, I think?

At any rate, Yukari was keeping all kinds of secrets for me.


When I headed towards the carriage, several of them came to see me off with their kids.

The babies are fully attached to their chests.

After I got on the carriage, Mira came at me with curiosity.


「Was that good enough? 」

Certainly, the “long time no see” conversation was short.

「Everyone looked like they are doing okay, it’s plenty enough」

「Hm, I see… Then, you’re free now? 」

「Maa~ I guess so」

「How about paying my house a visit together? 」


Over there is a large mansion ten times bigger than the crappy houses that we visited earlier.

「Mira really is a daughter of good birth」

「We’re only in the middleclass of nobles. In the ranks of knights of Hime-sama, the magnitude of my authority, reputation, and assets are a little less than others. That’s why when you say I’m really a daughter of good birth, it makes me put on a bitter smile」

That’s just the others being too amazing.

「By the way, what implications does bringing your lover to meet your parents in this world have? 」

「…..Ho~ It’s a rule of the nobles to introduce the one you really love to your parents. Then, if it comes to consent, it will be the premise to a public marriage 」

Isn’t the order we’re doing things wrong then?

Mira continues:

「Well, I think I’ll introduce you as a friend today, then later on when my pregnancy comes to light I will have you explain it properly to them」

A father who doesn’t even know their daughter is pregnant will feel ashamed… Will I go through the same thorny path he’s going through today?

「I understand. It’s my responsibility for getting you pregnant. Let’s go」

「That’ll save me some trouble」


Our carriage stopped in front of the two luxurious mansions.

「You guys wait out here」


I grabbed Mira’s hand and stepped foot inside.



Mira and I passed through into the guest room.

Right now I feel like a fish on a cutting board.

「My father is a warrior-type man. Those he doesn’t like are cut down without mercy. Don’t act soft, and be straight forward with what you want to say」

「Oi, that’s the first time I heard of this. Tell me this beforehand」

「If I told you, you wouldn’t have come」

Don’t “you wouldn’t have come me!”, are you stupid?!

Then, the sounds of footsteps shake the house as it comes closer.


「Otou-sama is coming, straighten your back, bastard」

Why is his upper-body naked?

Garcia = Shusted

Hm, a baron.

Level 35. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s the highest level next to Yukari’s shishou.

And, his skills…

『Physical reinforcement II』 and 『Physical reinforcement III』

It’s my first time seeing those skills.

I would like to touch him to get these.

Then, Garcia coughed lightly to clear his throat, and Mira started to greet him.

「Otou-sama, it’s been a long time. Mira has returned home」


Garcia glares at Mira with sharp eyes.

「As a knight, you must never leave your master’s side!! Don’t tell me, you are showing your face here without permission?」

「Of course, I’ve got permission from Hime-sama. Currently, I’m unable to reveal the details as I’m on a top secret mission, but the return home trip this time is no doubt a part of it」

「Then, it’s alright」

Uh no, I want to go home.

「So, let me hear the purpose of today」

「*ha*, I’ve brought a friend to introduce to you」

「Ho~ you brought a man over…So? Who is this guy? Tell me」


Mira hits my foot with hers under the table. Is this where I introduce myself?


「M,My name is, Takuma Aimoto」

「Mira, you can ditch this guy. He’s lacking a manly spirit」

Fully denied so quickly.

「No… I’m just introducing a friend today… 」

「I can tell just by looking at your face. You fell in love with this guy. Furthermore, you guys have done it as well」


Is he an “ESPER” too?!

Mira.. is completely shaken.

Her dignified figure collapsed without leaving a trace, and transformed into “Bambi-chan” that is about to cry any minute now.

「Were you able to get a child? If you are getting a child, do you have trouble with the money you’ll need? 」

「O, Otou-sama, why? 」

「I understand just by looking at a face like that. You have the face of someone after they became a woman」

Mira is in a state of commotion like a newly born deer… but, calm down before your father, as our proposition is going just as we planned.

「Otou-sama, certainly what you were saying about this man was true, but he isn’t that bad either… 」

「Hoh….. Which part about him is not that bad? Please, do tell me」

「Ah, that…. wait, no, good parts….    his skills? 」


Oh yeah, Mira’s original objective was for the skills.

「Ah, nevermind. Being a man is all about body and guts. Here, let’s shake hands; Mira would want us to do that as well」

「O, Otou-sama, that’s too…. 」


Hehe, this is the kind of development I hoped for.

Although he has an arm so thick that I have never seen before, and his grip might be a little strong… But I’ll be getting two rare skills out of this, so it can’t be helped.


「Mira, I am a man too and I can do a handshake」

「T, This is going to be really bad, wait and don’t take it personally」

「What’s wrong, boy? Hurry and take your hand out」


I guess he’s left-handed. Why not? My left hand grip strength is at 45kg. It should be at a reasonable level combined with my skill 『Physical reinforcement I』. I should be able to endure it somehow and get his skills.


*Gucha* (crushing noise)


「That’s why I told you… 」

Fuck. D..Damnit. Something white is coming out.


I’m losing mana, but 『*Recover*』.

「Gahahaha, quite powerful for such a thin hand. But, being only at that level and you’re trying to take my daughter? Try agai….n. Huh, what’s with that hand?」

ufufu, even low recovery magic can heal that much. Magic sure can do it all.

Then, as I used recovery magic for my left, I put out my right hand.

My left hand had only 『Physical reinforcement I』

But now, my hands have both 『Physical reinforcement II』 and 『Physical reinforcement III』that I just got.

I have the advantage over this old man as I have 『Physical reinforcement I』as well.

And also, I’m right-handed and he’s left-handed.

My right hand grip strength is at a prideful 60kg.

With all these conditions met, I should be able to manage somehow. Skills are amazing.

On top of those, I also have 『Attack power up- small』, and 『Talent of Fist』. Although I’m not sure if this means anything.

I’m returning what was loaned out from my left hand with my right.


「Come, old-man. I am right-handed」

「Hohh~, I acknowledge your guts」

「Takuma…. otou-sama is also right handed… 」

I slowly lowered my right hand that I put out, but I was caught in a grip naturally.


「I’ll give you a real man’s handshake」

「….Sorry.. 」

「If you’re sorry then listen up and give it your all. I’ll go easy」


An old man with a face showing he’s already won.

This is a fight with my back against the wall; I’ll have no choice but to do it.

I grip with all my strength while feeling my skills activating one by one.


「Ohh, ohhhh. Mira, this is great. Amazing」

The sounds of our hands gripping tightly can be heard.

Then from tightly going to an extreme degree, old-man’s arms enlarged like a piece of log.


*Baki* (snapping noise)

With that sound, our handshake has ended.

Looks like he really went easy on me, letting me off with just one bone.

I endured it without letting out a sound. It’s more painful than before.. compared to before..


I don’t have much mana remaining, but 『*Recover*』

「Hohh.. You can use magic? 」


You didn’t notice from a little while ago?

「Otou-sama!! 」

「Ah, my bad. You’re right, do as you like」

「Ehh? 」

「It seems you have a sharp eye to find men who have more than meets the eye. Decide for yourself, I won’t complain」

「Is that really okay? 」

「I said it’s fine. Decide quickly before I change my mind」


It was a painful development.

Garcia got a maid to bring some alcohol, and began gulping it down.

Mira’s look in her eyes changed when she saw this, and grabbed me tightly by my wrist and pulled me.


「Hurry, we’re escaping」

「….Is he a bad drunk? 」

「And he’s weak to alcohol, hurry」


Mira and I left the Shusted house by escaping via the backyard.


From Mira’s expression with “the ice” melted, the level 1 seems to have completely fallen in love.

That guy seems to have finally understood the merits of her quality.

Your name is Melmo huh. I’m getting to know my friends name.

Hm? This guy has a skill? 『Physical reinforcement I』

Just like Nanami said, there may be a lot more skill wielders than expected.


「What are you going to do from this point on? 」

Mira’s gentle voice.

「Do you know the place Yukari’s at? 」

「Sorry, I haven’t got a clue to that extent. But, if you’re so worried, let’s go to the guild of magic」

「I’ll be relying on you」

「Guild of magic it is」



The horse carriage started up and headed towards our destination.



The guild of magic is a building like a tower built out of stones.

As we enter the guild, the guardian knights rushe up as they see Mira.


「Shusted-sama, thanks for your hard work」

「You guys as well. Is there anything unusual happening? 」

「No, there isn’t」

「Ok, guide us」


The knights straightened their backs with extra enthusiasm and shouted louder than normal .

Here is where I’ll rarely exercise my 『Genius』 skill. Ohh, I get it.

The main reason is because of that handshake devil she has looking over her behind her back, so the knights are being extra polite.

***” Are there some complaints about my daughter? Let’s shake hands on it”***

I would wet my pants too if he were to say that to me.

Maybe, the reason why Mira is  wicked enough to spit semen on people is also because of her parent’s influences.

Then, the knights and soldiers will give this type of response to anticipate it for later.

I’ll get the answer for this from Turna later.


I’m following behind Mira.

She talked to a magician-like person, and then, we arrived in this room.

There’s just a bit over a dozen of gems aligned in this room.

「This here is Yukari’s life gem」

「Ah, thank you. That’s good enough」

The old-grandma wizard leaves without replying to Mira.

The authority of the handshake devil seems to have no influence on her. It’s a vertically structured society. (hierarchy)

I look at Yukari’s life gem as the old grandma told.

「It’s bright red and beautiful」

「It’s the crystal that can tell whether Yukari-dono is dead or alive」


「In Yukari-dono’s body, there are stones that resonate with this. It’s a mechanism that will break the stone if her mana-circuit stops working」

「I see. Then, there’s no mistake that Yukari is definitely still alive」

「Ah. Do you feel relieved now? 」

「A bit. But, can the mechanisms of this world malfunction? 」

「Hm. There’s a possibility in the case of the magician being given a magic tool to block the flow of mana… Then, the gem would not break」

「Ho.. Then there can also be instances where the gem shatters when they are still alive? 」

「In extremely rare cases, yes」


I see.

But still, there’s one thing that I don’t understand.

「What’s that bundle of paper that’s placed behind it? 」

Document-like papers are placed behind every crystal.

Only at the place of Yukari’s there’s something like a handmade paper letter.


「That is their last will」


「The ones that directly fight against monsters are constantly put in dangerous situations. It is there that they keep their last will to their loved ones for when they die. Of course, I am also writing one myself. This time I’ll be writing my will directing it to you」

「Are there that many deaths? 」

「Knights have a high fatality rate. You can be happy to tears if you manage to survive three years as a knight. High ranking magicians on the other hand, I only see about one death per year. That’s why; my personal opinion is that she’s still alive」

If Mira says so, that’s probably how it is.

Even so, Yukari only has one piece of paper for her last will…And the letter is addressed to me…

Comparing to the amount of last wills the other people have, this is too little.

Maybe she hasn’t finished writing them yet, but when I think back to the situation of the house she lived at.. I don’t have a good feeling at all.

Well, if I really think about it, writing one wouldn’t help anyway.

There’s probably nothing you can do.


「If there’s anything strange happening, Turna should be contacting you in a few days」

「It’s going to take a few days? 」

「Because it’s a special duty type of work」


It’s the same in every world.

I complain, but it doesn’t change anything .


「It’s almost the evening」

「Shall we go home then? 」



We exit the tower, got on the carriage, and returned the way we came from.

Back in the room, I stopped Mira from undressing.


「Sorry, today is your period isn’t it? 」

「If you don’t want to do it, then say so, idiot」

「Sorry, I’m not really in the mood」

「No, it’s fine. I was just going to thank you for coming with me to my parent’s house. I’m not so lewd that I want to be fucked even when you’re not in the mood」


Eh? But she is lewd..? Well, whatever.

「Then, next time it is」

「Ah, but can I ask for a kiss please? I want to see the allure of this sweet taste in kissing soon」

As she wished, I give Mira a kiss and her face dyed red instantly as she tasted the sweet pleasure of kissing.

「That really helped. With this, I will no longer be made a fool of by Hime-sama and Turna. Up until now, I’ve argued that they were over exaggerating about kisses, but it looks like I was wrong」

「Somehow that sounds serious」

「No no, I’m having fun」

「I see. Nothing is better than getting along together」


I went to see Mira off while she’s all happy, then I waited for Yukari’s return again.

It was a long and quiet night.


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  1. whether Yukari dies or gets raped by the Brave Orc doesn’t really matter to me… nothing against her but storywise, MC needs an additional motivation/stimulation to renew his escape plan…. also, what am more interested in knowing is when MC will get his mana capacity increase . . . . having that many skills yet cannot utilize them . . .

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