Chapter 1

Nanari 1

Teleporting to another world with the whole class.

I was reading such a novel online.

A human drama with a mix of 40 different students and teachers, each person given a different skill of success. Meanwhile, the main character was given an unfortunate skill, but he still manages to pull everyone together and lead them with his wits. It was a wonderful fantasy story.

The ending? The main character becomes a god, brings everyone back to earth and have a happy ending. I too hope that I will get to such happy ending at the end.

Right now, my classmates and I are surrounded by soldiers with spears in this palace like hall.

A gray haired old man with a crown on his head resembling a king.

A blonde haired bishoujo, with another beautiful girl next to her so beautiful you could say they were identical.

Well, I guess that’s the king, the queen, and the princess.

In this group besides me, there’s still  no one who seems to understand the current situation, it’s a rough time.

Suddenly someone comes close to me.

Oda Yukari.

School’s number one beauty, neat-styled with long black hair.

Our relationship is something like a childhood friend and a classmate.

Her special characteristics would be her big tits, but she hates seeing them herself. Well, I was also damned because of that and now we’ve become a bit distanced.

「Nee~ what do you understand? 」

A very simple question, this is a conversation between people who were together for a long time in the past. Here’s a brief answer.

「”transferred to a different world”」

「Er, well… I thought so… I Still can’t believe it though… 」

「I know right… 」

I was overjoyed from talking with Yukari after it’s been such a long time.

Then, as I confirmed the people gathered near us, the great old man speaks out.

Loud words came out from the man.

「Do you understand what he’s saying? 」

「No idea]

That’s how it is. I am a bit nervous due to the difference between the fantasy world novels that I read I imagined a convenient translation magic tool which did not exists.

When the great old man was declaring a speech, a representative from our side stepped forward.

My Homeroom Teacher.

Fumio Ito

A hot blooded man with large physique who loves table tennis.

Bullying will never be forgiven. Definitely. That’s the slogan Ito sensei’s going with.

Ito sensei walks a step forward.

「Sorry, could you tell me where you lot came from and who you are? 」

Was it because it was loud? Was it useless to debate? Is there no human rights? Was it his fate to be killed anyway?

A spear strikes sensei’s stomach.


While fainting  his knees dropped to a splendid position for the head to be beheaded, one of the knights boldly walked over and readied the sword.

「Crap! That’s dangerous ! 」

「Kyaaa!!! WAIT!WAIT! 」

A female student starts making a fuss.

But her voice did not reach and sensei’s head danced in the air.

「..This is a dream, right? 」

「..This isn’t a dream」

I answered to Yukari’s dry voice as I witness the scene. He was a good teacher.

NamuNamu.( 南無南無)(Buddist prayer)

However, there are no emotion of anger to the knight as he grabs the teacher’s head and shows it to us. Because this is not our world.

「Is this going to happen to us too?」

I gently embrace the trembling Yukari. Thinking of this as a perk, I’m relatively relaxed.

Sensei’s dead body gets cleared up and next, the Yankee male is dragged out.

Yuya Naka.

Actually he’s just Yankee looking. He lives in a community-based liquor store as the next heir of the Naka Town Hotel and cleans the store every morning.

He began to cry,


Yukari was frightened and started clinging on to me. Her big tits hit me but I don’t mind at all.  I slouched forward a little, with plenty of room to spare. Ah, I can’t believe this situation is real.

The knight grabbed the Yankee by the hair and paused temporarily. The knight’s gaze heads over to a certain person’s face.

The princess-like person.

She peeps into some ball and shakes her head. At that moment, the Yankee’s head flew impressively and rolled over this way.

This is reality.

I was strangely convinced that it was the distance the head flew at was what’s important.

The Yankee’s eyes with a frightened expression moves in my eyes as it gazes towards Yukari.

I was glad that Yukari closed her eyes and did not have to witness the whole thing. The Yankee’s eyes gradually lost their light as he completely welcomed death.

Terrifying screams rise all around me.

Someone who couldn’t take it anymore kicked the head of the dead Yankee back to his corpse. Damn you.


Then, the third victim was chosen.

The class’s number one genius.

This genius is being dragged right now while leaking between his legs.

「H, He-Help m… 」

The girl he’s pleading to was driven to madness so she mercilessly  swept away his hands, then the knight’s gaze went to the princess, and the princess shakes her head.

There goes the life of our genius.

I drop to the ground as I mourn his death, Yukari also sits down next to me.

「Is it over…? Is it over…? 」

「It’s not over yet, keep your eyes closed」

「Un, please wake me up when it’s over」

That remark, do you think this is a dream..? But with eyes closed, ear plugged..

How awful this is.

After that, it was just like a working  line of operation.

Only the men were chosen.

Each time the princess shook her head, a life is harvested.

In the hall of this palace a sea of blood is being formed.

And the first one to pass the trial is an ikemen, (handsome guy).

Ogawa Takahiro.

If I’m not mistaken he has a quarter mix of Russian . Unlike the other boys, he is showing a rather manly side of himself. If you want to kill me, do it. I will not give in to anything. That’s the type of aura he’s transmitting. I wonder if that’s a good thing.

Turns out his life will not be harvested and he got taken away somewhere.

The surviving people reacted to this. Among them, the reaction of Sato Yoshifumi  was rather amazing.

「Yes! I see the way to survive! You can live if you show a strong heart! I will survive and build my  isekai harem!! 」

A scream shouts out.

It was a ground-shaking roar coming out from the knight .

Sato Yoshifumi stands up and taps his chest.

「Come, next is my turn」

「Stop otaku, you’re gonna die」

「Shut it, I’m going to have my cheat days debut here!! 」

What a dignified expression he’s wearing. What bloodshot eyes.

He starts to walk forward without a knight escorting him and looks at the face of the princess.

..And the princess shakes her head.

The face of the otaku at that moment, was one of sadness or something.

Even then with an expression as if saying, I will not give up.

「I am, a man to be this world’s hero」

At that moment, the head of a geek flew. Oh, I guess it was no use after all.

The remaining students including me, felt as if our souls were sucked out.

And then,  my turn came.

The only male who survived so far was the ikemen . Unfortunately I’ve been told by Yukari in the past that I was not a handsome man, so I probably aren’t.

While the dead bodies were carried out one by one, warm things start to flow from my crotch. I am being half dragged by the knight because I no longer have the strength to stand on my legs.

「Takuma kun.. You know, I have always really liked Takuma-kun」

I’m being confessed to in this situation..? No way.. that’s what I wanted to say. Before I knew it I was confessed to by a woman on my right clinging onto me. How happy would I be if it was Yukari.

Nope, Yukari’s consciousness  isn’t there. Well, most of the other girls are somewhat in a similar state so it can’t be helped.

I’m still alive and kicking but only because  I am learning to be strong like the ikemen. Kill me if you want to but I will not give in. I keep thinking like that as my body trembles.

When I stare at the princess as hard as I could, her eyes that are looking into the ball are refreshing like never before.

And then I nodded many times.

I nodded over and over again and clapped my hands. Then everyone around us started clapping their hands.

I was convinced that I somehow survived.  I felt the mood of the place brightening up.

「.. Is it ok to clap? 」

「.. for the time being I guess 」

And the girls of the class also join in to give applause , what is this..

In this atmosphere, I was being taken somewhere like the ikemen.

There was a prison.

With the ikemen as my neighbour .

「What happened to the other classmates? 」

「Everyone but me was not so fortunate」

「I see… What about the girls? 」

「I don’t know」

There are no guards in this iron prison. It doesn’t look like I can escape, but I can freely talk to my neighbour.

「What should we do from now on? 」

「Isn’t it that? fight a demon lord and become a hero? 」

The ikemen’s expression turns dark from my frivolous comment.


「It’s alright, it’s nothing that bad. It’s just a lot of my friends have died so I can’t be that cheerful like you」

Come to think of it you’re right. But I didn’t feel that way at all. I think the iron smell of blood and the agonizing screams fits our reality.

「I hope Yukari-chan is safe」

「Yeah, are you guys in a relationship? 」

「What’s with that all the sudden, well, we will be in the next class 」

「Good, in the next class」

「Ahh.. 」

It’s a well known fact that I like Yukari because it’s a well known fact that Yukari likes me.

The former is true, but the latter is misunderstanding. Well, we are two childhood friends who were always together before.

I had a good conversation with the ikemen and after that I just have to wait god knows how long..

A long time have passed.

The girls never passed by the prison. Were they all killed or were they taken to another place?

Hopefully they’ve gone back to Japan, but I feel that isn’t the case.

The ikemen is in the middle of his sleep, he is such a brave guy. I can’t imitate that.

There was movement.

There’s a girl with slave clothes bringing meals. She came in with a knight with keys and he let her in. There weren’t enough food to even fill the wooden tray she held in her hands. Two small pieces of bread with a little bowl of stew.

And then something was said which I didn’t understand at all.

But it was probably ok to guess the meaning and receive it.

She then gave me a smile and sat down in the prison. Hmm aren’t you going to go back out?

This girl in slave clothing is terribly thin, with long chestnut-colored hair to her shoulders, no gloss in the hair.

Her chest also looks to be in poor condition, you could see swollenness in different spots through the visible range of her body.

「You okay? 」

The girl gave a reaction to my words.

I know this reaction.

When you are being abused or severely bullied, your body reflexively tries to defend itself.

There’s swelling here and there, there’s definitely no mistake about it.

The girl looks at me with a somewhat innocent smile. Is her age around a junior high school student?

Something was being said to me but I knew it I can’t comprehend.

Somehow during the talking her stomach started rumbling, so I hand over the meal that I received from the girl.

The girl is perplexed at the situation.

Well, I suggest to her with a smile that I don’t have much of an appetite .

I wonder if I will upset her by mentioning a meal to a girl.

After all, everything is flattened to the point that I feel kind of sorry for her.

In this case, I will pat her head,  I’m used to handling my younger sister like this.

Next, it was the ikemen’s turn.

a 40 year old looking oba-san enters his cell.

She also brought a meal for him.

However, the ikemen was deep asleep.

The oba-san confirms that the knight is gone and she eats the meal just like that.


The girl is watching speechlessly.

Face shows a frightening expression

Body language saying “I’ll be okay”

Somehow, the girl calmed down after transmitting that message.

After that, I explained the situation to the ikemen after he woke up and  he didn’t mind.

That’s right.

I don’t care about eating right now.

The brightness of the stars could be seen from the window taking in the light.

It was night time.

I am worried about what happened to the girls from class , but there’s nothing I can do .

I fell asleep as I trembled in the corner of my cell.

It was something warm

That is, the temperature of the girl  who was together with me in the cell, I realize this as I regain my consciousness slowly.


The voice of the girl I heard before just before consciousness aroused.

That is, it took me few seconds to realize this was her name.

「Nanari, what are you doing? 」

With those words, she smiled.

And I began packing heat in my crotch.


Like this, you can get over the coldness of the night.

That’s what it felt like I was saying, as I hugged Nanari.

My head tells me this is something that I shouldn’t do, especially when it feels as If I’m cheating but surpassing the cold night seems more important.

Nanari takes my hand and put it between her legs.


This feels like we are doing something perverted but I understand this is simply seeking warmth.

“Is it warm?” Her face is probably asking something like that.

Then we stick together as close as possible.

A panting voice came from the cell next door.

My consciousness returns from that voice.

And the thing being reflected in my eyes was the ikemen getting sucked off by the oba-san.


The ikemen who is moaning like a woman.

After realizing that fact, Nanari smiled and I looked at her with a smile.

It seems that Nanari is also noticing.

Is the mouth of the oba-san crazily skilled?

The ikemen is trembling all over.

Then my crotch got a reaction.

Nanari  also noticed my swollen penis, she puts her hand on it and rubs it back and forth with her thumb.

Perhaps shes asking, 「Should I give you a blowjob? 」

I desperately shake my head.

Then Nanari, showing me a full smile.

I don’t want to, but if you want me to.. .huh

Then, the main event next door begins.

The ikemen who is getting ride on panting out “hiihii hiihii”

Nanari wonders for a moment, then her face turns red.

And I start to feel her getting wet, with me also having a massive hard on.

Entranced with Nanari  and taking warmth from each other I fall asleep.

Next Morning

I hugged Nanari till it got warmer.

The coldness in the morning was brutal. Nanari and I trembled through the whole night.

And our neighbours were playing until the morning.

During the warmer hours, a knight brought us our meals.

He was talking to Nanari about something.

I don’t know the content but Nanari was sadly nodding.

The amount of food in our meals were the same as yesterdays’.

It’s not quite enough for two people, and even for one is questionable.

However, as a Japanese we share the weights with each other when one is in trouble.

I split the bread with Nanari and eat it together dipping it in the stew.

That behaviour was unexpected for Nanari and she seemed happy about it.

Nanari’s smile is dazzling.

Sharing meals, and sharing the light coming in from our little window.

Then, I talk to Nanari.

「Nanari, Takuma」

First I pointed at Nanari, then myself.

My self introduction was simple and easily understood.

「Takuma, Takuma」

the name is continuously being said.

Unconsciously I broke a smile. Even though after all that’s happened.

Understanding the intentions to communicate, I will point to things and have Nanari teach me words.

「That is? 」


「Ro? 」


I will remember words of things that can be seen.

Nanari is also running out of patience.

Here’s when the obasan wakes up.

The ikemen is still sleeping like a pile of mud.

his penis is dripping sloppily.

「That is? 」




Again I learned a new word.

While I was doing that, the oba-san in the next cell found herself a meal that the knight placed.

Nanari is looking at this with a frown on her face.

The ikemen has not eaten anything since yesterday.  However, the oba-san is not even hesitating, she mercilessly puts it in her stomach.

She finishes the soup with a slurp, puts aside the empty dishes to try to destroy the evidence.

「I, am glad that I am paired up with Nanari」

When I said that in Japanese, it seems like she understood me.

「Nanari Also」

She said something to me like that, maybe.

There’s nothing to do in this prison.

So I talked a bunch with Nanari.

It comes second to memorize the words ,  I just wanted to talk to someone overall anyway.

And then the ikemen finally wakes up.

「Ah, so it wasn’t a dream」

「Yup, too bad」

「Did you learn anything new? 」

「Not a thing」

The ikemen shrugs his shoulders with disappointment.

And then he released a bad word.

「chi-  even when it’s like this I go hungry」

Now then, should I tell  him the oba-san ate his food..Ma~ i’ll let it go I guess

「Yeah, I’m hungry too」

I am getting hungry.

And when Nanari and the oba-san seems to be having a casual conversation, they caught an uneasy line of sight directed at them.

It’s scary when you don’t understand what people around you are saying. I also experienced this yesterday.

I patted the head of Nanari, adding a smile to her.

Nanari  is calm and kept her body close to mine.

「How nice, that’s really cute」

「That’s right」

「Over here I have an auntie, but on top of that yesterday… 」

Having an auntie is pitiful but maa, targets of a high school student shouldn’t be limited from age.

「But it felt good, didn’t it? 」

「Ugh, you don’t have to say it out loud」

「I understand, I will bring it with me to my grave」


Conversation with the ikemen will stop here, resuming conversation with Nanari.

Nanari is such a friendly child, healed me so much. Honestly, it’s way more fun to talk to her than the ikemen.

「Nanari Kawaii」


Nanari is also learning japanese.

How do I say it, even though our vocabulary is so limited, I feel our sense of closeness increasing.

「Noon is warm, this is nice isn’t it? 」


Too bad, this isn’t a convo. There’s more time so I will slowly memorize more words.

Lunch came when I was doing that. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting three meals a day so I’m pretty happy.

I divide the lunch in two portions for Nanari.


「Half? 」

「Yup, Half」

I mastered the word Half.

Suddenly a screech flew from our neighbours direction.

「Why you….spit on the food. You will regret this」

It’s the ikemen’s voice.

The oba-san is somewhat  trying to excuse herself, but the ikemen who is hungry to the max is completely snapping.

And yet, the oba-san did not care about the atmosphere and starts eating like a squirrel.

Nanari trembled at the scene. I saw it and understood. It’s been said that humans are similar to monkeys.

The ikemen kicks the oba-san’s stomach in anger. He’s in the soccer club, the power is no joke for  the oba-san to get attacked by it.

She was knocked down on her face on the ground, at that moment she finally understands the situation she’s in. Her facial expression completely changed, replaced by a rather frightened one.

「Hiiiiii, scary」

Nanari is scared.

In this conflict for food in a life and death situation, it seems to have ignited the fire in the ikemen, lighting up his human instinct to fight for survival.

He mounts on the oba-san and starts beating her face with his fists.

「Did you like forcing me yesterday huh? It was my first time, oraa」

*gotsu*gotsu*(whacking noises) sounds echoes in the prison, along with the sounds of a painful scream.

I came back to my senses.

「O.. Oii, have you forgotten about the situation we’re in? calm down」

「Shit, I really did it this time」

「Have you calmed down a bit? 」

「Sorry, I overdid it」

I wonder if the convulsing oba-san is still alive.

「Is she okay? 」

「U-n, She’s probably alive… but about the food that’s running out.. 」

I feel you.

Nanari seems to be relieved now that the dispute settled.

Now then, what will the ikemen do this time, this is an important phase.

I watched the flow of things as I start talking to Nanari again.

Nothing special happened, really.

If I must say anything, it would be Nanari pooping in a bucket in the corner of the cell?

That seems to be the toilet. When one does their business there, a knight comes and handles it with haste. I Appreciated that.

When the time came for me to do the same thing, I remembered the toilet. However there are no toilet paper and my ass gets itchy.

And then a magician that  drops by once a day comes to clean the entire prison with bubbles.

Nanari tells me, it’s cleaning magic. How convenient.

When cleaning was over, dinner comes.

The ikemen let go of the food incident but the amount of meal given were the same.

「fuu,  thank god」

「Ah, I was worried for a second」


I divided the food and ate with Nanari, while the ikemen ate alone.

The oba-san was sitting with a red swollen face. I guess she learned her lesson.

And then, the time to tremble in the cold came.

I hurried and brought my body close to Nanari. If I can’t keep my body temperature I’ll die.

The situation next door is a bit different compared to yesterday.

「Ora, stick your ass out more」


「Ora, Ora, Orarara」


The ikemen used the oba-san as a hole.

Maa, sounds about right.

Somehow I understood by thinking about this the whole day. Why, would you put a woman and a man in the same cell? It is for that exact purpose; sexual relief. Whether it’s for that or punishing the women, to get them pregnant.

Nanari was probably put in here for that exact reason as well.

Just maybe, the ikemen and I holds amazing skill inside us so they prepare us to become a couple to tie us down to this world…?

I will absolutely love my child when he/she come out.

If I had a child with Nanari… I was having too many virgin fantasies.

Now my dick is hard.

Nanari puts her hands around it like yesterday and rubs it the same way back and forth.

Ahh, that’s right.

Something like this happened yesterday, it wouldn’t be strange for the girl to be horny.

It’s almost as if we are animals they put in a zoo cage to mate. But it’s impossible to go against our instincts.

「I’m almost there, take it inside Oraa」

「Ah, A~h, AhHhh」

Hearing the voice of the ikemen and the oba san in their affairs got me nodding. Nanari showed a gentle smile and separated from me.

It looks like I am in trouble seeing the state of my school uniform pants.

I loosen my belt and take off my pants.

Then Nanari reveals a look of suprise.

「Big.. 」

Felt as if she was saying that.

Nanari then takes off my trunks, and grabbed it with her freezing hands.

It was the first time a girl has touched it directly, blood rushes to it and it got even bigger.

It stood up further as Nanari gently takes it out. Using the transparent liquid coming out of the head of my penis and dripping her saliva on it as lube she creates better movements.

Gradually increasing the speed. I was letting out my desires.

At that moment, Nanari  takes my manhood into her small mouth with a gokuri gokuri sound swallowing it down her throat. Then she slurped the tip of my penis with a smile and said


Hearing those words, I got hard again. I want to push Nanari down but remembering the bottom is made of cold stones, I lifted her by the waist and carried her around.

Nanari smiled and said some words that she could remember.

「I don’t mind」

It starts to drip between her slave clothes. I know that it’s a thing coming from Nanari’s private areas, so I slowly lower her body.

Minor adjustments were made by Nanari.

The creamy Nanari was warm and gave off a pleasant feel.

「First time? 」

I felt like being asked that.

I nod, Nanari then gives me a flirtatious look and suggestively moves her hips

she puts my finger in her mouth and I start humping her up and down and back and forth.

「I’m putting it in」

「Nfu, ok , come」

Nanari seems to be feeling good. She looks like a junior high student, but also full of experience with men.

Then Nanari felt me willfully pumping her and began to swing her waist to match me.

「A~ah, shit Ahh」

While I let out such a miserable voice, it reminded me of our neighbour from yesterday. But this feels way too good.

Nanari should  be cumming soon, I can feel the wall of her vagina swelling.

「A, Ah, Ahh, aHHH, AH AHHHHH」

Nanari’s waist movements stop, following by waves of violent convulsing. That made me explode with lust.

intense ejaculation sounds only can be heard by me and Nanari. She looks like she’s happy from the bottom of her heart, fully satisfied.

「We came together huh」

Nanari doesn’t reply to my words,  there are times that she doesn’t understand the words but her vagina is still convulsing and trembling.

I guess you can’t answer when drowning in pleasure.

It was cute, so my son grew harder again

Nanari  who’s been really feeling it, looks at me and shakes her head.

「No good? 」

Nanari seems to have understood those words, she shakes her head again in reply.

The virgin me, I don’t know what’s the right thing to do in this situation. so I will keep shaking my waist for now.

Nanari turns over at this moment.

Then, liquids shoot out from her crotch.

I see. This is squirting.

The me who was a virgin till a little while ago, this was the my first time seeing it, I am having fun moving my waist.

I came again.

However, Nanari seems serious  that she doesn’t wana do it anymore, panting with tears.

「AH,Ah, AHH, Ah, Ah,Ah,Ah Ah」

「I guess I better stop here, but that’s no fun」

It feels way too good.

Nanari couldn’t take it anymore, she collapses onto my chest clinging on. I don’t know if the splashing sound will happen if I fuck her from below all the sudden

We restart the piston action at that position.

Then, cumming for the third time I released into Nanari’s uterus. As I thought not much comes out the third time.

I was satisfied and I see Nanari’s angry now.

「Said No good! 」

I guess it will be bad if I say nothing.


「No good!! 」

「Did you hate the jizzing? pushing no good? 」

The face of Nanari turns red from understanding what I said.

Nanari was shaking her head in my chest and then repeated the one word she knew 「no good」

Ugh. I don’t get it.

Oh well, she doesn’t seem that angry and it felt good so I guess it’s all good.

I took my penis out of Nanari.


Nanari looks kind of lonely.

And my dick mercilessly came back alive.

Nanari deep kisses me with a smile that says unbelievable.

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  1. This first chapter is pretty interesting. I thought that the royal family were testing the two male students when they put a slave with each of the prisoners, but at the end I guess that’s not the case? I’m still used to the idea that the transported people become heroes in the different world. So far the cruel treatment to the transported people is somewhat similar to a novel called Your and My Asylum. Also, I’m curious as to how the female students were treated. If they have the same fate as the male students then that would be terrible. Thanks for translating this!

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