Don’t Mind Me


Flora moved her hands to the button at the side of her skirt while I was giving her a long stare.


She slowly unbuttoned the skirt without minding my constant gaze.


After her navy blue skirt slipped off, her round butt and white panties were exposed.


She’s someone who looks to have a slender body type, but the places on a woman that can stick out, like her boobs and butt, do stick out. But even so, areas like her waist and ankles are still slim; she truly has an ideal body type for a girl.


Normally, you don’t feel like she’s erotic at all from how ladylike she presents herself, but once she takes off her clothes she has things that can instantly charm all the guys. That contrast gets me so excited.




I unintentionally let out a sound when I saw her beautiful curves. Flora finished taking off her skirt at once and covered her panties with the hem of her blouse.


Her cute form of resistance made me smile. While I wished that she didn’t cover herself up, I’ll endure it since I’ll be seeing it again soon.


Or rather, the way she’s trying to hide her panties and thighs with that white blouse makes it feel much more sensational. It teases my imagination and makes me think about how she’ll look without anything on.




「Please don’t mind me」


Flora’s eyes got a little watery when I cut her off with a smile just when she wanted to say something.

I feel a little guilty for bullying her like that, but the desire of seeing Flora strip got the better of me.


After understanding that I’m not going to look away, she shyly moved her hands to the buttons of her blouse.


The way she slowly unbuttoned it as a form of resistance was only making it more entertaining for me.

I think slowly revealing the skin is more erotic than taking it off immediately.


Every time a button was unbuttoned, a part of her skin from her beautiful collar bone to her huge breasts was revealed.


Flora’s nicely shaped chest that has been imprisoned went *boing* as it shook in happiness from being released.


Maybe she could feel my gaze that was on her chest so she closed her eyes in shame.


She took a slow breath then she quickly unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on her blouse around her stomach, as if she thought it would be less embarrassing to get it over with that way.


After she took off the blouse that was covering her body in one go, her smooth, white skin and her mons pubis that was wrapped with her white panties became exposed.


I’m really excited to see Flora with so many openings that I normally don’t get to see. A sense of superiority surges out as the thought of me being the only one who gets to see such a sight crosses my mind.


「…Uu, if I knew this was going to happen, I would have chosen a better pair of underwear to wear」


She folded her blouse and skirt with a reddened face.


…If you have even better panties, then by all means, yes!


I feel like I can finally understand what Kurune said in the old days when she said that a woman’s underwear is like their lifeline. Certainly, it’s a weapon that can deal a lot of damage to a man’s heart.


「Uu… Start taking your clothes off too, Aldo-san!」


Flora told me in a loud voice while I kept staring at her when she only had her panties left on.


「I will—」


I answered her firmly that I didn’t want to yet.

That was because after seeing her naked body, I noticed that the thing in my groin area got hard.


It’s not that I’m embarrassed to show my naked body to Flora, but it would be a little shameful to have a huge hard on in front of her the moment I took my clothes off. It would be the same as telling her that I got excited while watching her strip.

Yeah, well, there’s not much I can do about that after seeing her figure.

But it would be embarrassing to let her see me this way after teasing her and staring at her like that.


「What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you don’t want to be seen naked anymore?」


She teased me with a playful smile when she sensed that something was up.


「No, that’s not it…」


「Then you would have no problem if I take them off for you!」


「Ahh, wait!」


Maybe it was because of the fact that she was down to her panties that she’s gotten braver, so she pulled my pants down in one go.

Then, my underwear that was really bulging came into sight.




Flora made a dumbfounded voice when she saw the bulge of my underwear.

The feeling of embarrassment that I felt was blown away by the feeling that attacked my cock.


She was touching all over my cock through my underwear.


Even though it was through fabric, it felt so good that my spine trembled.

From that extremely pleasant feeling, I felt my pre-cum leaking out.


「…Umm, is it getting even bigger?」




She smiled at me after I answered frankly to what she asked while she looked up at me.

…Somehow, I feel like I lost that one in the end.




I entered the bathing area together with Flora, who was really happy for some reason, with a hard on after I took off my pants.


The hot, white steam that was rising up from the hot water in the bath already filled the room.


The moonlight that was coming in from the window shined through the steam and reflected off the water’s surface, sparkling before our eyes.


It was a quiet and peaceful space where we could even hear the sounds of insects coming from outside.


Even so, my cock was not reading the mood and was rock hard.


I was watching Flora strip earlier and she even touched it innocently without any indecent motives.

She was naked next to me right now, and it reminded me of the things we did last night in here… This isn’t going to calm down anytime soon.


「Aldo-san, um…Am I going to service you today as well?」


Flora asked me such a thing when I was just at a loss about what to do.

Service probably means to help me ejaculate. What a modest and Flora-like way to put it.


「Ehh? But, aren’t you still in pain from last night?」


「Yeah. So s-sex is a no go but I can still service you!」


The way she stuttered trying to say sex was so cute.


I feel a bit guilty if I’m going to be the only one that’s going to feel good, but I decided to take her offer since my cock is reaching its limit. Or rather, after remembering the happy time from last night, I can’t possibly refuse if she offers.


「Well then, please do」


「Sure. Okay then, I’ll touch it」


When I nodded, she got on her knees with a bit of a nervous smile on her face.

Then, with her slender fingers, she touched my cock as if she was combing it back.

She stroked down the rod then up to the tip and back down.

My cock was twitching under a feeling of impatience but it was a really nice sensation.


「…Your thing is really warm. Moreover… it’s gotten really hard. Did you get excited after seeing my naked body?」




Flora laughed when I answered honestly.


「I’m a little embarrassed but that made me happy, since that means my body has charm」


I was already madly in love with her body in the first place though. Well, I guess there won’t be a need to show proof when she sees that my cock is like this.

You can misunderstand a person’s expressions, but there’s nothing to misunderstand down there.


Her small fingers stroked up my shaft and entangled my cock.

The pre-cum that my cock cried out lubed up her fingers and made them even smoother.


「Ah, some slimy things came out」


The pleasure doubled from that and I instinctively moaned as the tip of my cock was engulfed by this happy sensation.


「Does this hurt?」


Flora asked me after taking peeks at my expression. I wonder if I was making a weird face.


「No, it doesn’t hurt. Rather, this feels too good…」


「Does it feel even better if I do this?」


Flora focused on the tip after I answered her in a weak tone. She rubbed it with her fingertips and then she stimulated it further by rubbing it with her palm.


Each time she rubbed me I made a pathetic voice as shivers ran down my spine.


「Ehehe, this is a bit fun since you give cute reactions when I touch here」


Did she overcome the perverted stuff since last night? She seems to be more relaxed today. Normally I would counter attack here but I won’t because her vagina has to rest today. It feels a little frustrating to not be able to counter attack.


While paying attention to my reactions, her moist fingers crawled all over my cock.


Every time she stroked, the lewd sound of moist skin touching echoed in the bathroom.

When I looked down, I saw the way she was doing her best to stroke my cock.


Seeing such a beautiful woman like her stroking my cock made me really excited.

While having a red face, her abundant breasts shook every time she stroked it.


…If I’m not wrong… I think you can use a female’s breasts to please a cock, it should be called a paizuri.

I wonder if it feels good to have your cock sandwiched between a woman’s breasts.


Yeah, it will definitely feel really good if it was sandwiched by Flora’s soft and elastic breasts. I started to get a little interested.




「Is it coming?」


She looked up at me and asked that after she heard me calling her name.


「Ah, no, not that. But there’s something I’d like you to do, is that okay?」


「Is it with my mouth?」


Perhaps it was because of last night, she immediately followed up and put the tip of my cock into her mouth.

I was enveloped in her warm mouth and thought it was nice for a moment but that wasn’t what I wanted.


「…Ugh! No, that’s not it. I wanted you to give me a paizuri」


「…*Slurp*…What’s a paizuri?」


She took my cock out of her mouth and asked me while tilting her head in curiosity.





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