The Female Wizard, Kurune


After showing the deer off to the village kids on the way as usual, I parted with Kyle and Loren-san and returned home.


I took a peek at the field of my house to make sure of something after I stored the deer away in the storage house.

There, I saw Flora working on the field just as I expected.


I knew that she wasn’t aware of me since her back was facing me, so I kept my presence hidden while I approached her from behind.


「Guess whooo~?」


「Woah?! Aldo-san?! Kyaaa~」


When I covered her eyes with my hands, she tried to stand up as she raised her voice in surprise.


But because she had been crouching down for a long time to work on the fields, her legs did not respond well and she fell backwards.


Since I was also in the same state of having crouched for a long period of time, I fell back on my ass when Flora’s weight was suddenly pushed onto me.


「Ah! The crops!」


「No worries. There are no crops behind me」


The moment I fell back, Flora let out an angry voice like she was worried about the crops, but everything was fine.


There was only soil behind me since the line of crops ended before the end of the ridge.


She sighed in relief as she came to realize the situation.


「…Mouu, you almost gave me a heart attack」


While we’re in the situation of her back leaning on me, she looked up at me with reddened cheeks.


「Ahaha, my bad. I wanted to see what you look like when you’re surprised」


In actuality, her reaction was funnier than what I expected.


「Not fair, I want to see what you look like when you’re surprised as well」


When I laughed out in a burst as if I remembered something, Flora poked at my cheek as she pouted.


Before, when I was working in the field, she tried to sneak up and take me by surprise but she had never been successful at it.


She seems to be feeling dissatisfied about it.


Even if I were to just flatter her, she isn’t good at hiding her presence at all when she sneaks up on someone.


Since I’d notice her no matter what, even if I tried to pretend that I didn’t, it would still be hard to act legitimately surprised.


I hope she’ll be satisfied and be behave like a good girl after poking or pulling my cheeks.


「Can we stay like this for a bit since my legs are a little tired?」


「Un, sure」


I slightly moved her upper body up a bit so she can have an easier time leaning on me.


A scent of gentle flowers tickled my nostrils probably because her back was so close to me.


Although it was a smell that I like to sniff, the scent makes me feel at ease when I smell it.


I instinctively took a deep breath and seemed to have tickled Flora.


「I-I’m sweating right now so please don’t take such a big sniff…」


「You don’t smell bad at all. Rather, I’d prefer to smell this nice scent all the time. But I wonder if my body smells like sweat right now though?」


Oh no, I’m feeling self-conscious after realizing it again. Maybe I’m sweaty right now since I’ve been hunting in the mountains during the day. I even did the bloodletting of the deer, so I might even smell like blood.


「No, I don’t mind because I like the scent of your sweat」


Doesn’t the sweat of a man stink? That kind of worries me but from what I can see, Flora seems to not mind.


Well, I also like her scent, so I decided to stay in the same position since she also seemed to feel the same. It makes me happy when we’re having such close body contact.


The soft floating clouds were leisurely swimming in the sky.


While the hot sunlight shined on us, the occasional breeze that ran across my skin felt really nice.


The crops of the field were also swaying happily with a *za zaa* sound as the wind blew.


「This field has really gotten big, hasn’t it?」


「The two of us worked hard on this」


Our field has gotten so much bigger than before ever since we started working on it casually after we started living together.


We plucked the weeds together and planted new crops.


Now they’ve sprouted and were all quickly growing.


The unmanageable places within the newly cultivated field have been left for growing vegetables in the fall. This way, we would be able to harvest something year-round.


I realized yet again that I’ve been working with farmers all year long.


The radishes, carrots, green beans, shails and other leafy vegetables that I’ve first planted were all rapidly growing.


「It looks like we can harvest the carrots and green beans soon」


「Yes, we’ll be able to do so in another two weeks! Then I’m looking forward to the shails and the other leafy vegetables a week after that! After that, we’ll be able to plant more things once that’s over!」


I stroked Flora’s head as she cutely smiled in joy.


She becomes more talkative than usual when it comes to planting crops. She really loves that kind of thing.


「Time has really flown by. We will already be going into fall by the time we harvest the shales and vegetables」


It was spring when I first arrived here.


And before I noticed, summer is almost over already as we go into fall.


Living here in this calmness and fun really makes time fly by before you could realize it.


Just when I was feeling sentimental, Flora’s body started to fidget in my arms.


I looked down at her as I wondered what’s up, then I saw her looking up at me with a passionate gaze.


Then, she looked away from me bashfully and started to mumble something.


「U-um, at the harvest festival we’ll be…」


「We’ll become a married couple」


I smiled as I finished off what Flora was going to say




Flora muttered in a genuinely happy voice.


I gently put my hands on her body and turned her around.

Then, I hugged her tightly to answer her.


I closed my eyes to feel the warmth of her body.


「…Hey, is it about time yet? I thought that I should wait a bit but it looked like you two would be going on forever if I did…」


Suddenly, Aisha’s uncomfortable voice came from behind us.


I didn’t even notice her because I was so captivated by Flora.


「Ahhhh! A-Aisha?!」


Flora tried to quickly stand up in embarrassment when she realized that Aisha had been watching her.


Ah, but because she was trying to forcefully stand up from her position, she fell back into me again.


I gently caught her since I knew that she won’t be able to stand up while being so impatient.


「Oh, welcome back into my arms」


「I’m backk~ –wait, no! We’re in public right now!」


Still, she sounded quite lively when she said that.


After she stood up with flushed cheeks, I also slowly got my ass off the ground and wiped the soil off myself.


Then, Aisha made a deep sigh after taking a look at us.


Weird, usually she would be all happy seeing Flora like this and tease her, but she was being serious today.


「I don’t mind you getting all chummy in front of me, but a visitor is looking at you right now, you know?」


Aisha turned around as she said that.


There was a tree where she was looking at. Next to it, there was a girl looking at us with a stupefied expression.


Brown colored hair tied in a ponytail, and she was wearing a cloak that resembled an outsider.


Under her mantle was a pair of short pants made of nice materials. From there, her legs extended to her boots. While holding a long staff in her hands, she had the textbook image of a female wizard.


She did not look like someone from this calm and peaceful village, but she was someone who I knew very well.


She was a member of the party “Black Silver” where I once used to be the leader of.


The female wizard named Kurune.




29 thoughts on “AARASL 70

    1. I’m sure there will be a few important interactions and maybe a r18 scene or two. I’m sure we’ll also see more of Kurune’s journey. *shrug*


    1. In contrary, I want it to be a harem. A homely wife and a working wife, and they both deeply love him.

      Sure, if it’s a generic harem story where “stranger women found MC→ shit happened→ harem ensues”, then I won’t support it.
      But here we have both women who are fond of him. The MC himself is more than capable to support all three of them.

      Considering the previous arc where he need 50++ chapters just to courted Flora, then I hope author will slowly explain the process of him courting Kurune. Maybe 20++ should be enough.
      As long as they have a proper step-by-step, I don’t mind if it turns into a harem.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I predicted Kurune would meet Aldous while he is being lovey-dovey with Flora like this.. too bad it was Aisha instead 😅


      1. nah, filler is defined by the genre its in
        in an action story, the slow moments are filler
        in a slow life story, action moments are filler


    1. Sorry for the late reply.

      No, it’s not dropped. My last release for AARASL was 3 weeks ago. I’ve been busy irl and with some other projects so my releases are slow… Sorry about that and I’ll try to get back to weekly release ASAP


  2. Aku tidak menerima ada nya harem.. tetap lah flora jadi istri nya tidak menerima yang lain… jika cerita ini jadi harem aku akan sangat kecewa..


  3. ffs plz don’t turn this in a harem story plz cuz i just hate harem stories for some reason and flora and aldo are such a cute couple would hate it if it turned in harem at this point.


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