A Suspicious Pair


The next morning


When I suddenly came to my senses, I felt a soft sensation and weight on my body.

Oh how soft and nice this feels.


While still being half conscious, I put my arms around that soft warmness to enjoy that feeling some more.


This feels much warmer and meatier than a pillow. Just what is this?




When I opened my eyes a little, I saw Flora laying there on my chest as she slept soundly.


I opened my eyes wide in surprise as I looked at her innocent expression.


Why is Flora sleeping on my chest while naked?


I remember Flora getting sleepy when we were in the bath last night so I brought her into the bedroom after I carefully wiped our bodies. Then, I remember lying down and feeling sleepy as well, but I don’t remember her sleeping on me.


Did she cling onto me while she was sleeping? Or was I the one who started hugging her in my sleep? I don’t know which one it is but since I can see her sleeping face up close like this, I’ll stay like this for a little longer.


Her nicely-shaped eyebrows, long eyelashes, porcelain-like skin, and plump, pink-colored lips; they’re all so beautiful.


Only her peaceful sleeping sounds could be heard in this bedroom as the morning sunlight shined through the window, making her long, blonde colored hair shine brightly like a sunflower.


Ahaha, maybe because she wasn’t able to dry her hair completely last night, she has a little bit of a bedhead.

Even though her hair looked smooth as always, there were some hairs jumping out from place to place.


I brushed those hairs with my left hand to straighten them back out for her.


「….Mmmnnn, nnn」


Perhaps she felt me brushing her hair, as her long eyelashes lifted up and her jade colored eyes slowly opened. Her eyes have a smooth tint and emerald like transparent feeling to them.


They’re like a glittering piece of art.


「Did I wake you up?」


「…Good monning, Aldo-san」


When I called out to her while admiring her beautiful eyes, she replied to me while fumbling her words.


She’s awake but she hasn’t completely woken up yet.


「Ohh, it’s warm」


With a small yawn, Flora buried her face in my chest just like that.

Her smooth cheeks rubbed my chest as her silky hair touched my skin.


It’s tickling me a bit, but it feels nice.


「Do you want to sleep some more then?」




Flora answered in a voice that sounded sweeter than usual when I asked her in a gentle voice.


From there, her calm breathing started to hit my chest after she decided to go back to sleep again.


This side of Flora was more childlike than usual so I brushed her head with my left hand like I was doting on a child.




We passed some time silently as we felt each other’s body warmth.


Then, right when I thought of entering the dream world again and was about to close my eyes, Flora’s eyes suddenly opened.


She’s already waking up again? As that thought came to my mind, she looked up at me with a really flushed face and ears.




She tried to get up as she let out a loud voice.  


Her huge breasts shook in my vision….What a stimulating sight in the morning.


After she checked her own body with repeated touches to herself, she quickly crawled to the basket and got a towel to cover herself with.


「W-why was I on top of you?!」


「Hmm…It’s either your sleeping habit or mine. But when I brought you out of the bath to the bed you were sound asleep」


Hm, I think I sleep without moving around though? In my adventurer days, I needed to be able to fall asleep no matter where I was, so sometimes I even slept in a tree. Kiel and Elliot have also said before that I was such a still sleeper.


「…Sorry, it was probably me. I’m used to grabbing onto something when I sleep, and I think I remember grabbing onto you」


Flora said bashfully with a smile on her face just when I was thinking about it.


「It’s not like I mind. It’s nice to sleep while cuddling and I got to see your sleeping face first thing when I woke up」


「Ahh! That’s not fair! I want to see your sleeping face too!」


Flora continuously hit my chest as she protested


Then we looked at each other and laughed.


I wonder what it is. I don’t know why but we feel like we’re so happy. Am I taken by her smile? Or is she taken by mine? I can’t tell but one thing for certain is that we’re having lots of fun.


After laughing for a while, I hugged Flora with a change of mood.


「…Is it okay to stay like this for a bit longer?」


「…Un. I want to stay like this for a bit longer as well」


We passed some comfortable time like this while we felt each other’s heartbeats.


After that, Flora yelled out in embarrassment again after she realized that I was the one who wiped her body dry last night.




I sweated a lot while we cuddled with each other during our sleep in the bedroom because it’s summer.


By reusing the leftover water from yesterday’s bath, we washed away our sweat.


Then, we decided to organize our belongings and clean up the house after eating breakfast.


Flora organized her own stuff attentively while seemingly paying attention to match the furniture that we already have in the house.


As for me, since I felt like I have been slacking off lately, I decided to be the one who’ll clean up the place.


Unlike before, since Flora is living here now, I don’t know when Ergys-san and Fiona-san will come visit, so I have to properly keep this place clean.


I headed to the river nearby to get some water.


When I came back through a tunnel of green trees, I saw a man and woman standing there in front of my house.


There’s no mistake about it. It’s Toack and Aisha.


Toack was wearing a short sleeve shirt with long pants as usual. Aisha doesn’t have work today huh? Today she’s wearing a half sleeve one piece dress with long pants under it.


So? What are they doing in front of my house?


「…Say, Do you think they settled down yet?」


「It looks like they had a talk with Flora’s family, and I see that they transported their luggage here. I think they should be free right now, no?」


「That’s not how it goes! That pure hearted couple just got together you know? They obviously did it at night but they might be doing it again in the morning!」


「You! You should be a little less vulgar. However…that might actually be the case…」


What are you guys saying in front of a person’s house…


「Hey, stop peeking」


「Hey, you stop peeking」


While I was staring at them, Toack and Aisha both said the same thing to each other.


Then, the two of them glared at each other.


「You dumbass. What would you do if they are in the middle of it right now? How would Flora recover if she finds out that she was seen by someone other than me?!」


「What are you saying?! What are you trying to see even though you’re a virgin? The one who said to stop being so vulgar was you」


Why do they think me and Flora are doing it in the morning? Do they not think that we would just spend the morning normally?


Well, since I was a bit horny in the morning, I can’t say we won’t do it in the morning in the future, but not today at least.


If this keeps going it will cause a serious misunderstanding, so I’ll call out to them here.


「Ay, you guys…What are you doing?」


When I called out to them from behind, their bodies flinched.


「Yo!! Aldo! The weather sure is nice today!」


「Yea, you’re right! A warm day like today makes my throat dry」


They both have a smile on their face as if they weren’t having a dirty conversation just a second ago.


Nevertheless, it seems that they’re here because of a simple suggestion of Aisha’s. Basically, to go have tea at my house.


Although I would like to have a word with them about the conversation they were just having, it seems like there’s no point in doing that.


「Yea yea, come in for the time being. Oh, hold on a second first」


「No, it’s fine, I can open it」


When I got close to the entrance to open the door, Aisha stopped me with a mischievous smile.


She must have felt that I could not open the door while holding a bucket of water so she wanted to get it in my place.


But when I got a feeling like she was up to something, she started knocking on the door.




Before long, Flora’s voice came from inside the house and the door opened.


「Ohh! Aisha and Toack-san」


「Ufufu, you’re like a proper wife getting the door now, aren’t you?」


Aisha teased Flora who looked surprised after opening the door with a grin on her face.


I see, so that’s what she wanted to do.


「Mou, stop teasing me. We’re not getting married until the harvest festival this year, so it’s still too early to call me someone’s wife」


Flora replied to Aisha with a smile that was mixed with bashfulness and happiness.


「…When I see you speak so fondly of your relationship, it makes me feel like everything was a lie when you were crying to me not too long ago about not having courage and how you couldn’t confess to…」


「H-hey! Aisha!」


Flora covered Aisha’s mouth with her hands in a panic while Aisha was sounding deeply touched.


「Well, whatever. It feels like we’re always standing at the entrance talking. Let’s go in」


「Yeah. I want to hear about how Aldo and Flora got together. Let’s talk about it in detail」


Ahh…Am I going to get teased by Toack as well…?





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  1. I legit did not notice you skipped ahead to chapter 70 previously and just now realized since his previous party member disappeared out of thin air here.


    1. Oh yeah, I’m catching up on the missing chapters now before continuing.

      I accidently skipped like 10-15~ chapters a few month ago because you know how sometimes I just don’t work on this story for a month so when I first resumed I forgot where I left off and didn’t realize til a few releases later since everything made sense still plot wise bcus it’s slow life.

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  2. Still left on that cliffhanger for now I guess. Though It’s all good. This series always puts a silly grin on my face.


  3. “「It’s not like I mind. It’s nice to sleep while cuddling and I got to see your sleeping face first thing when I woke up」

    「Ahh! That’s not fair! I want to see your sleeping face too!」”

    Gib me your problems ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


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