Her Peaceful Sleeping Face


「Ehhh? My breasts? You want to me to sandwich your thing with them?」


Flora was surprised when I explained to her how a paizuri works.


Well, it’s understandable. I mean, just who the heck came up with the idea to sandwich their cock in between a woman’s breasts? The one who thought of it must have had quite the creative mind.


「Do you not want to?」


「…No, it’s not that I mind, but will it really feel good for you like that?」


Flora asked me with a somewhat confused look.


「I don’t know since I’ve never done it because it was my first time yesterday. But that’s why I want to try it」


「Ah, right. Okay then, I’ll give it a try for a bit」


After she was convinced by my words, she moved up even closer to me with a happy look on her face.


Then, she put her hands on her tremendously huge breasts and brought them close to my cock.


Wow. The sight of her holding her giant breasts up is a magnificent scene. It would definitely feel good being squeezed inside that deep valley.


While I was looking at her bringing her chest out, she suddenly stopped moving.

I looked at her as I wondered why. Then, Flora’s face turned red and said,


「…Ummm…this… This is really embarrassing…」


It looks like she got embarrassed the moment she tried to sandwich it with her breasts.


What a tease.


My cock was twitching from loneliness as it saw the breasts in front of it but couldn’t be squeezed in them.


「Please. I’ll let you touch my muscles however you like later」


It’s not like I care about having my muscles touched, but I think this could make her less embarrassed if I ask her like that.


「Uu, I-I got it. Okay, I’ll do it」


And so, Flora accepted it nicely.


She held her breasts and got in close contact with my cock in between. Then, she pushed her breasts inwards and squeezed it with them.




The feeling of her soft breasts came surging from both sides of my cock. Flora’s moist skin and body temperature brought a comforting sensation to it.

Although there isn’t a strong feeling of stimulation like when she was giving me a hand job, it was still very comfortable being enveloped in her breasts

It makes me want to have it like this forever.


「…Ah, it’s hot between my breasts」


Nothing makes me more excited than seeing my own cock being sandwiched between her breasts.


「Am I doing it right?」


「Yeah, that should be it」


「Does it feel good?」


「Yeah. It feels really good being wrapped in your soft breasts. It’s so good that I wish this would last forever」


That’s how I answered, but Flora faintly smiled as if she didn’t know how to respond to that.


I’m glad that she didn’t really dislike it though.


「Do I just start rubbing it with my breasts like this?」


「Yeah, try squeezing it harder, go up and down, and try going at different speed is fine too」


When she heard the suggestions I made with my superficial knowledge, Flora started to move her breasts with her hands in a rubbing motion.

A soft sensation attacked me from all directions. Pre-cum started to drip as my cock cried in happiness from the pressure of her breasts.


「Ahhh, no getting away」


My erect dick slipped out of her breasts for a second, but she secured it back in after.


From there, she rubbed her breasts on my cock repeatedly back and forth, stimulating it continuously.


Ughh, what a soft and comfortable feeling.


Just seeing my cock poking out of her breasts here and there was getting me so excited.


「Ah, a lot of slimy stuff is coming out. It’s trembling as well. Aldo-san, does it feel good?」


「Y-yeah. It feels nice to have your breasts all over it」


After I replied so, Flora further increased the pressure happily by squeezing her breasts on my cock even harder. Every time her boobs released the pressure, my cock continued to leak out slimy pre-cum.


Then, she stopped the smothering movements and started to go up and down to please my cock.




My slippery cock was going up and down between Flora’s breasts.


It advanced as it pushed aside the soft skin of her breasts. But still, it felt really good as it rubbed through her elastic skin.


There was a big difference from just being smothered by her breasts. I could feel the entirety of the softness of her breasts attending to my cock like this.


Due to the pre-cum that had been leaking out of the tip, the stimulation was increasing rapidly from the slipperiness.


The lewd sounds of our slippery skin touching and the sound of her breathing invaded my ears.


My cock got even harder from feeling so good that I started moving my hips up and down in unison to Flora’s movements without realizing it.


Her nicely shaped breasts shook every time my thighs touched them.


「…Nmm…ah, it got harder again」


「…Your nipples are hard too, Flora」


「T-that’s because you’re doing such lewd things to me」


Flora protested as she looked up at me with the pink colored buds of her breasts pointing out.


Then, she accelerated the speed of the up and down motion as if she was trying to rub away her shame.

The pressure increased as she squeezed her breasts that were becoming more lubed tighter on my cock.


「Ughh, I can’t hold back if you do it that!」


As the stimulation intensified in one go, my desire to ejaculate also rose suddenly.


「It’s alright! Let it out on my breasts!」


「Uuuggu! I’m cumming!」


*Spurrtt! Spurrrrrrt!*


Semen shot out of my cock. With an unrelenting momentum, it flew all over Flora’s face and neck in this position.


「Kyaa! Hot!」


She was surprised by the semen I shot out, but she continued to massage my cock with her breasts.

Semen from deeper inside of my cock continued to come out as she squeezed her soft breasts on it.


My spine trembled as I let out everything that I’ve been accumulating.


It felt super good.


My cock continued to spew out semen on her breasts while I was entranced by this feeling.


Since Flora was holding up her breasts with her hands, the semen did not escape and started to form a pool of white liquid on them.




When my ejaculation finished, Flora slowly released my cock from her breasts.


Her cleavage was covered fully in my cum. Even I was shocked when I saw the amount I let out.


So I let out this much…




The semen that was overflowing from her breasts started to drip down her body.


The look of her beautiful face and neck dirtied by my cum was a really sparkling, lewd scene.


Flora, who seemed to have been carried away in her enthusiasm, was looking at my cock with an ecstatic expression on her face.


Then, she opened her small, pink lips and put the tip of my cock in her mouth.




Semen spurted out of my cock again when I felt her soft and wet lips on it.

She sucked up all the remaining semen with slurping sounds.


Since I was sensitive because I just came, I moaned out in a pathetic voice as I let her do what she wanted.


「*Slruuuru, sluruuru*」


She carefully licked the tip before moving on to the shaft.

After she cleaned all the cum off my cock, she took her mouth off of it with a “puhaa

Then, she licked the semen around her mouth and smiled at me.


「Hehehe, did it feel good?」


「Yeah, really good. Thank you, Flora」





After we finished washing our bodies, we were soaking our bodies in the hot water.


「Haaa-, it’s nice to have a bath after all」


Flora said with an enchanted expression. Her voice echoed because the bathing area was enclosed by walls.


The way her skin was moist from the hot water and how her blonde hair was sticking to it was very erotic.


「Yeah. It feels so refreshing to have a bath after a sweat. It’s a must have in the summertime」


「I would be extremely grateful to be able to take a bath every day in this hot weather season. My skin gets sticky after I sweat and I care about the smell too」


Even though having sticky skin would make a man uncomfortable as well, for women who generally cared more about grooming themselves, being able to take a bath every day would make them real happy.


Flora scooped up some water with her hand happily.


In this bathroom, where only the sound of water flowing and our quiet breathing took place, we were going through a peaceful and comfortable period of time.


I rested my head on the edge of the bathtub and stretched out my arms. The bathtub in here is big enough that even with one person stretching themselves out in a 大 shape, it won’t feel cramped.


As I thought, it was a good idea to have chosen a home with a big bathing area. I’m thankful to her that I was able to move in here without problems, and thankful to the past owner for being a person who liked baths.


I looked out to the sky as I surrendered my body to the water as if I was trying to float.


A beautiful starry sky was visible from the window, with a crescent moon that was emitting a pale light.


It calms me down by just looking at it.


「*Haaa*- it feels like I’m floating in the hot water as all my strength leaves my body-」


While I was muttering that out with half-closed eyes, I felt something wet touching my right arm.


When I looked in that direction, I saw Flora touching all over my right arm.


It looks like she was feeling up my muscles. Well, I did promise to let her touch me however she liked and it’s not like I particularly dislike that.


I relaxed myself in the hot bath as I enjoyed the feeling of her soft hands touching me. Every time she moved, ripples formed on the water’s surface as I felt a pleasant feeling.




She kept touching my right arm silently. She seemed to be interested in my biceps right now as she eagerly felt me up.


As I thought, it’s ticklish when she touches me that much.




「Woah! It’s really hard! Let me touch it for a bit longer please!」


When I playfully flexed a bit, she touched it happily.


The way she was touching me was a bit lewd. The way she talked also made it sound like she wanted to touch my cock.


「Um, can I touch your body next?」




When I answered with a nod, she moved in front of me and started touching my chest and abdominal muscles.


Before, she was touching with just her index finger, but this time she was fully using her hands happily.


…What is this, I wonder? My entire body feels really uneasy.


The way I’m being touched by a stark naked beauty like this…it’s almost as if she was tempting me.


「…Um, Flora-san. Isn’t the way you’re moving your hands kind of perverted ?」


「Not at all. Moreover, weren’t you the one who said that I could touch you however I liked?」


Flora replied with a bright smile as her eyes shined with excitement.

Her arms moved from my chest to abs then back to my chest again.

Then, her supple fingers extended to my pectoral muscles and under my arm.


「H-hey, you’re tickling me」


「Hahahha, sorry. Your reaction is so cute, Aldo-san」


Flora laughed when she saw the agonizing look on my face.


I’ll definitely get her back next time when we get it on in bed, and it’ll be much more lewd than the way she’s moving her hands right now.

It might be fun to tease her as I run my hands all over her soft skin.


「…Is it just me or were you thinking about something evil just now?」


「…It’s just your imagination」


Flora might have a good sense of intuition.

While thinking of such a thing, she cuddled up against me this time.


At the same time I felt her soft skin touch the center of my upper body, I felt her comfortable weight on me.


Especially the feeling of her breasts that were pressing against my chest, they felt wonderful and soft as their shapes changed.


「You really like muscles, huh?」


「Mouu, it’s not just because I like muscles that I’m hugging you like this! I’m doing it because it makes me feel safe to have your body wrapped around me!」


Flora replied with a pout when I questioned her with a bitter smile.


「Moreover, rather than liking muscles, it’s more like I like the feeling of you hugging me. I couldn’t forget the way you hugged me in the past… It was so powerful and it made me feel really protected」


I accidently made Flora say the unexpected reason she had behind it.


I see. She was reminiscing about how I hugged her in the past.

I’m happy to be the one who has her unchanging strong feelings.


「Flora, you’re quite a pampered child, aren’t you?」


「Y-yup. I want to be spoiled by you!」


When I teased her to divert the embarrassment I was feeling, Flora answered me with reddened cheeks.

Then, she also leaned her face against my chest as if she wanted to hide her embarrassment as well.


Every time her body moved on my chest, I could feel her soft, abundant breasts change shape.


I know that she’s feeling embarrassed, but I wish she didn’t move so much.


No matter how much I cummed earlier, if this keeps up my cock will get up again.




Or it was already too late. My cock has already become big again.

It poked at her stomach and a surprised voice leaked out of her mouth.


「Do you want to cum again?」


Flora asked me as she looked up at me, but I slowly shook my head.


「No, it’s fine. Right now I want to enjoy the cuddling time with you」


It would be nice to go for another round, but I just want to slowly cuddle with her right now.


I want to pass some time while feeling each other’s body temperature like this. That’s how I really feel right now.


Perhaps she was thinking of the same thing as well, she smiled happily at me..


「Tell me if you can’t hold it in anymore, I don’t mind servicing you again, okay?」


「Sure, thanks」


I replied with a nod, then she leaned her face on my chest again.

Her sweet scent and the scent of the soap tickled my nostrils.


In this bathroom that was filled with tranquility, only our breathing could be heard.

I wrapped my arm around her back as if I was confirming that she was really there and gently stroked it.


She made a short “Nn” sound happily in return.


Did she want me to stroke her more? While thinking that the way she wants to be fawned over was cute, I started to rub her back and her head with love.




As time went by like that for a while, I started to hear gentle sleeping sounds coming from inside my arm.


When I slowly looked down, Flora had already departed to dream world while she was in my arms.

The lust in my crotch quickly subsided as I looked at her calm and relaxing sleeping face.


The fact that she could fall asleep without worries in my arms made me really happy.


I slowly stroked her head.


Then, I noticed the faint smile that was on her sleeping face.



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TLN: The ending was kind of sweet, but is it weird that I get weirded out when a guy thanks their partner for any type of sex? lol




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