Reunion with the Fairy

When my eyes suddenly opened, the sun had already moved to a much lower position.

The evening will come very soon.

After watching the back of the girl who ran away, I ate the cheese, raspberries, and biscuits that I brought.

Since my stomach was filled, I felt sleepy and laid down in the shade of the tree, but it seems I had fallen asleep as it felt too comfortable.

It was more comfortable than what I imagined. I was shrouded by coolness right under the shadows of the tree with the sunlight blocked, as I was also accompanied by the sweet scent of flowers. Every time the wind blew, my earlobe was gently tickled as the grass emitted a *ssssssaaaaa* sound.

It was as if I became one with nature.

Oops, now isn’t the time to be immersed in such sentiment. In a little while, this blue sky will be dyed in the colors orange and red as the sun sets.

I’m not living alone in an inn right now.

Forgive me if I am late for dinner, even though I am indebted to you guys.

At the very least, I need to make it there before the sun completely sets.

I got up in one go to shake off the slight sleepiness that I still had. Then, a butterfly landed on my nose briefly before flying away.

Although the butterfly soaring in the air caught my attention for a second, I bolted off with a sharp, sudden movement and started running back to the village chief’s home.


◆  ◆   ◆

The sky was stained with a reddish-orange color, then it became completely dark shortly after. I arrived at the village chief’s house and firmly opened the door.

「Welcome Back」

Fiona-san peeked out and replied from the back of the house as I walked in the entrance of their house.

「…Ah. Yes, I’m back」

It feels like it has been forever since I was welcomed so warmly like this.

That’s why my reaction was a bit slow.

My friends from back in the party would have just greeted me lightly, like, “Oh, you’re back”, “You’re late-“, “You were training again?”

Such friendly welcomes aren’t bad, but Fiona-san’s welcoming words gave me a feeling of being cared for, and it put a warm feeling in my chest.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always longed for a mother’s love.

I had previously thought that if I could live a slow life in Nordende, it’s fine even if I don’t get married.

But just now when I thought that I could have someone to welcome me home like this, a little bit of desire for a wife came out.

「Come over here, dinner’s ready」

Fiona-san beckoned me over with her hands as she smiled.

A stimulating and appetizing smell drifted from deep inside the house. I can strongly smell the herb-seasoned meat as well as the smell of cheese.

My stomach growled as it was stimulated from the smell. As I thought, the cheese, raspberries, and biscuits I ate from afternoon weren’t enough.

I entered a room inside while rubbing my stomach as it complained about hunger.

Inside, there was their living room which was also connected to their kitchen. There was a sofa on the side, and a kitchen table big enough to seat about six people around it.

「Ah, welcome back Aldo-san. What did you think of the field of flowers that you haven’t seen in such a long while? 」

Ergys-san asked with a smile while seated.

「It was really beautiful. A lot more beautiful than I imagined… I fell asleep from the overwhelming feeling of comfort there and took a nap, so I returned late. Sorry about that」

「Don’t worry about it. You’re right on time, as dinner is about ready. You say you fell asleep, was it under that tree? 」


「That spot is good, right? It has a cool breeze when you lie down, and the soft grass that grows on the ground there gives a nice cushioning. I would go there for a nap even now if I had the free time」

To me, who was enjoying that to my heart’s content until a little while ago, I couldn’t agree more to what he just said.

「That place is popular among the villagers, no matter how young or old, whenever they have squabbles. They all lie down there and take naps after they finish arguing and fighting with each other」

Said Fiona-san with a gentle tone as she set up the tableware.

I see, I was lucky to have occupied that spot for half the afternoon. Perhaps, the woman I ran into there was also trying to take a break under the tree there.

However, she ran into an unfamiliar man there. Maybe that’s why she left.

「That tree brings back tons of memories 」

Ergys-san muttered full of nostalgia. It’s a tree that was nurtured by the feelings of the villagers.

That sounds somewhat nice. That sort of thing.

「Yes, we also met each other under that tree, didn’t we? When we were still kids, we always got in big fights over who gets to nap on that spot 」

「Because we were both kids, yeah」

Ergys-san turned to Fiona-san as he was caught off guard by her words, and he responded with a bitter smile.

Ohh, so even Ergys-san, who has such a calm personality, had a childhood like that.

「And, the most wonderful memory was the time you confessed to me there… 」

「…Fiona, it’s embarrassing to say this out loud in front of Aldo-san… 」

Ergys-san replied to the ecstatic Fiona-san while looking embarrassed.

「Hoho, you confessed at the most memorable place for the both of you, huh? 」

I looked at Ergys-san as I teased him with a smile on my face.

「It’s a story from back when I was young. L, leaving that aside, Aldo-san, let me introduce you to our daughter! Oi, Flora! 」

「Yes- coming! 」

An ear pleasing voice came from the kitchen area after Ergys-san called.

「「She ran back in, didn’t she?」」

Seeing the panicking Ergys-san, Fiona-san and I giggled.

Ergys-san looked a little uncomfortable as he waited for the owner of the voice to come out.

Before long, as if Ergys-san’s daughter finished arranging something in the kitchen, she came back out to the room in a hurry.

「This is Aldo-san, who decided to live in this village」

I was surprised as I saw Ergys-san’s daughter, Flora.

This is the woman I met under the tree of the field of flowers, a woman with blonde-colored hair and jade-colored eyes.

Did she realize it as well? Her eyes are locked wide open.

「…Aldo… 」

My name was faintly called out from her beautiful, pink-colored lips.

「From a little while ago… 」

I kept my mouth shut as the “fairy” who ran away earlier talked to me.

「Oya, did you guys meet from somewhere?」

Ergys-san asked as he was suspicious from seeing our surprised reactions.

「Yes, under the tree of the flower field earlier」

As I answered like this, Fiona-san started teasing me.

「Ara ara, meeting under that tree just like us, huh?」

「But we didn’t get in a fight there though?」

All that happened was her running away after I greeted her. Somehow I became sad when I replied to myself.

A woman who ran away just from me greeting her…

Ergys-san coughed as if he felt the flow of the conversation had gone unsteady, or he was afraid that sparks might come flying out.

「I see. This will save us some time then. Like I said, Aldo-san is going to spend the night here, so take care of him as well, Flora」

「… 」

Ergys-san said it again with emphasis, but Flora still showed no reaction. She is just staring right at me.

「Flora? 」

「Oh, right! I, I understand! I’ll go bring the food out now! 」

Flora returned to herself from hearing Ergys-san’s voice and went back in the kitchen in a hurry.

She ran from me again. But, nevertheless, we’ll be eating at the same table afterwards.

「Sorry Aldo-san, my daughter is a shy person. She’s going to bring the food out now so please wait a moment 」

「Yes, thank you」

Ergys-san managed to ease the mood a little just as it was starting to get somewhat awkward again.

Flora is someone shy, right? It’s not because she’s scared of me or hates me, right?

I took a seat as I wondered.


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  2. Slow life~ Been looking forward to more of this. Thanks~

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  3. Thank you for the chapter. Quick question though did he eat raspberries or cranberries? He says the former under the tree but the later back at the village.


  4. Hmm… This seems like a pretty nice read. Provided there’s some action just once in a while, this might be right up my alley. The writing isn’t too bad, and the translation is fluent enough. Thanks, I’ll be following this from now on. 🙂


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