「No- still, I have to say, when I see the two of you side by side, I can’t help but smile」


Ergys-san really looked simply happy as he said that.

Hohh, so that’s the expression a father makes when he is happy from the bottom of his heart while witnessing his daughter’s growth.

I can’t complain about that.


Flora probably feels how happy her father is feeling as well, so she couldn’t complain either. She was simply hanging her head down in embarrassment while she rubbed her thigh.

Even when we combined this with how the villagers teased us and looked at us however they wanted, it was still a happy feeling inside…


Besides, I also feel the same way as Ergys-san right now; I can’t help but smile just by seeing Flora next to me.

I can feel my expression naturally becoming loose like that when I think of how I’m going to have such a lovely girl as my bride.

It’s like there’s a warm feeling of being touched swelling up in my chest. But anyway, it’s a very nice feeling.


「Your long wish that you’ve dreamed of…it has finally come true, hasn’t it, Flora?」


Ergys-san said emotionally.


And then, Fiona-san, who was sitting next to him, gently placed down her teacup from her mouth and joined in,


「And you know when Flora realized that Aldo-san had left the village back then, she was crying like–」


「Ahhhh! M-mother?!」


Flora screamed out in panic to interrupt what Fiona-san was going to say.


It seems that she was going to tell me something that happened nine years ago after I left this village. This got me quite interested so I would like to hear about it more in detail.


When Fiona-san saw my curious body language and the sight of Flora panicking, she continued with an even more beaming expression,


「Ara, isn’t it fine to tell him since you’re going to marry him anyway? So he can know a little of the hardship I had went through to comfort you when you were crying all day while saying things like “But I was going to be his bride!” 」


It makes me really happy to hear something like that. She really thought of me wholeheartedly at that time and for these last nine years.


I found that out already when I confessed to her, but it really pulls at my heartstrings when I hear it again from someone else.


When I turned to look at Flora, who was blushing and at a loss of what to do, our eyes matched and I started to feel a little embarrassed as well.


「Thank you, Flora. I’m so lucky to have someone like you who thought about me all this time」


「Y-yes…I’m a very lucky girl to have met you as well」


When I thanked her with a bright smile on my face, her face got so red it was as if she was going to explode in flames.

Ergys-san’s and Fiona-san’s faces were both saying “This is the best thing ever”. Perhaps mine was as well.

That shy side of Flora is so cute and lovely.


「So, Fiona-san, what was Flora like after that?」


「Uuu! Mouu!」


When I leaned in on the table and asked, Flora nudged me with her shoulder to protest.

It can’t be helped since of course I would want to find out more on how cute Flora was during her childhood.


「Hmm let see, she said she was frustrated that there were some questions about flowers that she could not answer for you back then, so she asked me quite a lot of questions about them. Then— Ara, ara, it looks like I really shouldn’t say any more~」


Fiona-san was right. Flora was really pouting now. I wanted to poke her puffed up cheeks with my finger, but I won’t because I think she’ll be really pissed if I did that.


When I looked at Fiona-san with a bitter smile, she moved her mouth and said to me silently, “Next time, okay?”


I’m very curious to know Flora’s cute behaviors when she was a child but oh well. I think I’ll come and ask her about it by myself next time.


「Ah, but at any rate, since you’re going to marry Flora, it looks like the next village chief is decided then and there goes all my worries as well!」


Ergys-san changed the topic to ease up the mood in the air, but I couldn’t keep up with his words. I know that I’ll be marrying Flora, but I’m going to be the next village chief as well?


「Aldo-san, you’re going to be the next village chief, you know?」


To my face of disbelief, Ergys-san told me again.


「Ehh? Ah, that’s right! Ergys-san is the village chief and Flora is your only daughter, so me being her husband will make me the next village chief!」


When I spoke in a surprised, loud voice, Fiona-san and Flora both smiled bitterly.

I had forgotten for a moment that Ergys-san was the village chief.


「…Aldo-san, did you suddenly forget that I was the village chief?」


「I’m sorry, I had forgotten because I was only thinking of you as Flora’s father today」


I lowered my head with my eyes closed and apologized to him.


「Aldo-san is quite absent minded sometimes」


「Fufufu, make sure you do a good job supporting him then, okay Flora?」


Gentle laughter echoed in the living room after Flora and Fiona-san’s words.


Flora, I wish you’d tell me I was like that as you realized it. Or rather, I guess I should be aware of myself without anyone having to tell me. I’m sorry for being so absent minded.


…But is this what a real family conversation is like?


Ergys-san and Fiona-san had always treated me with friendliness. But as I thought, after Flora and I decided to marry, they’re acting even closer than before since we’re a family now.

That’s probably why they’re teasing us without mercy since they don’t have to feel reserved anymore.


However, sharing the memories and worries with each other like that without having to hide our real feelings is really fun.

This is probably what a family conversation, and what being in a family environment is like.

It might just be a usual day with nothing special for them, but to me, this is a sparkling scene full of warmth with everyone in it.


I want to protect this peacefulness. And I want to be a part of it forever.


When I came to, the sounds of gentle laughter were gone. Everyone was just looking at me with a surprised expression on their faces.

What’s going on?


「Aldo-san, is everything okay?」


When I heard Flora’s worried voice, I realized that something warm was running down my cheeks.


「…Hm? I, I’m crying?」


Tears were flowing down from my eyes naturally without me realizing.


I started to wipe my tears with my hand to my surprise.

At that moment, Flora leaned on to me and started to pat my back.


「I’m sorry. I’ve never had a family before. I was just overjoyed by it…」


After hearing my words, Ergys-san and Fiona-san sighed in relief.

Yeah. They must have thought something was wrong because I suddenly bursted out crying.


「Since we’re already a family, feel free to rely on us, okay?」


「Yeah, we’re happy that we got such a big son(in-law) now, you know?」


The gentle words of Ergys-san and Fiona-san were engraved deeply in my heart.

If they keep talking to me like that my tears would never stop.


「…Everything’s going to be alright. We’ll be here for you」


Flora whispered to me as she snuggled up closer against me.

Her voice was filled with the sense of maternity and it made me feel very secure.


「Un. Thank you」


I thanked them as I wiped my tears. Flora nodded and smiled at me in response.

Ergys-san and Fiona-san both looked at us looking satisfied.

Surely, they were thinking about how well Flora will be in supporting her husband.


Ah, I can’t be crying all the time as a man.


I hurried in wiping my tears and clearing my nose.

Then, at this time, it was my stomach that started to act up.

Everyone except me had a stupefied look on their face and then their shoulders shook as they giggled.


First he was crying and now his stomach is roaring. Just how quickly does this person switch gears? I could not help but blush at the thought of them thinking that.


「Ufufu, it looks like Aldo-san really needs his “support” now. Wouldn’t it become tough after you’re married?」


「Yes! But that will be fine with me!」


「Well then, for my new son-in-law, shall I show some of my skills ?」


「I will help out as well!」


「Sure, you have to practice your cooking more anyway since you’re going to be someone’s wife now」


Fiona-san and Flora talked happily as they moved towards the kitchen.


It brings a smile to my face when I see how much they resemble a pair of sisters when they’re walking next to each other.


「This is nice… this kind of thing. My wife and daughter cooking, and I’ll talk to my daughter’s husband while we wait for the food. Then, we can enjoy it with some alcohol when it’s ready. I’ve dreamed of this moment for so many years…」


Ergys-san muttered wholeheartedly.


I wonder if I’ll feel like that when I have my own child.


「…Hey, Aldo-san」


「What is it?」


「So when are my grandchildren coming?」


「Ergys-san…it’s a bit too soon for that 」

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  1. Is not that strange the talk about children taking into account the era/age/(whatever it is), when 40~50yo was already considered old age, but well, Aldo, do your best dude 🙂

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    1. I don’t remember it being stated but considering this is a story with magic and dragons I don’t think that there is enough reason to believe that the author was trying to accurately depicture the middle ages and by extent follow the same for the life expectancy.
      Thinking about it you will see that most isekai don’t strictly follow the middle age ambient but change and twist it so that it mostly resembles our current society without the same level of technology. In basically every isekai I’ve read many very old characters appear be it without any sort of explanation at all or sometimes the vague “mana make you live longer and stay youthful” or magic.


    2. Probably untrue. You can reasonably make it to the “average lifespan” at around 60 or 70. what really brings down the average is a high infant mortality rate and women dying in labor.

      Once you’re over that hump, and not in any kind of shitty time like war or plague, you had a pretty good chance of making it up there.


    3. That age thing is a fallacy while people did get married very young at times the low life expectancy was due to high mortality rates for newborns if you survived to be a teen or so you generally died of old age once disease and accidents are taken into account.


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