The One I love is right here

「Alright, I’m going to put it in, okay?


Flora nodded as she responded nervously to what I said to her while I stared into her eyes.

It was not surprising that she’d be nervous since this is her first time. I heard that it’s very painful for the girl when they have their hymen penetrated for the first time. Since I can’t do anything about that, I can only try to relax her with kisses.

「…It’ll be alright」

I gave her a gentle kiss that was a bit longer than usual, and it softened up her tense expression.

Then, I moved in closer between her M-shaped opened legs and guided my cock with one hand. The tip of my cock went in slightly.

While I was surprised from the warm feeling that was sucking me in, I slowly put my body weight on it.


Flora’s vagina was very tight, and it was tightening up as if it was refusing my cock. I felt an intense pressure on my cock.

「Ugh…! I’m inside you, Flora. It’s tight」

I made a sound when I felt the soft and warm flesh inside her vagina. Then, I continued to go in deeper until I reached a ragged membrane.

Ah, this is her hymen. I stopped moving as I thought of that.

Then, when I took a good look at Flora’s face, there were tears piling up in her jade colored eyes.

「I’m going to move」


After she replied as she nodded, I put my hands on her waist and I started to thrust vigorously.

Then, the membrane of her vagina was broken as the tip of my cock entered her wet and slimy vagina.

「—–O?!Ow! It-It hurts! 」

Flora said in a voice of anguish as she held on tight to the bedsheet. It looked like she’s in pain from having her cherry popped.

I could have instinctively started to thrust harder from feeling the pleasure of her vagina wrapped around my cock, but I managed to calm down when I saw her painful expression.

I suppressed my desire to move and waited for her to settle down.


While she was breathing heavily, Flora called out to me as she held out her hand. It was as if she was asking for my help.

To respond to her request, I kissed her slowly as I hugged her.

She closed her eyes as she received my kiss. We gently kissed as our lips moved and overlapped. We were making out as if she had forgotten about the pain of being deflowered.

Her puffy lips felt really good when I pecked at them with kisses.

Then, Flora did the same thing in return as she got into it as well. The way she sucked on my lips to ask for more wasn’t bad at all.

For the next little while, I kissed her the way she liked it and we exchanged our sweet saliva with each other.

Our tongues entangled as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

「Nnn…chu, *slurp*, *slurp*, chuuu」

Flora was indulging in these kisses with a melting expression on her face. I gradually moved my hand to gently fondle her breasts as we hugged. I enjoyed the kisses with her while I played with her cute pink nipples.

「Nnn! Hmnnn! Nnnnnn! 」

Flora was trembling with excitement as she moved her lips. At the same time, I was getting more turned on from Flora’s tight vagina.

「Ughh! 」

I moaned to the unexpected pleasure of flesh that was enveloping my cock.

Perhaps she had noticed how good I was feeling, so she took her lips off mine and whispered in my ear,

「…Aldo-san, you can start moving」

I started to gently thrust in and out as her sexy voice kept on turning me on.

The insides of her vagina still felt tight, and the pressure was building on my slimy, wet cock.

So the inside of a woman’s vagina is this warm, and it can make me feel this happy when it wraps so tightly around my cock? I kept on thrusting as I had such thoughts in my head.

When the tip of my cock goes back near the entrance, I could see the red blood-like liquid from her cherry popping on it, along with a smell like iron.

Although it looked painful, I was still excited from having my cock inside a woman’s vagina.

I kept on shoving my hard cock in and out as I repeated that movement.

Her vagina felt tighter every time I thrusted, as if her lumpy inside was trying to resist my cock.

Each time that happened, it brought happiness to my cock that I could not get tired of.

Oh no, I’m starting to feel weak.


As I moved my hips, Flora’s big tits were shaking and changing shapes like jelly.

I grabbed on to those soft looking tits and gently fondled them.

Her skin was steaming hot and sweaty, and that made her sweet scent even stronger in the air.

「*haah*…*haaah*…Nnnn. Aldo-san, you’re inside me. Ahh, Ahhhhh」

When I moved to hit all the spots inside her vagina, I noticed that her moaning voice was getting softer. It seemed that her pain from having her cherry popped had settled down a little as her vagina began to relax with my cock inside.

In this case, it might be okay if I start to go faster a bit earlier.

With that thought in mind, I started to thrust my hips with an even stronger momentum.

「Ahhh, Hyaaa, Ahhhhnn!」

The bed creaked as our sweat scattered around.

Flora’s sexy voice and the strong stimulation from her vagina was making my excitement grow.

I pinched and pulled on her nipples that were standing up as I thrusted.

「Yaann! Don’t pull on my nipples~!」

Her vagina tightened every time I pulled on them.

My cock was getting bigger and harder as I repeated these movements. My desire to ejaculate was quickly rising. I could feel the inside of my cock getting hotter.

The feeling of her pussy sucking me back in when my cock is pulling out felt so good. I want to feel more of this warm and tight feeling.

「Ahhh!! I can feel your thing getting even bigger and harder, Aldo-san」

Flora said as she felt the change of my cock while it was inside her vagina. Even those words of hers were reverberating in her pussy.

「…Ughhh, I’m almost there」

「It’s fine, Aldo-san! Please let me have it!」

Flora screamed out as her vagina tightened on me as I continued to thrust while I groaned.

I endured the feeling to cum as well as I could, but her words and the tightness of her vagina brought me to my limits.

「Uuugh!! Flora!! I’m cumming!」

With a groan as my last resistance, I pushed my dick as deep into her as I could.

*jizz* *jizzz* *jizzz* *jizz*

I felt my semen shoot out of my cock and into Flora’s uterus.

「Ahhh?! It’s hot!」

Flora’s body flinched as she said that. I guess the force of me cumming gave her a light shock.

My head was dominated by the waves of pleasure as white liquid came out from my cock.

It was a pleasure that made my entire body weak. I fully felt it as her vagina squeezed my semen out. Thus, all the semen was sucked out and it started to drip out of her pussy. My cock was repeatedly twitching as it happened.

Flora’s body also shook every time semen was shot out.

When I confirmed that I was done cumming, I pulled my cock back out as I felt the same sensation of her pussy sucking me in.


When I removed my cock from her vagina, a pink mucus mixed of semen and the blood from being deflowered came out of the slit of her vagina. It was not an elegant sight, but I still watched this obscene scene.

Flora closed her eyes in exhaustion. Her white skin turned slightly pink as she was drenched in sweat.



I patted her head while she took deep breaths. Then, she slowly opened her eyes after her expression changed back to a more relaxed one.

After that, we both smiled to each other and I kissed her from above.

It was a gentle kiss with just our lips touching.

She was smiling since neither of us wanted to part our lips.

I was healed by her smile that she enveloped me with. Her being next to me made me feel warm and comfortable, and colors were given to my everyday life.

I wondered how I’m so lucky to have someone like her thinking about me for the past nine years.



I called out to her while I had such thoughts. I engraved it in my heart as I called out to her that I would not forget about her for a second time.

「I love you」

「… Me too, Aldo-san. I love you」

Flora replied to me with a smile that looked happier than any other smile I’ve seen on her.

There’s someone who loves me dearly here. That’s what I thought when I saw that smile. I could feel a warm feeling filling up my heart.

My gaping, empty heart had already been completely filled with her.


20 thoughts on “AARASL 39

  1. Well Aldo for that being your first time that was a pretty good first run, take note kids don’t just randomly stick it in with no foreplay, first make the girl feel good make her cum 1 of 2 times and then she’ll be more then happy to service you as well.

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  2. Very much detailed… More detail than watching porn video…..hehehe…. It exceeds my imagination…. BOOM!!!….

    Can I ask? Are my friends normal? Or I am the the only not normal?


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