In the Bath

Flora slowly unraveled the towel that was wrapped around my waist.

Then, what appeared there was my completely erect cock.

「Wow! 」

She said in a flustered voice after she saw my cock that had become big.

Although she has heard about them, it was still her first time seeing one. She was taking a long, hard look as it stood in front of her face.

If she looks at it so much she’ll become nervous. Somehow, I feel like I’ve shown Flora something that I shouldn’t have yet.

When my cock twitched with a light excitement, Flora looked at it again with a surprised expression on her face.

「…It has a weird shape. And on top of that…it’s big」

「D-does it? 」

Since she was talking so close to my cock, it was reacting sensitively to her breathing. It has become a light stimulus to my cock and was making it twitch.

「There are veins popping out and it’s twitching. Is it going to be okay? 」

「Yeah, it’s not like there’s any pain」

As I answered, Flora started touching it timidly.

Her timid and soft touches were giving me a pleasant feeling.

「…It’s hard but it feels tender. Also, it’s warm」

Flora said as she caressed my cock with her fingers to confirm how it felt to touch it. Her moist fingers started from the tip and ran down the shaft until she reached the end of my rod.

「…*kuu!* 」

Every time my cock reacted sensitively to her touch, it made my body tremble involuntarily. It felt completely different from the feel of my own hands.

「Ehh? Did I hurt you? 」

Flora said as she glanced at me from below.

「No, that’s not it. Your fingers feel good…」


「Grip it harder and try rubbing it up and down」


Flora gripped my cock and started to rub it up and down after she heard my words. Although her movements were clumsy, for someone like me who had absolutely no experience in this, it was still bringing me such intense pleasure that transparent liquid had started to leak out from the tip of my swollen cock.

The stroking sounds created from her moist hands echoed inside the bathroom.

「A gooey liquid has been leaking out since a little while ago」

Flora said as she stopped moving her hands and wiped off the liquid that has been leaking out with her index finger. Then, she pulled the string of liquid off by using her index finger and thumb together. I think she was doing that with pure curiosity in mind, but it was quite an erotic scene.

「That was pre-cum. It leaks out when a man is feeling good」

「I see. I’m glad to hear that」

It seems like she was surprised at the pre-cum but when she heard what I said, she happily continued to rub my cock. The pre-cum continued to leak out as it mixed together with her moist fingers. Then, it acted as a lubricant and sped up the stroking.

Oh no. This feels too good. This feeling of excitement that I can’t give to myself was making me restless.

Her fingers ran up the veins on the shaft of my cock and rubbed back the tip she held in her palm. Then, her hands went down again and repeated the same movements… My desire to cum was quickly rising with Flora’s dirty hand movements.

When I looked at her desperately stroking my cock in front of me, I thought,

—I want to put it in her mouth.

I want to cum in there.

「Flora, can you give me a blow job? 」

「L-like this? 」

When I told her to do something that I thought she might hate to, she hesitated for a moment before she boldly put the tip in her mouth.

「Y-yeah. Like that. Lick it just like that」

I unexpectedly let out some moans as I felt the warmth of flesh inside her mouth.

Her warm, slimy tongue was wrapping around the tip of my cock. The gentle touch of her tongue also had a slightly rougher feel to it. It felt completely different than a hand job.

「I wonder if you can move back and forth as you suck on it? 」


When I said that, Flora started to slowly move back and forth as she sucked.


Her slightly rough tongue and the insides of her mouth were being pushed away. Even the minor feeling of her hard teeth was stimulating to me.

Every time I felt that, it turned my expression to a sloppy one.

It was also nice that she was glancing at me from below to peep at my reactions. The inside of my cock started to boil from the visual excitement I was feeling from stuffing a beautiful girl’s mouth full of my cock.

Saliva completely covered my tip and rod as her rough, spit-covered tongue rubbed my cock.

「…It feels good, Flora」


When I said reassuring words to her as I stroked her hair, she happily smiled and continued sucking right away.

The inside of her mouth suddenly narrowed, and my cock was being squeezed by her soft tongue and the flesh of her mouth. She moved her head back and forth like that as the slurp sounds echoed.

My desire to cum suddenly increased from her movements; it was as if she was trying to suck the semen out of my cock.

「Oh shit, Flora. If you do it like that, I-I’ll…!」

「Mmuuuuuu?! 」

As my semen spurted out inside of her mouth, her eyes opened wide from the surprise. My cock was pulsating as it quickly sent out a wave of semen. But even so, she continued to hold my cock inside her mouth and accepted it.

「…Ahh…that felt really good」

I let out a sigh of relief as I felt a feeling so good that it was dizzying. It was a wonderful feeling of satisfaction from releasing everything that I had pent up inside me. Moreover, the fact that she accepted it in her mouth wrapped me in happiness.

「Mmmnnn!…Nnn! 」

I was drunk on the pleasure of that feeling of happiness, but I came back to reality as I noticed the sound of Flora suffering while she still held my cock inside her mouth.

「Ahh, my bad! You don’t have to hold it in your mouth anymore」

When I said that, Flora slowly opened her mouth and let go of my cock. Then, she swallowed the semen.

「*cough, cough*. It tastes a little bitter and it gets caught in my throat」

「Eehh?! You don’t have to drink it」

I was surprised by what she was saying as she coughed.

Shortly after, Flora wiped the semen that was on the edge of her mouth and said,

「Umm, I heard that men are pleased when the girl drinks their semen…」

Well…umm…It is true that her drinking it made me happy. Yeah.

I felt that by accepting my semen and drinking it was like her accepting everything of me.

「Thank you for doing that for me, Flora」

When I thanked her as I blushed, she happily smiled and said,

「Did it feel good? 」


To the question she asked with a gentle smile, I nodded and answered with a reddened face like a child.

「Then, it’s your turn to wash my back next」

While my heart started to beat fast from her smile that was somehow strangely erotic, I started to wash her back.






47 thoughts on “AARASL 37

    1. Not fast enough. JK.

      It actually developed pretty well; 35ish chapters of build-up with reasonable interactions and reasons. The only stretch might be Flora’s intimate knowledge or skill; then again, village gossip (esp. between women about their sex lives) probably helped her out.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. They have got her parent’s agreement.
      They love each other for years
      He just saved her lives in a(quite) epic way
      They are working adult with his own house
      If it didnt take turn toward se*x (even if its in the background) then i will chuck them


  1. I dont know… but this just doesnt feel right to me. A fluffy slice of life just suddenly turned to be a r-18 ero and the guy asked for a blow job right at the first time… is it just me?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Not just you. I hadn’t noticed the R-18 tag in NU, since what drew me to the novel was the manga that just started being translated, and there was no signs there of it being explicit. Just the regular Ecchi tag. This was quite sudden.


  2. Wow, this speed of development is really far from “slow”. Dang, to become this ero right after 36(35?) chapters of a wholesome slice of life series, man…


  3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Woah straight down to business his chapter hu i like it, but then again this type of sex scenes are always awkward lol i mean it’s no 50 shades of gray level of cringiness but still.


  4. I just want to confirm. This is the series of a retired A-rank adventurer in a village with a beautiful flower field right? Coz this series just took a massive turn


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