Our Home

「Thanks for having me over」

「C-come on in」

I nervously invited Flora into my home.

When I handed her some slippers, she put her feet in them timidly and walked a few steps into the living room.

I was also putting my slippers on, but I accidently kicked one away when I tried to put them on due to being too nervous. It was embarrassing because I’ve gone in my house many times after putting slippers on without stumbling.

However, that wasn’t something that could be helped.

Flora is going to stay over at my place tonight by Ergys-san and Fiona’s san arrangement. Since after becoming a couple, it was natural for us to spend the night together…

I had never taken interest in this type of thing, so I became nervous at the thought of how I’ll be doing something like that with the woman I love.

If I knew it’d be like this, I should have gone to the red-light district with Kiel back then when he invited me. It’s embarrassing to still be a virgin at this age.

Perhaps Flora was a bit shook as well; her eyes were wandering around while she avoided looking me in the eye, even though this wasn’t the first time that she’s been in my house. She could go sit on the comfy sofa or a chair, but instead, she was just standing there without doing either.

I regained my calmness when I realized that I was not the only one who was nervous.

I’m a man and this is my house. I should take the lead and be the one to lead her around here.

「Flora, this will be your home as well from now on, so it’s fine to act like you’re at home」

After she heard my words, her expression relaxed and she replied,

「Y-yeah, you’re right. We’ll be living together in this house…」

With a happy look on her face, she began to walk around the living room freely.

She touched the set of table and chairs, the sofa and the wall with love.

I was the one who said it, but I thought that this would be where we’ll be living together since the furniture, the walls, the bed and everything else here was all new and shiny.

Flora will be welcoming me home when I come back from now on. She’ll be next to me when I eat and when I have tea. She’ll be right here at this place.

I felt happy at the thought of that and I unintentionally cracked a smile.

When Flora saw the grin on my face while she happily walked around the kitchen, she came to me and asked,

「Oh hey, do you want some tea? 」

「… Sure. Please make some for me」

For a second there I was going to tell her that I’ll go make it, but when I remembered that she was much better at it, I decided to let her do it.

「Okay! 」

Then, Flora went to prepare the tea with a bright smile on her face.

She moved around the house like it was hers since she had been here many times already from the time we ate the venison together and the many other times she came to visit me when she taught me how to farm.

There was no delay in her actions since she knew where the tea cups and the other utensils she needed to brew the tea were already.

I went on ahead and took a seat by the table as I looked at her brewing the tea while she was humming a song.

I was getting a fuzzy feeling in my chest just by watching her happily brew this tea.

She was surprised for a second when she noticed that I was watching her, then she smiled at me.

…Well, I wouldn’t even mind if I died today. I’m just too happy right now.

「The tea’s ready」

Flora said as she brought over a tray with the teacups on it.

Of course, the tea leaves used were the apple mint, which were cultivated at her place. A sweet and fruity scent drifted in the air inside the living room.

「Thank you」

After I thanked her, I took a cup and enjoyed the smell of the tea.

The sweet scent of green apple filled my nostrils.

I slowly drank it as I enjoyed the calming smell.

The refreshing sweetness of apple mint spread in my mouth. Then, the taste of mint overtook that sweetness a moment after.


I let out a sound as I was lavished in the comfortable taste.

Whether it was due to the scent of the tea or the ingredients used in it, the nervousness I felt earlier had completely disappeared.

Flora looks to be in the same boat since her expressions were much more relaxed.

A lot has happened today… I went hunting, then I found out that Flora was in danger, then I realized my feelings and battled with a monster before we confessed to each other and became a couple…

In just one day, things have moved very quickly and our relationship has changed.

When I was recollecting what went down today, I realized the inside of my cup had become empty.

「Would you like some more? 」

Flora asked with the teapot in her hand as she saw my cup.



Flora went to make more tea after hearing my response.

I felt warm from just having a conversation like that.

This was probably the feeling of having the person you love right next to you. I can now relate to those who always talked about how it feels to be married. And because of that, I’d totally recommend people to get married.

Maybe I’ll tell Kiel to get married the next time I see him. That guy will surely be shocked if I said something like that to him.

「What’s the matter? 」

After she finished making the tea, she sat next to me and asked.

As she leaned on my shoulder and asked me while looking up at me, I answered,

「I’m so happy right now…」

「…Me too」


◆   ◆   ◆


After that, we cooked and enjoyed a harmonious meal together.

The sun had already gone down by that time, and the time for “that” drew near.

We were also having cozy talks until now, but we’ve gotten quieter as the night went on.

It was because we both knew what was coming next.

While we sat quietly facing each other in the living room, I made up my mind.


「Ye-Yes! 」

Was it because I suddenly got up and called her name? Her face turned red as she replied in a funny voice.

「Let’s go take a bath together」

「G-Got it! Let’s go to the bedroo—huh? A bath? 」

Flora replied while she was looking down, then she had a blank expression for a second and tilted her head in confusion.

「…Yeah, a bath」

For a moment, I wanted to change what I said to bedroom, but I managed to resist that thought.

「Um, I ran around a lot today, after all. So, you know, I would like to clean myself …」

I had been sweating since the hunt in the morning, then in the few rounds of battle in the afternoon. I can’t be in a state that could be called clean right now.

Before doing “that”, I want to clean my body.

「R-right! In that case, I’d like to take one after as well! 」

Did she completely forget about the need to take a bath first? She replied in a panic as she stood up from the chair.

「Nah, let’s go in together」

Flora’s cheeks were dyed red from my straightforward words.

「Waa?! That, umm… that’s embarrassing」

We’re going to do something even more embarrassing after… Isn’t that natural?

「It’s going to take time for us to take turns using it as well…Do you hate the idea of taking a bath together, Flora? 」

「…It’s not that I hate it」

I asked in a bit of a cowardly way in order to reduce the shame that she was feeling by a little. She replied with a voice that was fading out as she nodded.

There’s no problem as long as she says so herself.

With a reddened face, I took her hand and we walked to the bathroom together.

Since she confessed to me first, I wonder if I’ll be able to take a bit of the lead here.  I thought that I wouldn’t want to act like less of a man here.

◆  ◆   ◆

「That’s amazing, that bracelet just now. Water and flame came out and the hot water bath was made in no time」

「Yup. Thanks to that, you can enjoy having a bath ready quickly even when you’re by yourself」

「Magic tools are expensive, right? Is it okay to be using them like this? 」

「No problem no problem. These tools would last for like ten years if we’re just using them to ready the bath」

「I see. In that case, I’ll be happy to take an easy bath every day」


「…Um, Flora? I know the water is hot, but won’t you come closer? 」

「I-it’s still too embarrassing after all! 」

I cleaned the bathtub and readied the bath with magic tools, but she was still embarrassed and not coming near.

Since there was only the moonlight that was coming through from the window, she probably thought that if she stayed far from the bathtub her skin wouldn’t be exposed.

So, she was there hiding her whole body under a towel at the darkest, farthest corner from the window.

However, I can actually see a lot of her white skin still, but I won’t point that out to her since she’ll run away.

I knew that she was originally a shy girl, and yet she was ready to go to the bedroom but is too embarrassed to enter a bath together?

I guess it wasn’t that she hated to get in together, but she was just too embarrassed to show her skin.

Which means if I can get her through this first step, there won’t be a problem after that.

「Come on, you’ll catch a cold if you keep on staying there」

「…Ahh! 」

I lightly grabbed her by her arm and pulled her to me while she was spacing out, and her light body came under the moonlight.

Because of that, the towel that she wrapped around her body rolled off and fell on the ground.

Her white skin and her pair of large breasts, that were the opposite of her shy personality, were exposed under the moonlight, along with two small pink buds.

Her thin waist and her round hips gave her stunning curves and she was surprisingly THICCC.

It looked like Aisha was right that Flora’s clothes did made her look slimmer than she really was.

I was fascinated by seeing her body that was the embodiment of a female’s beauty.

「…Flora, your body is very beautiful」

「…Yours too, Aldo-san. You have a really manly body. You unexpectedly have a lot of muscles」

She noticed when she I pulled her close to me, huh? Her face was red as she traced her fingers on my abs.

I am quite confident about my body since I’ve been an adventurer for a long time. Recently, I’ve been slacking a bit on training my muscles, but I was still far from having flab on my body.

「Wow… Aldo-san, you’re hard(body)」

When Flora kept on touching me with her supple fingers, I felt a little ticklish.

And on top of that, the way she said that was a bit dirty.

I could feel the thing in my crotch area starting to get bigger, but it was still okay.

「You’re tickling me, Flora」

「Oh, sorry. But, let me touch you for just a bit longer」

She was pressing her hand and feeling up my pecs and my arms. I thought that it was okay to let her keep going if this was going to get rid the embarrassment a bit.


「Now then, shall we wash our bodies before getting into the bath? 」

「Right. I will wash your back first, Aldo-san」

Flora said with somewhat of a cheerful voice. Perhaps, she wanted to touch more of the muscles on my body by doing that.

「Okay then, you can help me rinse my body first」

Flora went to draw hot water from the bath with a washbowl as I sat on a little bath stool.


I let out an exhilarated voice as the hot water ran down my back.

Flora smiled while she poured more hot water over my body as I made that low voice from the pleasant feeling.

All the sweat, soil, and dust that I got on me today were all washed away.

When she was done rinsing me with hot water, she took the soap from near the bath and lathered the towel with it.

「I’ll start washing your back now」

「Oh, I’ll leave it to you」

I knew that she was going to gently wash my back with the towel, but the next moment, I felt an unexpectedly soft feeling.


「?! 」

It was Flora’s heavy breasts.

Was it because she was slouching forward to wash my back? Her huge breasts were touching my back so naturally.

However, she did not seem to notice that herself since she was busy rubbing my back with the towel. Every time she rubbed with the towel, her breasts were shaking and they were pressed against me.

Their shapes changed every time they touched my back and it gave me this soft feeling.

From that, I could feel blood quickly gathering in my crotch.

「Does it feel good? 」

「Yeah, it feels good」

…I won’t say that I was talking about her breasts.

With that answer, Flora smiled as she continued to happily rub my back.

During this time, I enjoyed the soft feeling of her chest as my back was washed with a towel in silence. The impact of her chest was so strong that I could hardly enjoy the feeling of having my back washed with a towel.

「–Hyaa?! 」

While I was having such thoughts, she suddenly screamed out and stopped moving.

「Flora? 」

「Hyaa?! I didn’t see anything at all」

When I looked at her face, she looked away to try to dodge my gaze.

I noticed that she was obviously looking at my crotch area. Then, she looked away again, before fearfully sneaking peeks at it again.

And then I understood. There was a tent on the towel that was wrapped around my waist.

「Ah, s-sorry about that. It got like that when your soft body touched me…」

「…N-no, it’s alright. I heard from my mother that a man would get like that」

Flora replied in a small voice as she rinsed my back with hot water again.

「…Ummm, Aldo-san. C-can I touch it? 」

「Huhh? 」

I let out a dumbfounded voice from hearing her unexpected request.

「I heard that it’s painful if it can’t come out… and I can relieve it if I give it a r-rub…」

Was she feeling the embarrassment as she spoke? Her voice was fading out at the end of her sentence.

But her shameful look was very cute, and my cock became harder and bigger when I imagined the act of her doing that.

I actually want to replace the back washing with that now since it had gotten very stiff and it was honestly getting tough to hold on. If she kept on washing my back like this, I would end up pushing her down.

「…Then, I’ll be asking you for this favor」










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  1. “she was surprisingly THICCC” hehehe probably the best line of the novel so far imo. Thanks soooooooo much for the chapter! Can’t wait for more 🙂

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