When I take up my sword again

「So with that said, please stay away from the field of flowers」

「Understood. We’ll let the others know as well」

「Did you see anyone else in there? 」

「No, I didn’t see anyone there other than us」

「I see. Thanks」

「Thank you as well」

After I arrived at the field of flowers, I explained the situation to a parent and child before I told them to return to their home.

I’ve been in this village for three months now. Maybe it was due to the fact that I have been working here as a hunter, people seemed to have heard of me so they believed in my words without a doubt and cooperated with me.

It goes to show how important the day-to-day interactions were, since it would not be going this well if I had no credibility.

I was told by the parent that there wasn’t anyone else inside the field of flowers, but just to make sure of that, I ran to check under the trees as well.

There could be some small children hiding somewhere who were missed.

「Is anyone here-? Answer me if you hear me! 」

I yelled as I walked here and there, but I did not hear a voice.

The multi-colored flowers here today were also in full bloom, accompanied by the gentle breeze.

I stopped moving to focus on the sounds, smells, and the flow of air around me. But even with my heightened senses, I could not sense the presence of any living beings nearby.

… There’s no one here anymore, huh.

Since I judged that to be the case, I turned my back on the big trees and left the field of flowers.


After that, I informed the people I ran into in the west of the news as I made my way towards the village chief’s, Ergys-san’s house. Right now we might be too disorganized in the way we transmit our messages to each other, but we can work out a guideline for things like this in the future.

I will pay a visit to the houses near the field just in case before I go back to the village square.

The people living in places relatively close to the field also seem to have heard the news of the monster and have settled somewhere else calmly.

Not only has the red bear not been sighted yet, but no one has fallen victim to it either. That made me feel relieved.

Before long, I found myself near Toack’s place and I decided to drop by.

I did not stop by because I thought he was unaware of what was happening, but because he was an important friend and neighbour.

When I walked up to his house that was surrounded by trees, I saw him in his yard with a bow equipped.

I was relieved to see him safe, so I called out to him with a carefree voice.

「Oi, Toack. Did you know that a red bear has come down to the western area? 」

「*chi*…You’re the fourth person who came to tell me that. I already know」

「I see. All good then」

There were three villagers who came here other than me. It looks like he is quite loved by the people as well.

「By the way, what are you doing with that bow? 」

I asked as I pointed to the bow he had in his hands.

A red bear did appear nearby, so I wonder if he pulled that out to prepare for an emergency. To defend his own life with his own hands or something like that, huh? That’s quite a good attitude to have.

「It’s a simple bow that even I know how to make, but I’m not good at hitting things with it though」

He replied as he notched an arrow to the bowstring. Then, he looked at the round, wooden signboard that he made and hung on a tree beforehand with a sharp gaze.

The bowstring made scrapping sounds while he pulled on it, and he carefully took aim.

His stance did not look bad. Rather, it looked quite good. He said he was not good at using it but he kind of looked the part.

While I was impressed watching him, his eyes suddenly opened wide and he unleashed the arrow at once.

However, the arrow did not fly straight. Instead, it went into the tree about three meters to the right.

It seems that even though he did a good job making it, he was not as good at using it.

「… Ohh, it’s closer to the mark than the last time」


「Do not use a bow if anything happens, okay? 」

「Are you telling me to die instead? 」

I’d feel nothing but fear if this guy was trying to hit something with his bow from behind me. He sucks so bad that he might be more of a threat than a red bear.

That thought ran through my mind as I watched him check the bowstring with a sour look on his face.

Since I have confirmed Toack’s safety, I passed by my own house next as I headed to the village square.


「Aldo-san! 」

And then, I saw Ergys-san running to me from the one path that led to the village square.


I wonder what’s happening. Loren-san should have delivered the news already about the red bear. Was he just worried about me since I was closest to the field of flowers?

「What’s wrong, Ergys-san? I thought the red bear hasn’t been sighted yet」

「T-that’s not it」

Did he run here from his house? He replied as he tried to catch his breath.

I waited for him to catch his breath as I wondered what he wanted to tell me.

Then, after he settled down after ten seconds or so, he raised his face as he grabbed onto my shoulders.

「I haven’t seen Flora since around noon. Did you see her in the field of flowers?! 」

I was shocked at what Ergys-san just said with a look of desperation.

「Eh? Flora wasn’t there? 」

In such a dangerous situation? I thought for sure she would be staying inside Ergys-san’s house….

「Nope. She was with me until noon, but she went somewhere afterwards without telling Fiona where she was going! I thought the places she would be at would be either your place or the field of flowers… 」

Right, it’s natural for him to worry if his beloved daughter was out somewhere during such a crucial time.

Ergys-san, who always wore a gentle smile on his face, was reasonably getting impatient.

「I was at the field of flowers just now but there wasn’t anyone else other than a parent and child. I’m sure that Flora was worried about Aisha and went to see her in the vineyards, no? 」

「I-I hope so 」

I said that to Ergys-san to calm him down, but I was not all that calm inside.

Flora had no idea about the red bear. When I think about how she’s nowhere to be seen, it hurts as I feel my chest tighten. Truthfully, I really want to run around to look for her right away, but I must remain calm at times like this.

It’s because of all the experience I have of overcoming life and death situations many times during my adventurer days that I’m barely able to keep calm.

Stay calm. Someone who is impatient will not be able to see things clearly.

「… I hope it doesn’t turn out like what happened nine years ago again… 」

I tilted my head a little as I wondered about the words Ergys-san anxiously muttered.

Nine years ago?

「Aldo!! Ergys-san!! 」

That question was blown away by the scream of a third party.

When I looked back in the direction the loud voice came from, I saw Aisha running over with tears in her eyes.

Her crying face and voice full of desperation was something that I’ve never seen or heard from her before.

 And above all, Flora was not next to her.

While I was starting to feel impatient because of that, I hugged Aisha as she came running in, diving into my arms.

「What’s going on? Aisha?! 」

「Flora isn’t together with you? 」

When we asked Aisha those questions, her shoulders were shaking in my arms.

「….Uuuu.. Flora is…. Flora is…. 」

「What happened? 」

As a bad feeling started to brood up inside of me, Aisha opened her mouth as large drops of tears fell from her eyes.

「Flora went deep into the field of flowers to look for the flower of union! Where the red bear might be at! 」

As soon as I heard that, my body almost dashed out instantly to look for her. However, I barely held on because I had no idea on where exactly Flora went to get this flower of union.

I should go after I get more information on this.

Shit, even though I went there once already. I should have investigated deeper inside even though I had to think of the danger.

「N-No… That can’t be! That’s northwest of the field where the red bear was precisely predicted to be at?! 」

The fright was now clearly showing on Ergys-san’s face as he heard that his daughter might be in the exact place the red bear could be.

「Why would she go get something like that…? 」

「I’m sorry Ergys-san. It’s because I’ve told her something unnecessary…」

When Ergys-san muttered while stunned, Aisha answered him as she cried.

Then Ergys-san looked at me and sighed as if he had come to the realization of something.

「… As I thought… I see」

I don’t know what he meant by that, but the reason for her going to get that flower right now was irrelevant to me.

The place Flora is supposed to be at is located northwest in the back of the field of flowers. That information alone was enough for me.

There is no longer a reason for me to endure and stay any longer.

「… Give me some time, I will bring Flora back」

I’ve made my decision, so I will leave Aisha to Ergys-san and return to my house.

「H-hold on a min?! Aldo!? 」

「Aldo-san?! 」

I heard them screaming from behind but I ignored them this time.

Even unlocking the door of my house was annoying.

I opened the door violently and ran inside without taking my shoes off.

Then, I pulled out the drawer inside the storage room located in the back of my house and grabbed the mithril sword that was wrapped in cloth without giving it another thought.

I carefully tore off the cloth around the sword and checked the blade as it radiated a silvery glow.

…I thought that I would never be using this anymore. But with a red bear as my opponent, it would be hopeless to fight it with just a bow and arrow while also not having any armor. I’m going to use this for the sake of helping someone who is important to me.

I sheathed the sword that was emitting magical power back into its scabbard and I dashed out of the house without closing the door.

Needless to say, I headed for the back of the field of flowers to the northwest.

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