At The Royal Castle of Avalonia

「I know that the party “Black Silver” disbanded, but what happened to their leader, Aldred? 」

In the kingdom of Avalonia, far west of Nordende where Aldo was currently residing, the king of Avalonia asked in a loud and dignified voice inside a luxurious audience room which displayed the kingdom’s solemnity.


「…About that… We have no idea on his whereabouts」

The man who could hardly present that answer to the king as he was drenched in cold sweat- The guild master.

His name was Barok, the one who held the highest authority in the kingdom’s adventurer’s guild.

Although he wore a graceful top with long pants and a cloak, his brawny muscles were still hard to hide. It could be said that he looked out of place in the luxurious audience room that they were in.

He looked more like an adventurer who was fully equipped for a monster subjugation party.

The king opened his mouth again with his brows knitted from hearing Barok’s answer.

「Elliot married into the Elfiore house, Kurune is teaching at the magic academy, and I heard that Kiel was still in the kingdom. So, how come we have no idea where Aldred is? 」

When he heard the king’s words of contempt, Barok looked bitter, but somehow he managed to hold it in still.

What came to his mind was the time Kiel came to declare retirement with a smile on his face.

「I want to rest for a while after that intense battle with the dragon」

A sudden retirement of the A-ranked party that slayed a dragon.

After he calmed down from the fuss, he listened to the story of Kiel and the others, and did not pay much attention to the part where Aldred needed time to recuperate.

Aldred gave an impression to others that he was somewhat disheartened after slaying a dragon, so Barok thought that he would be simply recovering at his home.

「Certainly, Aldred seemed a bit lost after slaying the dragon. I know that healing the mind takes a while, but isn’t it strange that we don’t even know where he is? That goes against the plan」

Barok knew what the king wanted to say.

A dragon is the strongest type of monster. A proud monster of colossal size and steel-hard scales that dances in the sky, and it was slayed by our kingdom’s A-ranked party.

It attacked people and animals from the sky on a whim, feared by the people.

Despair was felt by all because no one knows when it would attack.

If you tried to hit it with a sword, you would not get past its hard scales and you could get fried by its hot breath.

It’s a being that caused outrageous disasters with its overwhelming strength.

Aldred and the others who have slayed that dragon were the symbol of hope for the people. They were heroes to them.

He could have even been crowned the king of a country.

He should have married into royalty with a princess or have had a fated marriage with a noble’s daughter.

If he were here, it would mean the kingdom is safe, and the citizens would be living happier lives.

Also, at the times when strong monsters and dragons appear in other countries, the kingdom would have an advantage in terms of diplomacy when they could dispatch Aldred to help.

However, the leader of this dragon slaying party was nowhere to be found.

Even though he was from the king’s own country.


「Is there no one else who knows where he went? 」

「…If no one said that they have seen him, I’m afraid he probably has already left this country」

The king snorted unpleasantly to Barok’s reply.

It’s me who should be angry. Kiel was the one who gave me the long explanation to why their party disbanded. If you’re the one who made the promise to meet me, Aldred, don’t urgently change the date.

Then, Barok heard that Aldred was in the middle of recuperation. When he went to check on him after a while, no one was there anymore.

It was obvious at that point that he was no longer in the kingdom. His friends who knew where he went would not tell us either.

Barok went after Kiel, who gave him false information as a diversion, but Kiel had already disappeared as if he saw it coming.

「Aldred has not done his due share for this country yet. Get more information from his friends on his whereabouts and bring him back here. You are allowed to use my soldiers if the situation calls for it」

「Yes, certainly」

Barok bowed deeply and kept his head down as if he did not want the king to see the sour expression on his face.

He thought that nothing good could happen from getting in the way of their new lives that they chose.

「Now then, get out」

51 thoughts on “AARASL 25

      1. Nah, Alduin was easy too, even on legendary difficulty. Honestly, for me the hardest boss was that frost giant king in the Dragonborn DLC.


    1. Ahahahaha, ain’t that the truth.

      Not only that, as I said in another comment a bit below in response to someone talking about how the king said he hadn’t done enough for their country…

      To begin with, he has no obligations to do ANYTHING for the country, no? Also, he has done a lot more than just slay a damn dragon for them already.

      I can see this Barok guy causing 1 of a few things to occur:

      – Making the rest of his party up and disappear from the kingdom as well, because of him pressuring them.
      – Finding Aldo and failing to convince him to return, and then realizing his maaaaaaajor screwup when he tries to use the soldiers to force his hand. Cause it’ll just make Aldo NEVER do anything for them again. Ever.
      – He does #2 and ends up pushing Aldo too far, and he either straight up becomes that kingdom’s enemy (unlikely with the series the way it is i’m guessing)…or he joins another country just to spite them (with the caveat that they let him live as he pleases anyway, heh).

      Either way…it’s not going to end well for anyone that tries to interfere with his retirement. Especially with ulterior motives like THEY obviously have, lol.

      “Hasn’t done enough for this country yet” MY ASS.


      Thanks for another chapter, btw~ XD

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      1. I’m just imagining the party getting sick of the king, and moving to the same time Aldo did. (Unlikely considering he said one of them married into nobility.)


    2. If skyrim has taught me something else it’s that while that is common sense, people are idiots and still go fuck with the bloke anyway


    3. Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin
      naal ok zin los vahriin
      wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!
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      Dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!


    4. If skyrim has thought me something is that u need them shot with an arrow to knee, and they will serve you as your soldier


  1. This king is a bit arrogant no? Aldred is a adventurer, he can choose to answer or not the demands of the guilde and the country. Also he can simply refuse and go seek refuge in another country. He haven’t any obligation toward them. Or they act like he have.


  2. He hasn’t done his share for his country? Maybe you should back to that when everyone else in the country has also killed a dragon.


    1. Not only that, but he’s also done HOW MUCH ELSE for the damn country?

      He has absolutely no obligations to the country to begin with.

      He disappeared the way he did because he saw this sort of crap coming. The WORST thing they could possible do is send soldiers after him, if/when they find him and ‘diplomacy’ doesn’t work. =x

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      1. He didnt care about country in the first place where is country when hes starve wheres country when he use stick to kill first goblin


      2. Yeah, there’s that as well.

        The only stuff he ‘got from the country’ was stuff that he earned himself.

        He earned every single bit of what he did, and fought tooth and nail to survive. They’ll try to pull that card and he’ll be like: …I don’t owe any of you ANYTHING.

        Anything I MIGHT have POSSIBLY owed was paid off when I killed that damn dragon for you. NOW GO AWAY. I’M RETIRED.


      3. That’s actually can go two ways first he is greedy and just wants control over the a rank party. Second he is worried about his people hence wants them to be protected hence seeing it as him no doing his due amount yet. Both suck but the 2nd is understandable and honestly reasonable for a ruler. But we all know its 99.999% the first which is him being greedy.


  3. Kings hella greedy. He already has 3 of the 4 party members in the country still.

    Also, the adventure party owes noone anything. Theyre basically mercs.


  4. I bet the king will get overthrown. Nobody messes with the masses, especially not one which can easily rival you in terms of military power.

    Not only that, if you piss off the adventurers that badly, they may just decide to defect during a mission to ‘aid’ the foreign countries. Bleed enough adventurers, and nobody will work for you. Your kingdom falls swiftly after.

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  5. Well then! I now am really intrigued. Definelty want to see how they will manage to find him seeing as he is in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully the town isn’t dragged into this conflict. Thanks for the chapter! I will gladly wait for the next one


  6. Thank you! This is getting even more interesting. I really like the pace of this. I felt healed right along with our protagonist as he settles into village life and this was a great time to start some friction.


  7. Although this is a nice direction for the plot, you should let the sleeping lions lie, annoying king… Inb4 they try to force Aldo to come back, reveal his identity, try to take the villagers hostage and destroy the beautiful flower field he enjoys so much… only for him to insta KO them all.


  8. Aldo: you want me back? Then build me a flower field better then this one, you can’t? Oh well. You also said I can be King? Then hand over that that crown. I declare here and now I am retired and will abdicate from the the throne to this man….(gives back crown to king) who are you again… doesn’t matter. There done. Don’t bother me.


  9. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    honestly, when this kind of plot where the king is trouble, the mc who have capabilities with same companions should just go straight and threaten the king, or kill, lol.


  10. Thanks for the chapter! Yes, provoke the person who with his best friends can take down a beast strong enough to threaten kingdoms with impunity. Sounds like a solid plan for future prosperity.


  11. “Aldred has not done his due share for this country yet”

    As if an orphan who became an adventurer just to survive in your shitty country is indebted to you in any way…

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  12. The king wants him to serve a garbage kingdom that hasn’t done anything for him and marry someone bitchy princess. Good thing the guy got out of there.


  13. Hmm… Honestly it probably is just the the king being selfish however there is a slim chance that these ‘dues’ could be from being recognized as an A rank party. It was mentioned that he needed a nobles recommendation after all. Also, it was glossed over but perhaps there are some responsibilities that come with signing up as an adventurer.


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