A Comfortable Home

I somehow managed to get him to agree on selling me the food I wanted just like that, then I entered the workshop in the back to finish my main business here.

Inside, there were many tables lined up. What was on them were many woodcrafts that were in processing, and tools for cutting purposes such as saws.

Maybe it’s because of all the wood cutting that had been done in here, that there is a dense smell of wood inside this workshop.

Walls in every direction had logs of wood that were long enough to reach the ceiling. Perhaps those were cut out from various different types of trees, as they all had different shades of colors from light to dark and some were even in a curvy shape.

I can’t say that I didn’t worry about the logs of wood collapsing, but it seems like the safety side had already been considered, as they were locked tightly at the bottom with iron locks.

「Now then, it’s about time we get down to business」

Toack entered and moved aside the wood scraps and wood that was on the floor.

「So you will properly sell me some food after, right? 」

「Yea, yeah, don’t worry」

When I wanted to make sure that he’ll be selling me food after, Toack replied like I was being a hassle.

Was he implying that he didn’t want to sell food to me or was he just not caring about it?

Meh, I got him to give his word already so let’s stop minding about it.

「Okay, so what are you missing in your home? 」

Toack asked as he tapped on the table after he finished tidying up the workshop.

That gesture signaled the shift in his state of mind.

「No matter how you want me to put it, I don’t even have the minimal daily necessities required. So, a chair, table, bed, sofa, and some tableware and a drawer」

That was all I could think of on the fly. As the days go on, I’ll probably notice that there are more things missing.

「Oh, ohh. That will keep me busy for a while. But, if it’s tables and chairs, there are some left over here. Also, there are some drawers and cupboards in the warehouse as well. They are all newly made, so do you want to go take a look? 」

「I want some custom-made though… 」

I have the money if it’s about that, so I want him to make a chair that would be the most comfortable for me to use. And, I also want a bed that would be so comfortable that it’ll make me want to stay in it after I wake up.

I will be living in this house all the time from here on. Therefore, I would like to get my hands on some good furniture.

As I suggested my wild idea for the ideal house, Toack knitted his brows as he scratched his head.

「Erm… If you wanted everything custom-made, it will take quite some time, you know? I also have some orders other than yours as well. Are you going to be okay to live without any furniture for the time being? 」

「Uuu… that would be a problem…」

I replied with a natural frown after hearing what Toack said.

It was hard enough to get through yesterday with no furniture. I do want a custom-made bed, but at the current situation I’d rather get a chair and a table as soon as possible.

Let’s first start by getting the minimum amount of things that I’ll need to get through the days, and then get the custom-made things.

「Well, generally only beds need to be custom-made to be the most suited for the ones that will be sleeping on them」

「Ohh, hurry and make me a bed. I don’t want to sleep on the floor with a cloth as a blanket anymore」

When I got up this morning I felt a violent pain in my back. Even now I can feel an uncomfortable pain there. I would like to wake up nicely in the morning.

「If you don’t like it then buy a sofa. It should be able to act as a substitute bed for a while」

「You’re right! 」

If I get my hands on a sofa, I will be able to laze around for the most part and I won’t have to sit idly on the floor.

I was convinced from Toack’s words, so I took a look at the chairs and tables in the corner of the workshop.

But, other than looking at them, I want to touch to see how they feel as well, so I asked Toack while pointing to them.

It’s just in case because he might get angry if I touch them without his permission.

Even the blacksmiths in weapon shops get mad if you touch their swords without given the permission to.

「These are the finished products, right? They wouldn’t break if I tried sitting on them, right? 」

「They are finished. As to if they will break… this one is in the middle of breaking down, one leg is already broken」

Toack knitted his brow as he threw one of the chairs aside.

「Oi, oi, is that okay? I’ll hit my head from losing my balance if I sat on that」

「It’s all good. It was just one mixed in. I checked the rest of them」

I give Toack a suspicious look.

Is he sure? I was a little worried.

Well, I’ll believe him after I check them myself right now. If there’s something weird mixed in there again I can use it to get more food from him.

I start by checking the chairs. It looks like they’re made from a normal type of wood which is light in color and the curved backrest and handles are very beautifully made. The texture is very smooth and it feels pleasant.

I sit down with those thoughts in mind. The backrest to feet position was just right and there was no sign of my feet wobbling.

「I guess if it’s you, Toack… You can make a fine chair even if you don’t show it on the outside」

「It doesn’t matter how I am on the outside. It has no relation to how good one is at making furniture」

Toack replied with a sour look to the mutters I let out as I sat on the chair.

Is that so? As someone who makes furniture for others to use, you cannot make something without thinking of them. There are people who like to angle their back a little more to get the most comfortable fit when they sit.

It’s also necessary to make adjustments according to people’s age and height, so I think it would be impossible for someone to make good furniture without thinking of the people who will be using it.

「… What? Why are you like all grinning or something」

said Toack, as he turned away uncomfortably after I looked at him with warm eyes.

「That’s a chair you specially made for me, isn’t it? It’s a perfect fit for me since we’re about the same height, huh? Well actually, I guess generally adults are of the same size」

「Yup. It looks like a good fit. Maybe you should put this in the living room」

Since Toack and I have a similar body size, let’s do what he suggests.

「Now then, there is another one of the same type in the warehouse so I’ll bring it over. That way, we won’t need to make brand new ones this time」

Toack said as he stood up when I had just decided that I want this one chair.

「Eh? I don’t need a whole set of four for these since I live by myself」

「Oi oi, what happens when you have visitors? Since you were under the care of the chief, it would be nice if you would be able to invite him over for a meal to thank him after you’ve settled down」

「Ah. That’s right」

I’ve never thought of that happening because I’ve always lived in an inn.

Just like how Flora came to visit me yesterday, it would be terrible if Ergys-san comes and I couldn’t even invite him to sit down for tea.

It seems like I haven’t lost my manners from living in the inn.

I’d like to tell Toack to come hang out in my house as well from now on.

So, I would like my home to be comfortable not only for me, but my guests as well.
◆◆   ◆

Shortly after that, Toack brought out the same type of chairs from the warehouse and a table that looks to be made from the same materials as the table in the living room.

The height of the chairs fits perfectly with the table as well, so I think I will put this whole set together in the living room.

After that, we went in the warehouse and picked out some drawers and a cupboard that matched the theme of my house.

I think Toack will help me move these things to my house later.

「Now what’s left is the lack of tableware」

I muttered on the chair that I decided to buy after I came back into the workshop.

If this chair will be living with me together from now on, I will start growing attached to it.

「If it’s wooden tableware that you want, there are some in my house」

「Even though you are a furniture maker? 」

I was surprised from what Toack said.

「I live in a village this small, you know? I can’t really go through my daily life if I can’t make such necessary items. Well, making tableware is also enjoyable, and it serves as good practice for the basics」

「I see. Can I see them then? 」

「Ok, follow me」

I got off the chair immediately and followed Toack.

When he opened a drawer in the workshop, there were plenty of wood made spoons and forks. And, when he opened the one next to it, there were plates that he used for breakfast stacked up inside. On top of that, there were all kinds of plates. Large and flat plates, plates that are deep , cups, and even some drinking glasses that seem to be skillfully reproduced.

「Hehh… This is amazing」

I opened my eyes wide at the sight of this.

「Erm, it really isn’t that big of a deal」

Toack said as he scratched his cheeks looking slightly embarrassed.

I knew this already, but he really isn’t a guy who likes to show how he really is.

I turned my face to the other side of the drawers and secretly laughed.

All the tableware made by Toack was all smooth and soft to touch. When I held some in my hand, it was a very comfortable grip.

Even so, I shouldn’t waver as to which to choose. All of this is so well made that it makes me want to buy all of it.

It’s the same feeling I felt back when I made enough money to change my weapon for the first time.

「Ohh, this looks like a good plate to put soup in. It’s good that it’s deep… and this one here… it would also be nice if the bottom of this one is a bit lower」

「… You look like you’re having lots of fun」

Toack said as I was troubled with choosing the various types of tableware in my hands」

「Well, yeah. I’m choosing the ones that I’ll be using every day, right? Just thinking about that makes it plenty of fun. Your tableware is all nice to hold after all」

「… I see」

Toack gave a short answer and turned toward the window.

From the corner of my eyes, I can see his slightly happy face.

He’s not very honest, after all. Well, I guess that’s how he is and I wouldn’t be able to imagine him as a straight forward person.

I turned back towards the drawers and picked out the tableware.

「Oi, you dumbass. Don’t take all the spoons of the same size; you will need different sizes of spoons to have an easier time eating different things」


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