Soul Eater of the Rebellion 7

Here’s 7



If you read chapter 1 before today’s release please see note below






I made a mistake back in chapter 1 in his father’s dialogue when he first mentioned “demons” in the story. I did not assume he was talking about one entity at the time so I went with the less likely meaning of the word – demon spirits/demons in general.

But as I read on, I found out that it did mean demon god there, so now it’s fixed.

Here’s the specific passage for those who doesn’t want to go back to look:


Sora’s father-

“The Mitsurugi household is a house of ancient warriors, founded by the sword saint who sealed away the demon god three hundred years ago. The phantom blade style is something that our ancestors risked their lives to create. It’s the blade that protects mankind from Legendary creatures such as dragons, giants, and demon gods that were as dangerous as natural disasters”


My bad~



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