14 thoughts on “AARASL 42

  1. They are great as ingredients… but taste-wise… some people like them, others don’t…

    Some liked them cooked, though I don’t know many who like them raw…


  2. Also, it should be noted that many foods Japanese people like or eat, I do not like… and I think many Western people need to acquire some tastes that the Japanese commonly like.


  3. Huh, mainly ate them raw right out of the garden. They also go great in salads. Never really cooked with them though


  4. radish huh… well, I can eat it raw if it’s only a few bites, but a whole one? I’ll get tired of the taste.
    The taste is quite fine to me, depends on the individual anyway on how they take the taste.


  5. I’ve never eaten the short, ball like radish but I’ve eaten the long one that the japanese often use to show off their knife skill (that thin slice thingy). It tastes watery, that’s all


    1. The short ball-like radish go really well raw with salted butter on bread with crust. That’s the only way I’d eat raw radish tbh.


  6. I’m actually quiet surprised that people dislike radish, while I would never describe radish as gross I can see how its taste might not be for everyone. Radish from my home country tasted really sweet and spicy, it has small ball shape and when its peeled from outer skin it has white colour and fleshy texture. I can easily eat 10 of those in a row and don’t get tired of the taste.


  7. If you ever visit Korea pickled radishes are a major staple. You can’t really eat anywhere without seeing little floating cubed pickled radishes floating in water. They are surprisingly sweet and supposedly good for digestion.


  8. Radishes are amazing imho. The author describes the taste very well. I have used the leaves and stems in stews but really enjoy the roots raw with a mild cheese or a creamy dip, such as ranch or dill dip. They also go well raw and thinly sliced in a salad, say a spinach leaf salad with shredded carrots and cabbage, a mild cheese like a mozzarella and some simple herb baked chicken.

    Can you tell I wrote this while waiting for my food to finish cooking?


  9. If it’s the radish with the red top and white tips, we call them hot dirt in my family since that’s what they taste like raw. Spicy, dirt.


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