It’s been 2 weeks and I figure I should at least say something.

I wasn’t going to until the next release but everyday has been way too busy for me and it’s been stalling forever.

Long story short- one of my family member went through a liver surgery to get rid of cancer, but something went wrong and he had to be opened up twice in the same day. Cause of that, I had to be in the hospital from day to night, then sleep and repeat, for the entire last week.

I am not dropping these stories but I can no longer follow the release schedule I had going like the previous months. This will be the case for the next few weeks at least, until he gets better.

If there’s someone by chance that acutally wants to pick them up just let me know. Otherwise, release will come at random times as I have more time on my hands so I can get in the mood to do them.


Sorry to everyone that been following and reading the stories. And even more sorry to the really generous people that have donated before to show their support.


6 thoughts on “Update

  1. I know how must have felt my father got infecting in his finger and they almost had to cut it off at the hospital, so take all the time you need till your sure you can stick to a schueild for the novels here.

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  2. I hope he gets better.

    For your project, I wonder if you read my post in the previous post (Gang of Yuusha chapter 2).
    Pun from MachineBread said he may have translated this one before you take it in it’s animesuki thread. Just check with him if you want.

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